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Is This Anime? show

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Is This Anime? is a podcast hosted by friends & comedians Jack Metcalfe & Malcolm McLeod. Jack is an anime "expert" and has loved the genre all of his life. Malcolm has never watched anime in his life and has no idea what it is. Each week, Jack introduces Malcolm (and sometimes a guest!) to a new anime and together they go on a journey to decide its worthiness in the great pantheon of anime... something Malcolm may never ever grasp. Theme Song provided by Landon Trimble @landos.sando

By Jack Metcalfe and Malcolm McLeod

Crux Media presents Pass The Remote show

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Pass the remote is a podcast that covers everything T.V. and movie related. Hosted by various members of the Crux Media Family, this podcast will have you ready for all your favorite sitcoms, TV Dramas, made for TV movies, big-screen movies, and so much more. Join us and see if you should Keep the Remote or Pass it.

By Crux Media Group

The Non-Toxic Fanboys Podcast show

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Brothers Glenn and Scott Butler (and sometimes guests!) approach media from the perspective of actually trying to enjoy the things we love. Primary areas of interest include movie scores, science fiction, science fiction movie scores, and whatever else strikes our fancy. Formerly known as The Glenn Butler Podcast Hour Spectacular, now an independent podcast. NOTE: The "explicit" tag is because we tend to use bad words. Well, mostly Scott.

By nontoxicfanboys

Bridgerton Fancast show

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Bridgerton Fancast is a podcast about the new netflix show as well as the series of books it is based on. Each week we discuss the latest episode, hoping to offer you our insight into the wonderful world of the ton.

By Bridgerton Fancast

Heroes for Hire show

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The Heroes for Hire podcast is a film, comics and entertainment based show hosted by 2 Irish feckers.

By Heroes for Hire

The Adventure of Story show

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A movie podcast hosted by a writer and video producer who actually like movies. This is a movie podcast for storytellers, by storytellers. We explore the storytelling techniques in movies to see what makes our favorite stories so powerful. No reviews here, or bashing your favorite movie just so we feel smart, just a pure dive into the stories we love.

By adventureofstory

Twin Picks Podcast show

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In alternating episodes Dan and Nicole choose a theme and two movies within that theme to talk about in the following podcast. The chooser of the topic MUST prepare a topic introduction for the other to ease us into the week‘s theme. Plus we run polls on social media and make each other watch questionable movies. Come join

By twinpickspod

Action Filmmaking Decoded- The Story of Action Films show

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This is the Action Filmmaking Podcast, the show dedicated to pure action analysis. Our passion for action films and martial arts has led us here where we do in-depth analyses and breakdowns of choreography and fight sequences as well as interviews with action filmmakers around the world. Join us to know more about the beauty of choreography and the arts of action filmmaking from the industry's best. Catch new episodes weekly!

By Darren Tun & Mike Messina

The Sci-Fi Wise Guys show

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An insight/comedy podcast where two unqualified friends break down and riff on straight-to-stream sci-fi and fantasy films. Join the Sci-Fi Wise Guys as they aim for art but land in comedy.

By Anthony and Christopher

Watchers of Tomorrow show

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Gepwin and Dr. Izixs go on a journey through the world of science fiction TV and film. Going episode by episode as we use the episodes or movies as a means to talk about all sorts of things, to bring the humanities back into science fiction. Or at least try to!

By Dr. Izixs and Gepwin