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Freak 'n Bitches show

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This is an Internet radio show with new episodes weekly. The three main hosts are Freak, The Toddster, and Phil-God. They talk about all sorts of geeky topics like anime, fantasy and science fiction books, comics, and movies, porn, video games, and wierd websites.

Submission and Coffee with Dollie Llama show

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Author Dollie Llama's weekly podcast on being a sexual submissive. Smart, literate, sexy and smart. Did we mention smart? BDSM, sex, submissive, submission, sex slave, slave, literature, erotica

Mother Of All Podcasts show

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Our program is a chronicle of our joys and travails as working mothers. It’s all about the age-old problem of juggling career, kids, husband, social life, identity and not to forget the guilt that factors into everything. We would ideally like a life where our husbands do as they are told, our kids are model children and we are always well-groomed, well-dressed and cool as cucumbers. Ain’t happening in a million years! Wake up and smell the stale coffee! On this program we discuss issues from our less than ideal, but nevertheless exciting lives. Enjoy the show and do give us feedback at <a href=""> </a>.

Down N Dirty Sexy Hot Adult Stories from the Street show

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HOT SEXY STORIES designed to GET YOU OFF. This is audio sex at it's finest. Get your tool for play too, use offer code DIRTY50 for 50 percent OFF, Free Shipping, Free Hot DVDs, and a Mystery Gift at Gotta use that code DIRTY50. Subscribe and give us some feedback luv

By Penelope Pardee

Real Raw Radio show

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From the UK every Friday! Adult talk/rambling comedy show hosted by Dempsey with co-hosts Richie & Clifton and occasional guests too! Talk about our real life story's, hot news and phone calls every week. Movie reviews / Video game / Porn talk / Competitions / E-mails! Chill and laugh 4 an hour...

By RealRawRadio

CupidCast show

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CupidCast is a weekly Internet Radio Talk-Show and Podcast covering the latest dating trends, online dating companies and dating experiences around the world.

By Dave & Darwin

Dr Dick's Sex Advice show

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Sex and Relationship Advice Podcasts with Dr Dick

By Dr Dick's Sex Advice

The J. Dennis SHOW ! show

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Entertainment from the J. Dennis SHOW ! If you are incurably bored, then you need the J. Dennis SHOW ! Sports, humor, politics and current entertainment and news events. You have to be clinically bored to listen to this.

By J. Dennis Baker

Rendezvous Radio Podcast show

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Rendezvous Radio- "Cum Back To Life" . The entertaining, information source to re-discovering & spicing up your sex life. Fill that void after years of marriage. Whether you are looking to spice up your own marriage, having an affair, considering to wander or just interested in other people's illicit sexual escapades, you'll love the Rendezvous Radio podcast! Join Cheri on her secret lovers lane journey as she searches to re-discover her sexuality, add those sparks/tingles and searching for her perfect Mr. Married Prince Charming amongst all the dysfunctional frogs she meets along the way. Subscribe today and welcome to Rendezvous Radio Community! Sweet Wet Dreams until we meet again!

By Cheri Moore

NDNTV.COM- Native American Language Tools and Video Production By Thornton Media Inc. show

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Language revitalization is more important now than ever in Indian Country. Introducing your child to their tribal languages at a young age is a gift that will last your child's entire lifetime. Young children have a natural ability to learn new languages, and they are more likely to be fluent and speak with a native accent if exposed to the new language before the age of six. This is not to say that your child won't be able to learn another language as an adult - just that it will take longer, feel more like work, and he or she may not be able to speak with an authentic accent. This early, natural exposure to language provides stimulation for developing minds and lays the foundation for future language success. Little Linguist takes advantage of this window of opportunity by helping your child build vocabulary and learn sentence structure in English, while becoming familiar with a second or even a third language.