Finding Freedom in Your Body

Sarah B. Yoga + Feldenkrais® show

Summary: Episode 100: Today I am going to share with you an episode of the Expand Your Abilities Podcast with Jeffrey Schwinghammer. Jeffrey is a filmmaker and Feldenkrais practitioner and the director of the upcoming documentary on the Feldenkrais Method. I’m really enjoying how his podcast is breaking down some really complex principles of the Feldenkrais method.  In his recent interview with me we discussed my background, how I came to teach both yoga and Feldenkrais, and how learning to move efficiently can enhance the quality of our life.  Our conversation leads to talking about finding a sense of freedom in your body and how Feldenkrais is a way to unlearn any sense of having an external authority over your body. This is a huge topic, a topic that I am currently exploring in my Feldenkrais series Autonomy and Personal Freedom. So, I hope you enjoy this conversation about feeling free in your body, and how Feldenkrais and yoga complement each other. Be sure to check out some of Jeffrey’s other episodes of the  Expand Your Abilities Podcast.  Sarah Baumert has been teaching movement since 2006. She is a certified yoga teacher, yoga therapist and Feldenkrais practitioner. This podcast is an intersection of her yoga teaching and training in the Feldenkrais® method. Classes include sensory rich movement experiences for a more resilient and healthy nervous system to help you feel a greater sense of ease and comfort in yourself. Upcoming Livestream Series with Free Intro Classes: Blending of Yoga + Feldenkrais Autonomy & Personal Freedom: A Feldenkrais Exploration Support the show Find more of Sarah's teaching on Body Matter. Self-paced courses Body Matter library membership Leave a review on itunes, spotify, or google. Support the show to help keep these podcasts free and accessible for everyone! Website I Course Library I Instagram I Newsletter I LinkedIn