For Those About To Rock show

For Those About To Rock

Summary: For those about to rock, we salute you. If you aren't about to rock and don't really know much about it this is the place to find out.

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 FTATR RockPod 31 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 39:54

It's with a heavy metal heart we say farewell for the foreseeable future. Enjoy this last collection of bands. Enjoy them, find them, let them sustain you. 01:42 - Stand Tall by Elyne Elyne@Bandcamp 05:01 - Glass Houses by Values Values Official 09:30 - Handmade by Last Hounds Last Hounds @Bandcamp 12:24 - Lying For A Living by Bailer Bailer@Bandcamp 16:06 - The Language of Injury by Ithaca Ithaca@Bandcamp 20:14 - One Grand by Ravager Ravager@Soundcloud 23:03 - Downfall by The Overthrone The Overthrone@Bandcamp 32:02 - Departure by Scathanna Wept Scathanna Wept@Bandcamp

 FTATR RockPod 30 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 47:57

A huge thank you to all the bands for their hard work. I know where they all live and will be dropping round with some inappropriate and frankly ungentlemanly gifts in the near future (so you don't have to). Find, Follow, Freak. 01:11 - Triceratops by Phoxjaw Phoxjaw@Bandcamp 05:28 - Juno by TesseracT TesseracT Official 11:11 - Ghost In The Machine by The Long Highway The Long Highway@Facebook 15:16 - New Doom by Vodun Vodun@Bandcamp 21:07 – Flat Feet by Hot Soles Hot Soles@Instagram 24:44 - Pull Me Under by The Smoking Giants The Smoking Giants@Soundcloud 28:47 - Hostess by Atlas: Empire Atlas: Empire@Bandcamp 35:13 - Ink by Chapter and Verse Chapter and Verse@Facebook 39:23 - Arrival by Orpo Piru Orpu Piru@Instagram 44:42 - Gotta Do by EOS Tribe EOS Tribe@Instagram

 FTATR RockPod 29 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 43:19

May zombies eat your brains with love and respect. A big thank you to all the artists in this show. 01:00 - Break the Routine by Black Coast Black Coast@Big Cartel 04:54 - The Circle (feat. Masato of Coldrain) by Crystal Lake Crystal Lake Official 10:04 - Ignite by Napoleon Napoleon @Impericon 14:23 - Black Stains by Damnation Gallery Damnation Gallery Official 19:30 - Infected by God In Fear God In Fear @Facebook 23:31 - Mud by Dead at 27 Dead at 27 @Facebook 27:07 - Switch Off by Single Mothers Single Mothers @Bandcamp 28:58 - Hot Blooded by Rival Bones Rival Bones Official 32:50 - Body Rock by Down Town Brown Down Town Brown Official 38:49 - Feeding The Flame by Leftover Bullets Leftover Bullets Official

 FTATR RockPod 28 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 34:53

Big thanks to all the artists (many through Hold Tight PR) for giving up their hard work to the 'gig in my mind'. Find them, hold them tight and never let them go. 01:28 - Wounds by Cope Cope @ Bandcamp 04:51 - Empty Lungs by New Graves New Graves Official 08:38 - All or Nothing by Sylar Sylar Official 12:40 - Castles by Loose Tooth Loose Tooth @ HoldTightPR 17: 14 - Miss Valentine by Exploding Pets Exploding Pets Official 22:03 - How Fleeting by Time, The Valuator Time, The Valuator @Facebook 26:14 - Riding Off The Rails by Dewey Roberts Dewey Roberts Official 31:17 - Numb by Years For Months Years For Months @Soundcloud

 FTATR RockPod 27 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 36:40

Creepy nods and salacious unnervingly perfumed letters of thanks to all the bands and contributors for the use of their hard work this month. Find them, follow them, I already have...i'm outside right now. 00:53 - Blood Bath by The Fullbug The FullBug Official 04:03 - Take Me by White Raven Down White Raven Down Official 09:06 - Yours To Break by Semantic Shift Semantic Shift @Michael Babb Music 13:22 - Hurricane by Pretty Pistol Pretty Pistol Official 16:25 - Sour Tastes by Emp!ire Emp!re @ Bandcamp 20:07 - Broken Record by Wednesdays Child Wednesdays Child @Bandcamp 24:20 - Paralyse by Given Up The Ghost Give Up The Ghost @ Youtube 28:00 - Stumbler by Sick Joy Sick Joy Official 32:44 - Wanna Lie With You by Royal Mob Royal Mob Official

