FTATR RockPod 19

For Those About To Rock show

Summary: Our last show of 2017, bring on the '18!<br><br> A big cheers to the bands who donated their work for the nineteenth instalment of RockPod.<br><br> All the best for the New Year from For Those About To Rock<br><br> Track Listings<br><br> 1:01 – Speedy One by Ketamin<br><br> <a href="https://ketamin.bandcamp.com/releases">Ketamin @Bandcamp</a><br><br> 5:37 - Whiskey Dust by Rosa Laricchiuta<br><br> <a href="http://rosarock.ca">Rosa L - Official</a><br><br> 9:46 – The Rover Song by Black Smiths<br><br> <a href="https://www.facebook.com/black.smiths.official/">Black Smiths @Facebook</a><br><br> 15:21 – The Maze by Blind Hen<br><br> <a href="https://www.facebook.com/blindhen/?ref=br_rs">Blind Hen @Facebook</a><br><br> 20.33 – Last Man Standing by Electric Indians<br><br> <a href="https://electricindians.bandcamp.com/">Electric Indians @Bandcamp</a><br><br> 29:42 – Gluttony by A Very Loud Death<br><br> <a href="http://averylouddeath.com/">A Very Loud Death - Official</a><br><br> 33:58 – Breaking Bread by Hollowed Sky<br><br> <a href="https://hollowedsky.bandcamp.com/">Hollowed Sky @Bandcamp</a><br><br> 38:25 – Flame by Milagres<br><br> <a href="https://www.milagresmusic.com/">Milagres - Official</a><br><br> 43:25 – God Like You by George<br><br> <a href="https://www.facebook.com/GeorgeBandLondon/">George @Facebook</a><br>