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Laws Of The Bedroom - What Men Need To Know About Sex & Pleasing A Woman show

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Laws of the Bedroom shares time-tested tips and relationship secrets with both men and women, which help men please a woman romantically and sexually in bed leading to more passionate, even explosive, sexual pleasure for the two of them. Men, find out what women really want men to know about sex and pleasing a woman (both in and outside of the bedroom). These things, she'll never tell you. You'll only learn them here!

15  Mins of Blame show

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a dark comedy political satire and entertainment news with some great music.

By 15mob

The Daily Nut show

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The Daily Nut, G4's daily podcast that brings you the best of the internets

Aliens and Satanic Creatures Wanted: Humans Need Not Apply - A production show

Aliens and Satanic Creatures Wanted: Humans Need Not Apply - A productionJoin Now to Follow

A presentation:Do you think its easy being an alien, a satanic creature or anything else not considered part of the Homo sapiens only club? They have tough days just like humans do and their frustration is growing. Don't believe it? Well, what about Lucifer, the prince of darkness, who runs a car dealership--what about his feelings when he is faced with that impossible sale and he can't get that signature on form 666, the standard soul contract? Or maybe you wondered about how an extremely vain alien copes with having a bad hair day as he tries to alter the future of Earth? Will his cosmetic problems be our problems in other ways? Perhaps you heard about the opposite vampire who loves to give blood, hates the darkness and has a fetish for garlic - how does he get through a bad relationship? How about a DNA altered cat that has been given the personality of one of the world's most fearsome criminals? Will its human owners understand or will it be a less then purr-fect arrangement? What's the common thread do all this discontent, you ask? What is it about most stories that stay the same? It's the human! These aliens and demonic creatures are sick and tired of being the second fiddle in the story. They want what everybody wants: to be the center of attention of the stories instead of the pesky humans for a change...and now they finally get their wish. In Aliens and Satanic Creatures Wanted: Humans Need Not Apply, they finally get top billing and they exploit it as far as they can.

TanGents show

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Tangents. You just never know. Grab a helmet... News, Hollywood, Music, Life in general, Sex. Oh yes, especially Sex. Ready? Lets begin...

By The TanGents

F'Sho Radio a/k/a The Cardinal & "ME" show

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F'Sho - Ya Daily Dose of Sardonic Rillness... The bottom line on Hip Hop Culture, Sports, Politics Basketball, Personalities, and Life... from cultural critic/intellectual Fantasy B-Ball guru "ME" and the infamous Cardinal Dave from the CHAACH' of the Conspiracy Theory... Live from the 313... Guests will have lively discussions/debates about various issues.

By "ME"

The "hi my name is bainsy" podcast show

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Bainsy Late and Lewd is a radio show broadcast in Birmingham, England. The podcast is a songless version of the radio show for your on-demand pleasure. Don't forget that as a pre-recorded podcast sending emails and such would be silly! However feel free to contact us at!

By Bainsy & Eddie


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Just a boring show about politics! Listen to fall asleep.

My Sexual Journey's Lunch with the Girls podcast show

My Sexual Journey's Lunch with the Girls podcastJoin Now to Follow

I discuss various sex topics with one or more extraordinary women. The venue changes as does the women who meet with me. Sometimes the topic is too hot to reveal the women's identities. Other women are willing to share their voices and faces with the listeners. In either case, the conversation is open, graphic and without limits. Do you have a topic you want my Girls to tackle? Write me at Lunch with the Girls

By Valerie

DungeonCast show

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