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MacBreak Weekly (Audio) show

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Get the latest Mac news and views from the top journalists covering Apple today. Another great show from the TWiT Netcast Network.


The Podcast show

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We cover a wide variety of topics about how to use Linux effectively in a corporate world. Each episode we cover both news and our own topic of conversation filling in even more details and opinion that on the webpage. Check us out and give us feedback.

By Brian Wagner, Joe Leuzzi, Bill Novak, Jason Didanato

Adventures in Security show

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A weekly information security podcast exploring challenges common to business managers. Additional podcast episodes are available at

By Tom Olzak

On Banking show

On BankingJoin Now to Follow, the online news portal, has begun broadcasting On Banking, a podcast on global banking ideas and issues. On Banking will feature discussions and interviews with banking industry players across the industry's spectrum, from bankers at large institutions to community bankers serving niche markets - and all points in between.

My Podcast Site show

My Podcast SiteJoin Now to Follow's powerful SEO tips and process can increase targeted traffic to your website. Listen to our podcast to know how you can leverage your online business.

Email Marketing With Listrak show

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Join Listrak executives Ross Kramer, President & CEO, and Brent Shroyer, Creative Director, to hear the latest in email marketing best practices. This series of pod casts will answer the most commonly asked email marketing questions including…Why should I embrace email marketing? How can I best utilize my website and leverage 3rd party data with email marketing? Why is a welcome message the most important message to send? Why aren’t all bounces true bounces? What do heatmap studies tell us about email content and design? When is the best day and time to deploy my email messages? Why should I take advantage of viral marketing opportunities? What factors affect email deliverability and how can I avoid common deliverability mistakes?

By Brent Shroyer & Ross Kramer

Implement ERP FAST Podcast show

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The Step by Step Guide to a Successful ERP Software Implementation.

By Rick Nielsen

SAP and Enterprise Trends Podcasts from show

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Sign up for this feed to subscribe to the Jon Reed's "SAP Career Trends" podcast series - the only podcasts that takes you inside the SAP consulting market. Listen in as Jon and his guests move beyond the hype for an honest assessment of the changing SAP marketplace. This podcast series features Jon Reed's interviews with SAP industry insiders as they examine trends in SAP's product evolution, looking at the emergence of SAP eSOA and the SAP skills consultants need to succeed in the NetWeaver era. Jon Reed has been publishing SAP career and market analysis for more than a decade. He is the author of the popular SAP Consultant Handbook, and he serves as the "Ask the Expert" on SAP careers for SearchSAP. Throughout the industry's ebbs and flows, thousands of SAP professionals have tracked the SAP market through Jon's commentary. Jon focuses on providing SAP professionals with straight-shooting analysis on how SAP market trends are impacting SAP career choices. The SAP Career Trends podcast series balances a look into the future of SAP with a focus on uncovering the next steps SAP consultants can take for SAP career success. The series also looks at how SAP companies and project teams manage the "human side of SAP implementations" and tackle the challenges of change management and address the cultural issues that must be addressed on global rollouts. Jon and his guests also look at SAP implementation "best practices" and the keys to attracting and retaining SAP talent on project sites. This podcast series covers the scope of the SAP product line, from core SAP ERP to the add-on suites in CRM, SRM, PLM, SCM, and other areas. The transition from a transactional system to a true business process platform is examined closely, with attention to the impact of SAP BI (Business Intelligence). Jon and his guest approach SAP from a broad view that includes an assessment of both the functional and technical aspects of SAP and how they are changing as companies upgrade to the latest versions of the software. Attention to SAP in the midmarket and a look at SAP's push towards hosted solutions is also considered. The ultimate goal of the SAP Career Trends podcast series is to provide SAP professionals with a roadmap they can use to anticipate SAP market trends and ensure that their skills remain in demand in the NetWeaver and eSOA era.

Modern B2B Marketing -- Marketo show

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Susanne Lyons, former Visa CMO -- Building Power and Respect through Marketing Accountability -- Modern B2B Marketing -- Marketo Susanne Lyons, former CMO at Visa and Charles Schwab, discusses building power and respect for marketing through accountability. Modern B2B Marketing podcast, Episode 4. Howard Sewell, Connect Direct -- Buying and Using Marketing Automation Systems -- Modern B2B Marketing -- Marketo Howard Sewell, President and founder of Connect Direct, discusses Buying and Using Marketing Automation systems. Modern B2B Marketing podcast, Episode 3. Michael Stelzner -- Using Whitepapers to Generate and Nurture Business to Business Sales Leads -- Modern B2B Marketing -- Marketo Michael Stelzner, author of Writing White Papers, discusses Using Whitepapers to Generate and Nurture Business to Business Sales Leads. Modern B2B Marketing podcast, Episode 2. Laura Ramos, Forrester -- Using Web 2.0 Tactics To Boost B2B Marketing Results -- Modern B2B Marketing -- Marketo Laura Ramos, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, discusses Using Web 2.0 Tactics To Boost B2B Marketing Results. Modern B2B Marketing podcast, Episode 1.

By Jon Miller

Automation Case Studies - Network Automation show

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Case studies of businesses that have used AutoMate to effectively streamline their business processes. AutoMate is an automation platform developed by Network Automation, Inc. which is used in many fortune 500 companies across the globe. It allows for complete IT automation without the need for scripting and managing code.

By Network Automation, Inc.