FTATR 138 – Rize of the Fenix by Tenacious D

For Those About To Rock show

Summary: <a href="http://www.simplysyndicated.com/ftatr-138-rize-of-the-fenix-by-tenacious-d/riseofthefenix/" rel="attachment wp-att-13831"></a><br> Riga-ju-ju! They're back! And fuck loads better than Pick Of Destiny! I know it hasn't even been half a year since we covered the self titled album but it's new! New D! Damn that's a lot of exclamation marks (!) Many thanks to Boz for an on-the-spot live snippet from Download.<br> <a href="http://rizeofthefenix.com/">Stream Rize of The Fenix</a><br> <a href="http://rizeofthefenix.kungfustore.com/">Buy Rize of the Fenix</a><br>