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Stop Smoking Forever show

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Hear a 1/2 hour excerpt from America's Best Known Hypnotherapist, John Morgan's STOP SMOKING FOREVER Seminar now available on DVD.

By John Morgan

Renato Cardoso show

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Spiritual intelligence & food for your soul

By Renato Cardoso

Wrestling With Depression show

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Wrestling with Depression is an internet radio program hosted by comedian Marty DeRosa. The show brings on other comedians, wrestlers, and performers to talk about some of the unseen sides of entertainment. About how they deal with their own sadness, depression, or other emotions that you might not expect to hear from stage and screen personalities. Don't worry though, it's not all sad, some parts are pretty funny! This is no clinical advice, and we're no doctors! What you will get are stories from real people, who have had to face depression in their own lives.

By Marty DeRosa

Heaven’s Lounge: Soarin’ Above The Clouds show

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Heaven\'s Lounge: Soarin\' Above The Clouds. Let me transport you from your bed to a sunrise in warm Ibiza with the waves crashing. Visit my new podcast Heaven\'s Trance. Great Music for chillin\', for thinking, for moving, be it running, walking, biking, hiking, or better yet sitting in your favorite chair. HL is a great source for new music. Downtempo, trip hop, spacey with beat, progressive house, balearic tribal, progressive trance, uplifting trance, exotic electronica, dub step, ambient anything goes. HL is elegant, sophisticated, intelligent, trippy, introspective, contemplative, sexy, magical, uplifting and always in great taste. Read the reviews on my website. Heavens Lounge II is a place were you can let all your emotions be free. Be prepared to experience love, sadness, wonder, desire and hope..... let all worries begone. Close your eyes and find your inner peace. Relax and let you mind fly. Enjoy the musical journey. Now, Come and Enter the Realm of Dj Peter Canellis a.k.a St. Peter For general information or to just chat email or visit

By DJ Peter Canellis

Family Confidential: Secrets of Successful Parenting with Annie Fox, M.Ed. show

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Family Confidential: Secrets of Successful Parenting is a biweekly podcast that focuses on 21st century parenting challenges and solutions. Hosted by Annie Fox and produced by Electric Eggplant, Family Confidential brings you practical parenting advice through in-depth conversations with authors, educators and therapists. If you're a parent of a tween or teen, this series is for you. In fact, you can become part of the series by sending in your parenting questions and getting direct answers. These recorded discussions help parents strengthen family connections by providing tips, child-rearing insight and practical tools for guiding your kids through the teen years and beyond.

By Annie Fox, M.Ed.

Daily Power Nap - NapSounds Nature show

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Image yourself in a peaceful valley, you can hear birds singing in the distance. Now, all you need to do is relax. Every day a new power nap is generated for you to enjoy. Specially designed power naps contain original sound recordings, custom resonating frequencies to ease you into sleep and a voice to gently guide you.

By NapSounds

Improve Your Self Image show

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Improve your Self-Esteem, Self-Image and Confidence in just 3 weeks time with America's Best Known Hypnotist, John Morgan.

By John Morgan

Relax in 2 Minutes show

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You can relax anytime, anwhere in 2 Minutes or less by listening to this best selling CD Relax in 2 Minutes from America's Best Known Hypnotherapist, John Morgan.

By John Morgan

Entrepreneur Women's Success Secrets show

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Join Inc. 500-ranked entrepreneur Ali Brown for this entertaining and insightful podcast as she dishes advice and tips for women on making more money, starting and growing a business, marketing, sales, self-confidence, and more. It's your biz, your style, your life... from

By Ali Brown

Real Warriors, Real Advice show

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Real Warriors, Real Advice is a weekly podcast series in which warriors, veterans and military families highlight the importance of seeking care for invisible wounds and offer tools and tips on building and maintaining psychological resilience.

By Real Warriors Campaign