 FTATR RockPod 26 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 44:20

Big love, big hugs and overly familiar lingering touches on the thigh for all the bands and artists here. Find them, like them... 00:59 - I Am by Cooza Black And Sin City Cooza Black and Sin City Official 05:49 - Sugar by The Adarna The Adarna Official 10:12 - Learn by Raze Raze Official 14:28 - Never Bring Me Down by Reliance Code Reliance Code Official 18:21 - Pepper by Fallen Renegade Fallen Renegade (Livin' Rock) @ Soundcloud 22:56 – The Last Song by Steam Jet Steam Jet @ Bandcamp 27:33 - Vaccine by Collegians Collegians Official 32:14 - One Shot by Spiral Crush Spiral Crush Official 35:53 - Ecstacy by Normandie Normandie Official 40:48 - Wings Of My Soul by Poetry Thieves Poetry Thieves @Facebook

 FTATR RockPod 25 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40:26

Instalment No.25 A nice mix of tunes, all under the Rock umbrella. Cheers to all the bands and artists who have donated their work to this FTATR outing. 1:36 - Observation For The Day by Mothers Green Mothers Green Official 7:45 - I Don't Mind by Scratch Scratch Official 11:37 - Feed It! by Gold Baby Gold Baby @Facebook 15.11 - Leaves A Taste by The Pretty Fragile The Pretty Fragile Official 18:53 - No Time 2b Sorry by Jay Katana Bleeding Boyfriend / Jay Katana Official 22:48 - Desert Wolf by Bluegasm Bluegasm @Bandcamp 28:07 - Touch the Moring by Sun of Sorrow Sun of Sorrow @Facebook 34:14 - Jaws by Sleep Token Sleep Token Site

 FTATR RockPod 24 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40:30

It's Metal May and it's a big thanks to all the bands / third parties for donating their hard work. Follow, Like and Spread the Love. 01:21 - Lights Of Seattle by System Slave System Slave Official 05:06 - The 25th Parallel by Snipers of Babel Snipers of Babel @ Reverb Nation 10:01 - Fragile Minds by Silent Theory Silent Theory Official 15:41 - Rise Up by The Dead Daisies The Dead Daisies Official 19:48 - Suffocate by NeverWake NeverWake Official 24:48 - Wych Elm by Limb Limb @ Bandcamp 28:28 - Say It! by The Maension The Maension Official 33:57 - Predator by Abstract Manner Abstract Manner - Helpful Links from Pete

 FTATR RockPod 23 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 44:45

Number 23 for your ears. Please do like and repost the love for the following artists. 01:44 - I Wouldn’t Know by Civic In The Sun Civic In The Sun @Instagram 06:10 - Swamp Thing by Free Recovery Free Recovery @Bandcamp 11:32 - Cherry Sheriff by Bright tone Bright tone Official 16:28 - Monster Town by Elastic Waste Elastic Waste Official 19:48 - Generic Girl by Loz Campbell Loz Campbell Official 24:03 - Bring Me Down by The Buddz The Buddz Official 27:52 - Something by White Noise Owl White Noise Owl Official 32:40 - Waiting for Sunrise by Farewell to Fear Farewell to Fear Official 37:55 - Feed the Monstar by Dragon Monkey Dragon Monkey Official

 FTATR RockPod 22 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 33:25

Like two little ducks in a row here's number 22 A big thanks to the donating artists. Find them, Like them, Spread The Love. 00:55 - What Can I Do by Cyanide Sundae Cyanide Sundae Official 05:11 – Anger by Sam’s Dice Band Sam's Dice Band @Facebook 08:36 – Nightfall by Punk Junk Joe Punk Junk Joe @Soundcloud 13:16 – Gun Control by Strange Breed Strange Breed @Bandcamp 17:29 – Love is Blind by Hearts Hunters Hearts Hunters @Facebook 21:21 – Moneyshot by Hotstuff and the Eye Candy Hotstuff and the Eyecandy @Facebook 24:39 – Mirror by VALA VALA Official 29:32 – Head Over Heels by SIMA SIMA Official

