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Motivational and Physical Fitness show

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Thank you for taking the time to visit our podcast site. It is my belief that every single person has the ability, skill, and tools to manifest and live the life that will bring them peace and prosperity. We will spend 7 - 10 minutes every day discussing physical fitness, nutrition, self development and spiritual growth. This is intended for anyone who wants to transform their life and fulfill their intended destiny. Mike has spent the majority of his post undergrad career working in the corporate realm for one of the largest and most recognizable companies in the world as well as owning and operating a personal training business. This blend of corporate and entrepreneurial leadership has allowed him to interact with a diverse group of individuals looking to find their “calling in life” and passion to succeed. Mike Daciuk is a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer in Canada and has a certification in Nutrition. He is also a certified kickboxing instructor. His clientele have ranged from students and athletes to CEO’s/CTO’s of fortune 500 companies. Although his approach is tailor made for each individual, the end result of helping each person transform their life remains the same. The combination of working with the mind, body and soul empowers the client to go beyond their form and reach a level they never felt possible.

Annals of Internal Medicine Podcast show

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Annals of Internal Medicine was established in 1927 by the American College of Physicians. The podcast summarizes material presented in the bi-weekly journal by the same name. The site has a variety of materials, only one part of which deals with audio files which are available to the public, while some other access requires a pricey professional subscription for the general lay listener. The Feb 16, 2010 episode which deals with the tobacco industry provides a good example of what's available: Volume 152 Issue 4 – Cigar and pipe smoking and lung function; interview with Stanton Glantz, PhD, of the University of California San Francisco; plus a summary of all the articles in the issue.

Runcast show

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RunCast is a podcast for runners, runner-wannabes and fans. It answers questions about running: how to start, how to stay motivated for many years of running, how to choose and modify training program to suit you the best, how to choose the right shoes, what gadgets are must-have to clock your mileage, how to avoid injuries and what to do if they happen, etc. We talk with experts about all things related to running and point you out to interesting races around the globe. We tell our running stories and in turn hope that you will share yours. Come join us and turn this podcast into conversation.


WLSHOES' Podcast show

WLSHOES' PodcastJoin Now to Follow - Our Review of the New Reebok Crossfit Nano U-Form Training Shoe. This Shoe Was Developed Over 10 Months by Reebok Specifically for CrossFit Athletes. It Debuted in the 2011 CrossFit Games as a Bright Yellow and Black Model Seen Worn by Several Athletes. The Shoe Itself Will be For Sale in Early December 2011 and Reebok Expects to Have Another Shipment Online Again in Early January 2012. Check Out Our Site for More Reviews!


beverlyhillscadentist show

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If you are in Beverly Hills, CA and you are interested in finding a solution to your dental needs then you need to turn to Joseph Stan DDS. In his state of the art offices Joseph Stan and his team will make your dental dreams a reality. Learn more about which procedures you need by listening to the his podcasts.

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Ab Circle Pro's Podcast show

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The functions and the advantages for the Ab Circle Pro are many and its handy design guarantees that it can even be effortlessly stowed away or brought with you on your travels. This exercise machine is in fact joined with an unmatched degree of efficiency and possesses a established track record for delivering optimum results. The Ab Circle Pro offers 3 levels of resistance and is perfect for any fitness level. Such a unique characteristic ensures that the Ab Circle Pro is able to grow with the consumer through continuing to provide a exercise which is befitting each level of fitness progress. Unlike countless fitness machines, the Ab Circle Pro hasn't been made to just target an individual body part but will drastically take inches off your buns, hips & thighs too.

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Transforming Health with Brad King show

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Nutritional Researcher, Brad King’s expertise is second to none and he will cover all topics that matter most to your optimal health profile. You won’t want to miss a single interview! Hormones, metabolism, stress, emotional eating and the power of your mind are some of the areas Brad will dive into.

fat burners show

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find out what is the best fat burners that wokrs for you.

Type 2 Diabetes | This is My Story show

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I have been diagnosed as having type 2 diabetes. This is my story that I hope will help other new diabetics

Kind Love Denver Medical Marijuana Dispensary show

Kind Love Denver Medical Marijuana DispensaryJoin Now to Follow Denver Marijuana Dispensary Kind Love shares Tips For Medical Marijuana Ingestion. There are lots of ways to enjoy the benefits of Medical Marijuana. Visit Kind Love Denver Marijuana Dispensary at 4380 E. Alameda Ave. Denver, CO To check our complete line of MMJ and various ingestion methods or to discus ways MMJ can help you. Or call us at 303.565.3600. Ask an MMJ Expert at Kind Love.