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Blackbaud Interviews show

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This recurring podcast features leaders from Blackbaud and throughout the sector and explores critical issues faced by nonprofits

By Blackbaud

Major Jobs show

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Hi, my name is Teland, and I'm a high schooler who is interested about different jobs. On this podcast, I'll be interviewing different people who have different careers and sharing them with you to educate people about the interesting things we do to make a living. We will go over normal "run of the mill" jobs but also unique careers, how people got into the job, what they do on a daily basis, and more. Check out the website at, or email me at Featured on Spotify, New York Times Upfront, Scholastic, and NPR

By Major Jobs

Plano Grease Trap Pumping show

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No job is too big or too small of the professionals at Plano Grease Trap Pumping.

By Darryl Eastman

Basic Beauty show

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QVC insiders Courtney Cason and Elise Ivy share expert tips and tricks and discuss all things beauty with some of the best in the biz.


influencers! show

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Welcome to influencers! The purpose of the series is to build awareness of micromobility and hear from some of the influencers who are making an impact in this rapidly growing industry. Everyone that we speak to will be making a difference in some aspect of cycling or micromobilty. Some will be unsung heroes and others people that you might already know. Our motivation for creating influencers! is to play our part in advancing the causes of cycling and micromobility. We hope you enjoy the series, please subscribe, leave a review and share influencers! with your friends.

By Influencers! by Micromobility Report

E-Commerce Omni Channel Marketing show

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Omni channel marketing is a way of using multiple marketing channels to increase sales for eCommerce brands. Our goal is to educate listeners on how to utilise marketing channels like email, chatbot or push notifications as well as SMS messages to boost their average order value and customer life-time value, which are consistently the most profitable yet most ignored marketing channels.

By KC Chow Agency

Evolutionary Sales: Integrating 21st Century Psychology with Ethical Sales Techniques  show

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Are you a sales professional or small-business person with a revenue goal? Selling techniques constantly evolve and this “daily sales techniques” audio program will teach you the most current strategies integrated from the best sales professionals in today’s market - the 21st Century market. Evolutionary Sales: 21st Century Psychology & Ethical Sales Techniques will expose you to a new sales skill every day that you can use immediately to increase your success. Evolutionary Sales integrates ethical approaches with 21st century psychology techniques summarized from the teachings of leaders in the field such as Anthony “Tony” Robbins, Jim Rohn, Dan Kennedy, Jay Abrahams, Jason D. McClain and more. Your sales would predictably explode if we stopped there--but we will take you even further. Guided by Jason D. McClain, a leading-edge thinker and your guide in the 21st century marketplace, you will gain practices, techniques and mindsets that will set you apart from the competition and make your explosive success, not just possible, but predictable. Would you like to drive your prospects to close faster? Would you like to achieve your sales goals with a greater sense of ethics, while maintaining your spiritual principles, and feeling better about the entire process? Would you like to enjoy all of that while becoming even more prosperous? Then Evolutionary Sales: 21st Century Psychology & Ethical Sales Techniques is required listening for you as a sales professional or small-business person.

By Jason McClain

chicken pop pod show

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Electronic music delivered hot and fresh as its made. All-original drum 'n' bass, techno, groove, ambient, and what-not.

By cpp network

The Secured and Happy Lifestyle with Coach Aiet show

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Coach Aiet De la Torre hosts this fortnightly podcast that's a great jumpstart/ starting point for parents with kids who wants to know more about finance management and securing a happy lifestyle and who wants to learn more about finance and lifestyle. It's equally ideal for parents who's taking their first foray into managing money as it is for those who has the basics down, since it takes simple topics like investments vs savings, succession planning, and lifestyle talks.

By Aiet Victuelles Dela Torre

Tech for Non-Techies show

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Tech for Non-Techies demystifies the fast-growing technology sector. Hear interviews with entrepreneurs, investors, Big Tech executives and product makers about how tech products and profits get made. The tech sector is full of opportunity, but if you're an outsider, it can be hard to grasp. Tech for Non-Techies changes all that. Subscribe to Tech For Non-Techies to get the skills, knowledge and confidence to find opportunities in the tech sector, whether that’s through founding a company or getting your dream job. Hosted by tech entrepreneur and Chicago Booth MBA Sophia Matveeva.

By Sophia Matveeva