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Cinematech: Nocturnal Emissions Video Podcast show

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The folks who bring you Cinematech have taken the best of what's a bit too dark and naughty for prime-time and saved it for late-night lovers. That means you'll find cut-scenes and cinemas that are every bit as pretty, but lots more sexy and sometimes just plain crazy.

man up (reclaim your role) show

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We’ve been known for helping out guys with a lot of pointers ranging anywhere from pre-dating to marriage. But, what about the unfortunate fellows who are caught up in bad relationships/marriages, and are looking for some sort of resolve or escape the situation all-together? These are the guys who are being treated like the subordinates in the relationship. These guys are often told what, when, where and how to do any and everything by their woman, as if they were still children in elementary school. Normally, no matter what the situation seems to be, the guy always comes out on the short end of the deal. Any idea of compromise is resolved with either an entourage of verbal assaults, or malicious acts of disrespect from his woman in a means of punishment. The real unfortunate thing is a lot of these guys feel as if they have no other alternative but to endure this living Hell until the bitter end. They have no way out, no one to turn to for help, believing that this is their fate, and they must learn to cope the situation at hand. Why? Because this is all part of being a man. Right? Wrong! For all of the fellows who are dealing with this type of agony, you now have somewhere to turn in order to put an end to this miserable existence. You’re looking for one of two things. You’re either going to find a solution to these ongoing issues, or your going to get out and move on to better things. But, in order to do that, you’ll have to re-establish your self-respect, and take charge of the situation at hand. Tune in to the Man-up show and began reclaiming your manhood and your role in it all.

No Related Items show

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Cant understand your man? Having trouble in your relationship? Do you feel hes playing mind games? Why doesn’t he spend more time with me? What kind of woman does he like? How to tell if he still loves you? Learn 100 ways to please your man. How to make him feel like a man. How to make him yours.

By Steve"The Dean" Williams

Intriguing Realms show

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Welcome to intriguing realms where you can go back to an age of romance and mystery with old time radio programming. Each week a different show will be featured.

Lifestyle Dating Radio for Men show

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Advanced dating advice for men on attraction and succeeding with women and dating. The focus is on becoming more of the man that women want; a man who is comfortable in his own skin. Great advice with a strong emphasis on personal power through natural, personal, interpersonal and social understanding from the viewpoint of the reality of attraction. Lifestyle Dating will help men understand their place in this confusing world of feminine social dominance.

Uncle Jasper's Sounds of Torment show

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Jasper's interpretations of Jardonn interrogation tales, told from the perspective of the male prisoner. Torments administered by men and women.

Cocinando la vida en pareja show

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Este programa, brinda una alternativa de reflexion para las familias, los padres, las parejas``y las personas, que frente a un conflicto en sus relaciones, piensan que puede estar en sus manos, hacer algo que mejore o solucione el malestar que los aqueja. ````Ofrecemos ideas diferentes a los sistemas de creencias convencionales, abriendo un espacio virtual de confianza humana e interactivo en donde ustedes, queridos ciber escuchas tendran la posibilidad de repensar y redecidir que es lo mejor para sus vidas en cada momento especifico. Sea esto en su papel de miembro de una familia, o como padres, o como conyuges o como pareja, siempre con la sensibilidad del respeto a uno mismo, y el desarrollo de la autonomia como base de la responsabilidad de la construccion diaria de la vida que sea buena para cada quien.

whorecast show

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An (audio) work in sex, sex work, and sexual politics & culture by Melissa Gira, via

The 305 Femme show

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Erotic stories that transfer the vivid imagination to luxurious destinatiions.