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The Esports Startup show

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Learn what it's like to work in the fast-paced esports industry as you follow Esports One's journey through the worlds of esports and startups.

By Esports One

Korvcast show

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Anders "Mckorv" Jonsson testar sina vingar i oprövat vatten... "Vingar i vatten"? Det låter inte helt 100 det där, men en podcast blir det hur som helst!

By Anders "Mckorv" Jonsson

Minecraft Me - SD Video show

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Minecraft Me is the top Minecraft show from GeekGamer.TV that is all about Minecraft! It doesn’t matter if your a beginner or an expert, Chase Nunes and Joseph Falbey take you on a ride to to show you all there is about the wonderful world of Minecraft! Tips, tricks, adventures, snapshots, mods and a public server as well!! This is the SD (480p) Video Version! HD Video (720p) and Audio Only (MP3) versions are also available.

By GeekGamer.TV

The JRPG Report show

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Weekly podcast dedicated to the JRPG or Japanese Role Playing Game. Discussions include the games, the culture, and all the fun associated with them. From Final Fantasy to Dragon Quest, Tales to Trails, Persona to Kingdom Hearts, they are all here. Western RPGs with Japanese influences will also be covered. Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By James Fisher Productions

On The Sticks show

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"On The Sticks" seeks to highlight the world of gaming and esports to casual fans and hardcore gamers. Jourdan hopes to teach others about this growing space through conversations with industry insiders and by channeling her own experiences.

By Jourdan Kerl

Legendary - The World of Warcraft Show  show

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The latest news on the MMORPF World of Warcraft.


TriangoloNerdAngolo Podcast show

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Appassionati di cultura Nerd/pop ? siete nel posto giusto! <br>Alessandro, Lorenzo e Luca , un tris di trentenni vi terrà compagnia mentre esplora , racconta e condivide le emozioni che il panorama Pop/Nerd, ci regala settimana dopo settimana.<br><br>Mettetevi comodi... Videogames, serie Tv , Boardgame , Film, Anime e manga. Questo è il menù ! <br><br>Benvenuti al TriangoloNerdAngolo Podcast !!<br><br><br><br>Contatti <br><br>Mail: <a href=""></a><br><br>Gruppo Telegram: <a href="" rel="noopener"></a><br><br>Instagram: <a href="" rel="noopener"></a><br><br>Facebook: <a href="" rel="noopener"></a><br><br>Potete ascoltare il nostro Podcast anche qui:<br><br>Spotify: <a href="" rel="noopener"></a><br><br>Castbox: <a href="" rel="noopener"></a>

By TriangoloNerdAngolo

Fictionphile show

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News, reviews, and features on all mediums of fiction and narrative entertainment, including movies, TV, literature, comics, video games, and more. Regularly scheduled programming typically consists of one hall-of-fame-worthy work of art covered in depth from several angles. Hosts: Fictionphile Editor Jason Boyd, Managing Editor Corrine Asbell, and Associate Editor Dalton McCay

By Fictionphile

Gaming Graded show

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This show explores all things regarding gaming, content creation, and really just entertainment in general while joking around and having a good time

By gaminggraded

I Never Cast For This show

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Hello there, gamers! I Never Cast For This is a podcast largely focused on debating controversial topics in gaming, and hopefully putting them to rest. Is cheating in gaming a moral issue? Is Pay-To-Win ever a good model? Are achievements ruining gaming culture? Join us every week as we discuss the positive and negative trends of the gaming industry, as well as casual discussions of games we've played throughout the week leading up to the podcast. Tune in LIVE Mondays, 8:30PM EST at

By Keltharr