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The Motivation and Show Business Podcast show

The Motivation and Show Business PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Motivating and Helping Biz Professionals, Producers, Entertainers and High Achievers to becoming more.

By Magician Dewayne Hill

Wrasslin' Raw show

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Wrasslin’ Raw is a wrestling podcast that centers around three friends doing a deep-dive into World Wrestling Entertainment’s past. Starting in 1993, Joe, Ryan, and Jason take a look back at old-school wrestling by watching the WWE show Monday Night Raw in chronological order, along with the Pay-Per-Views as they happen. Bringing together three different viewpoints that sometimes agree and sometimes don’t, Wrasslin’ Raw is a round table discussion centered around individual episodes and events. Our hosts give opinions on matches, wrestlers, and storylines, as well as brief glimpses into the then-contemporary world of professional sports entertainment. Fans of wrestling from their early youth, the boys decided one day to start re-watching old episodes of Raw. This started a texting discussion thread that wound up revealing some reevaluations of old favorites, new appreciation for things overlooked, and an overall richer viewpoint that has been informed by hindsight. Realizing this, the suggestion to record a podcast of the discussion was made and Wrasslin’ Raw was born. WELCOME EVERYONE- TO WRASSLIN’ RAWWWWWW!

By Ryan Orrico, Jason Bartlett, and Joe Giammatteo

‎Streamgestöber - Die besten Serien bei Netflix & Co. show

‎Streamgestöber - Die besten Serien bei Netflix & Co.Join Now to Follow

Stürz dich mit uns ins Streamgestöber auf die neuen, gehypten und geheimen Serien und Filme deiner 2 bis 300 Streaming-Dienste. Von Amazon Prime Video bis Joyn+, von Netflix bis Disney+, von Apple TV+ bis Sky, MagentaTV und RTL+ sowie den TV-Mediatheken haben wir alle auf dem Schirm. Andere bingen Feierabendbier, wir trinken Feierabendserien. Wir diskutieren, was uns, euch und das Internet bewegt und wir hören auch zu. Denn bei uns könnt ihr mitdiskutieren und Sprachnachrichten schicken. Wenn du mit deiner Sprachnachricht (max. 30 Sek.) im Podcast landet willst, schick sie uns an Alle weiteren Infos dazu gibt es unter Fragen, Wünsche und Wetter-Wortwitze gehen ebenso an Feed:

By Moviepilot

Slashers show

SlashersJoin Now to Follow

Your new favorite podcast about your new favorite horror media. Each week we provide a movie review, history report, biography, or something entirely bizarre! With episodes ranging from slasher classics like Friday the 13th to harrowing accounts of paranormal cryptids, with event coverage and creepypasta in between, we pride ourselves on having something for every gore-loving goon. If you are a horror-loving content creator, scientist, historian, musician, or other variation of spooky nerd, please reach out! We would love to collaborate. Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By slasherspod

Tribbles &amp; Transporters Podcast show

Tribbles & Transporters PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Three 90s kids revisit and reminisce about all things Star Trek. Sarah's vibe is totally "The Next Generation," while Erin's main squeeze is "Voyager," and Magen loves "Deep Space Nine," but that doesn't stop them from delving into the other shows and movies. Their mission is to discover the unknown, explore the charted regions of the Star Trek universe, and guide newbies through the vast reaches of the franchise. New episodes on Fridays.

By Erin, Sarah, Magen

Movie Schmovie show

Movie SchmovieJoin Now to Follow

A movie review podcast that revolves around the always interesting opinions of Steve, Ronald, and John. Facts, Laughs, Friends. This is Movie Schmovie.

By Steve Reter, Ronald James, John Walker

RadioActive Dads show

RadioActive DadsJoin Now to Follow

This is a weekly conversation between friends, actors, and new dads, Nathan Kress (iCarly, Pinky Malinky), and Brett Davern (Awkward).

By idobi Network

Feddie Scum show

Feddie ScumJoin Now to Follow

Feddie Scum is an actual play RPG podcast set in Gundam's Universal Century. Dallas, Zach, Matt, Kat, Furin, and Scoop are at the whim of the GM, Adam, as he leads them through the One Year War. Feddie Scum also serves as alpha testing for a Gundam home brew RPG system being developed by the GM.

By Dead Set Media

Animated Dudes show

Animated DudesJoin Now to Follow

Hosted by ShadeX, Drake Star, Lori and Invader Tori. In this podcast the hosts talk about the latest animation news and just have fun joking around.

By ShadeX