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Gamer Con Mate Podcast show

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Un espacio radiofónico en donde un grupo de amigos se reúnen a debatir y discutir sobre los videojuegos, su desarrollo y los distintos puntos de vistas existentes con un toque delirante y lleno de humor. Realizamos entrevistas a desarrolladores de videojuegos independientes con foco en el mercado nacional y local.

By Gamer Con Mate

Strong Songs show

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Music: it's good. On each episode of Strong Songs, host Kirk Hamilton takes listeners inside a piece of music, breaking it down and figuring out what makes it work.

By Kirk Hamilton

Dashboard Confessional show

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short musings on designing User Interface for AAA games.

By Lukasz Wieczorek

Beyond the Metagame: A Smash Bros. Podcast show

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Two experienced competitive Super Smash Bros. players analyze and break down the unspoken psychological framework of the competitive scene.

By Abhi Vaidyanatha, Dane Hartog

The Empty Promise Podcast show

The Empty Promise PodcastJoin Now to Follow

The Empty Promise Podcast is a (try)weekly conversational podcast in which two best friends discuss news, anecdotes, random facts and discuss in detail a weekly topic of interest – this ranges from conspiracy theories, stories of amazing human feats to film, television and book reviews. The podcast is 'try-weekly' becasue we try to have it ready each week. Its not always the case though, we are called the empty promise podcast after all, so dont hold it against us

By Empty Promise Podcast

Hablando de Star Wars show

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Noticias, rumores, teorías, reseñas y mucho Star Wars

By La cueva del Wampa

Nintendo Crossing show

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Welcome to Nintendo Crossing, a NinMobileNews and ACPocketNews Podcast. Each week, Josue and Gabriel will cover the latest Nintendo and Animal Crossing news! Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @NinCrossing to submit your questions, and to stay updated on our podcast. If you want to follow us on Twitter, we are @HeyJosuePonce and @Videahead. Submit your questions to us on our website at Thanks for tuning in and we'll talk soon!

By Nintendo Crossing

Arkade Cast show

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Bate-papo, entrevistas, e notícias com o videogame em foco.

By Arkade Cast

The Olash Podcast show

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The Olash Podcast hosted by Erin and Megan Olash brings news from all over with a focus on great conversation and good times.

By Erin Olash

QGDnD - A Dungeons and Dragons Podcast show

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Join this rag tag group as they adventure through Primeval Thule in v.5 of Dungeons and Dragons! Adventure, comedy and insanity await as the hosts of Quest Gaming Network unite to bring you laughs and epic....things!

By Quest Gaming Network