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Summary: <p>Hey hey hey! Is Legacy planning a BIG WORD, and it seems hard and scary.</p> <p>This is the Secured and Happy lifestyle Podcast, this is where success stories of families and business are shared.</p> <p>On each episode, we will talk about in family business challenges and how these challenges are solved!</p> <p>Legacy planning is not hard,</p> <p>all it takes is conscientious and strategic planning</p> <p>to gain a solid understanding of what's required to prepare well, to have seamless execution..</p> <p>We will keep it practical and real.</p> <p>The Secure and Happy Lifestyle is a channel</p> <p>where you can tune in between coffee breaks in the morning,</p> <p>during your weekend -wine down.</p> <p>We will be featuring low key individuals with family businesses, (and their kids too) as they share their journey on how</p> <p>they've been able to sustain their businesses over time,</p> <p>how they leverage on experiences to have breakthroughs that translated in business profit or cost savings.</p> <p>We will dive deep into the behind the scenes</p> <p>to get what it takes to be at the top of your game.</p> <p>I am your host, your new business bestie, Coach Aiet.</p> <p>I went from being an employee for more than a decade before diving into the dynamic world of managing a family business.</p> <p>I went from managing multi sites and multi racial team earning 6-digits a month serving clients on and offshore leading projects that helped them save costs.</p> <p>From being employed in a multinational company</p> <p>I owe my skills and development to them.</p> <p>The agile mindset and kaizen concepts I learned then</p> <p>I now apply as best practices in my organization as an employer.</p> <p>I advocate strategic planning that I use for our client’s concerns,</p> <p>By  incorporating the discipline of Quality management and six sigma principles as part of the solution. Seems complex yea?</p> <p>But here’s the thing,</p> <p>I am the person who you can enjoy talking to,</p> <p>and converse even in the wee hours of the night as I can digest complex things</p> <p>and keep it simple.</p> <p>Now, I want to hear from you.</p> <p>And since this is your podcast, Our listeners at The Secured and Happy Lifestyle</p> <p>will have a chance to join on this show for some **biz bits!</p> <p>We would love you to share your success story on building family legacies so others can learn from you as well.</p> <p>Aside from that, we can talk offline too,</p> <p>I also reserve time on my calendar every single week to join you on call to learn more about what's going on in your career/ biz life.</p> <p>I will look forward to having you on the show also, so tune in,</p> <p>I will be releasing episodes fortnightly and I hope it’s ok to ask you to share this with loved ones,</p> <p>Follow me on social media as COACH AIET in: Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook and</p> <p>Subscribe to this podcast, to make sure you don't miss out on anything.</p> <p>**The fact is growing and sustaining a business doesn't have to be complicated.</p> <p>All you have to do is be part of a good circle and tune in each week to plan ahead and strategize to keep it simple in order to live a SECURED and have a HAPPY LIFESTYLE.</p>