 FTATR RockPod 21 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 37:50

As always a big thank you to the bands and artists who have given up their hard work for my hobby. Follow, support and repost if you see fit. 1:07 – Didn’t Do by Executive Toys Executive Toys @Bandcamp 6:39 – Guide You In The Dark by Reckless Jacks Reckless Jacks Official 11:07 – The Line by Eliptic Time Machine Eliptic Time Machine @Facebook 14:55 – Clockwork by Rocket To Friday Rocket To Friday @Facebook 18:52 – House of Mirrors by Neon Mountain Neon Mountain @Bandcamp 22:50 – Mixed Race Indiana Marriage by Hero Jr Hero Jr Official 28:45 – Midnight Thoughts by Microscope Vision Microscope Vision @Facebook 34:02 – Needle VS Plastic Straw by SuperStereoDrive SuperStereoDrive @Soundcloud

 FTATR RockPod 20 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:06

Number Twenty for your ears! Check out the following Nine bands and give them some support if you like what you hear. Many thanks to the bands for the generous donation of their music. 1:03 - Big Fat City by Rebel Riot Rebel Riot@Bandcamp 5:53 - Dependence by El Camino El Camino@Bandcamp 11:24 - Discard Me by Naga Siren Naga Siren@Bandcamp 14:22 – Arise by Splitflow Splitflow@Bandcamp 19:48 - I.R.D by Biome Biome@Bandcamp 23:22 - Self Salvation by Skeleton Skeleton@ReverbNation 27:46 - The End of Modern Civilisation by Our Existence is Punishment Our Existence is Punishment@Bandcamp 32:35 - Oprichniki by Veles Veles@Facebook 37:00 - Of One Being by Shadow of Acolyte Shadow of Acolyte@ReverbNation

 FTATR RockPod 19 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 46:35

Our last show of 2017, bring on the '18! A big cheers to the bands who donated their work for the nineteenth instalment of RockPod. All the best for the New Year from For Those About To Rock Track Listings 1:01 – Speedy One by Ketamin Ketamin @Bandcamp 5:37 - Whiskey Dust by Rosa Laricchiuta Rosa L - Official 9:46 – The Rover Song by Black Smiths Black Smiths @Facebook 15:21 – The Maze by Blind Hen Blind Hen @Facebook 20.33 – Last Man Standing by Electric Indians Electric Indians @Bandcamp 29:42 – Gluttony by A Very Loud Death A Very Loud Death - Official 33:58 – Breaking Bread by Hollowed Sky Hollowed Sky @Bandcamp 38:25 – Flame by Milagres Milagres - Official 43:25 – God Like You by George George @Facebook

 FTATR RockPod 18 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 49:04

Number 18 and it's a Hard Rock / Metal November for us all. If you like what you hear please do track down the artists. Spread the joy and gives us a repost or a like if you've had a good time. 1:18 – In For The Kill by Project Revival Project Revival @ Bandcamp 4:54 – Unsanctify Me by Hitherside Hitherside @ Bandcamp 9:23 – The Darkness by SwitchBait SwitchBait Official 14:18 – Kick You When You’re Down by Scarred By Name Scarred By Name @ Facebook 19:46 – Fly by Exit Empire Exit Empire Official 23:27 – Hells Gates by Dipped In Whiskey Dipped In Whiskey @ Reverb Nation 27:25 – Detached by Timewaves Timewaves Official 31:45 – Disconnect by Belesduna Belesduna @ Reverb Nation 36:12 – Butcher by Devil Made Me Do It Devil Made Me Do It @ Facebook 40:00 – Ojos De Fuego by Sonora Sonora @ Facebook 45:46 – Unbreakable by Necrometer

 FTATR RockPod 17 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 43:33

Number 17 labelled as Alt Rock but it's lovely mixed bag of types. Spread the love and support your locals bands. 1:23 - Zaida by Pablo and The Appleheads Pablo and The Appleheads 5:27 – Tick Tock by Tom North Tom North 8:18 – The Love He Kept by Tercelvoice Tercelvoice 12:42 – Bangers and Mash by The Explorers Collective The Explorer's Collective @Facebook 15:59 – Wanted Man by Bongley Dead Bongley Dead @YouTube 19:45 – Apneic Delight by Nabucco Dinosaur Nabucco Dinosaur @Bandcamp 26:18 – Time by Paste Paste @Facebook 31:50 – Among The Wires by Vermicious Kind Vermicious Kind @Bandcamp 35:58 – All That Was Ours by Speech Machine Speech Machine 40:36 – I Love You But I Love Me More by Mikayla Mikayla @Reverb Nation


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