The Secured and Happy Lifestyle with Coach Aiet show

The Secured and Happy Lifestyle with Coach Aiet

Summary: Coach Aiet De la Torre hosts this fortnightly podcast that's a great jumpstart/ starting point for parents with kids who wants to know more about finance management and securing a happy lifestyle and who wants to learn more about finance and lifestyle. It's equally ideal for parents who's taking their first foray into managing money as it is for those who has the basics down, since it takes simple topics like investments vs savings, succession planning, and lifestyle talks.

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 Family Secrets to Success featuring Erika Canoy-Sanchez | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2288

How well have you been doing – both in life and at work – since this pandemic struck the world? This pandemic has made us realize that we have lots of time in our pockets; however, it’s as if we’re still running short of time to finish each and everything that’s given to us. Do you feel like you’re being overwhelmed by all the things you should do; therefore, you see everything as equally urgent and important? Do you feel like you have the power to do your stuff, but for some reasons, exercising it fully isn’t something you can do at this point of time? It is very important for you to know your priorities each day, because it is only after you’re done with some of the major things that you can proceed to do other things as you should. Take responsibility and have accountability as you do work, and be in connection with the group you’re in! Be balanced and everything will stay and be sustained. Erika Canoy-Sanchez has been working as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of RMN Networks - Marketing & Media Ventures, Inc. (RMN - MMV) for a year and three months now – co-working with her brother as they make day-to-day decisions for the business. Before this, she served as Radio Mindanao Inc.’s VP Content Marketing for 2 years and a half – starting 2018 – and because the majority of Erika’s professional career is made up of her experience in the advertising industry, it allowed her to understand the industry of media as well. She and Coach Aiet met in an organization called Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP). In this episode, Erika talks about the importance of balance in life, especially if you’re stuck in an area where you feel overwhelmed by the load of work that’s on your plate. Here, she shares how she and her family have successfully sustained RMN for decades, and she also gives tips on how you can do it as well. What you will learn from this episode: Understand how life-changing it is once you’ve learned to live life in balance; Discover how having both responsibility and accountability allows you to function better, not only at work but also in life; and Find out how you can successfully sustain your business by learning through RMN’s experience. Resource: For those who are interested to join BCBP, feel free to comment or DM us in Facebook and Coach Aiet will direct message you. Ways to Connect with Erika Canoy-Sanchez: LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Ways to Connect with Coach Aiet: Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram:

 From Living to Leaving with Atty. Nicasio C. Cabaneiro & Nadia Christina C. Manuel | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2819

Have you drafted your huling habilin or your holographic will and testament? This is a document that others find odd or morbid, and whether we deny it or not, succession is a weighted conflict most families experience whenever a member has departed from the world of the living. However, do we really need to excuse ourselves in discussing something that can help the loved ones we will leave behind? You wouldn’t want them to quarrel and hire a lawyer just to end up having the lawyer as your heir, don’t you? Preparing for the inevitable is indeed something that makes people feel uneasy, but among all things, the real question is how to start. Discover how you can make writing a will doable in today’s episode with Atty. Nic and Naj Cabaneiro. Atty. Nicasio C. Cabaneiro is a CPA Lawyer for the past forty-five (45) years in the practice of Taxation and Corporate Law. He is a Law Professor and a Pre-Bar Reviewer in San Beda College and ChanRobles Internet Bar Review among others. He is also the Corporate Secretary of Tuloy sa Don Bosco Foundation Inc. Prior to his retirement in 2007 when he was the Vice President and Head of the Legal Services Division of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) where he stayed for 25 years, he finished Magna Cum Laude in Accounting, and Cum Laude in Law at San Beda College. Atty. Nic is consistently being engaged as a resource speaker on various topics such as: estate and packs planning; business insurance; succession planning; wills, trust, and inheritance laws; Train Law; retirement; and tax minimization seminars. In 2018, Atty. Cabaneiro and his daughter Nadia Christina C. Manuel published books namely “From Living to Leaving: Basics of Financial, Estate and Tax Planning” and just recently, they also introduced “Life After” – From Living to Leaving’s prequel – which is about planning for one’s retirement. In this episode, Atty. Nic Cabaneiro and his daughter Naj Manuel talk about estate planning and its importance in every individual’s life, regardless of one’s social standing at the present time. Here, they share stories of value on why writing a will is something you must do even when you think you’re still young and healthy, and mentions ways on how you can make it achievable in spite of the morbid idea a will is usually associated with. What you will learn from this episode: - Understand the importance of estate planning on every individual’s life; - Recognize the essence of writing a will regardless of your social standing in life; and - Discover how you can start writing a will through tips given by professionals despite the uneasy feeling the action has around it. Resources: To order Atty Cabaneiro’s books please contact Arlene Baguyo at 09176457846 Ways to Connect with Coach Aiet: - Website: - Facebook: - LinkedIn: - Instagram:

 Save or Invest | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1339

In the heat of this pandemic, how are you and your family doing? We all feel the need to be certain in such a time that is full of uncertainties, but most of us feel caged while some feel as if they got their wings clipped. It is a global understanding that the life we used to live pre-pandemic – whether or not it involved luxuries we love designing ourselves with – is already a space that is impossible for us to be in nowadays. In this survival of the fittest challenge we call life, the very reason why we should be more invested in saving is actually the same reason as to why we cannot just give up right now – we all want to survive and live a long life! Live a secured and happy lifestyle through knowing your way towards a healthy pattern of saving and investing with Coach Aiet today! What you will learn from this episode: - Recognize how this pandemic makes saving and investing much more of a must in an individual’s life; - Discover the importance a healthy pattern of saving has as you live life towards a secured and happy lifestyle; and - Find out how you can develop a healthy habit of saving through Coach Aiet’s experience-based tips. Ways to Connect with Coach Aiet: - Website: - Facebook: - LinkedIn: - Instagram:

 Effective Wealth Management Techniques with Sheila Ong | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2083

Are you an individual who is interested in the financial industry and wants to be able to manage your finances in a manner that suits you best? Do malls serve as your go-to places more than twice a week, and now you’ve noticed how such deeds affect your funds? Do you want to be successful in accumulating wealth in your life while keeping the love and connection that you have with your bloodline? If your answer is yes, then you’re on the right path! Managing finances will always be a nuisance if you will keep on handling it the way it shouldn’t be dealt with. We all want a successful accumulation of wealth in life, but it is only through learning and having the eagerness to adapt in this world’s changes that we get to achieve that.  Check out today’s episode as Coach Aiet engages herself in a highly valuable conversation with Sheila Ong. Sheila Ong is a Management in Financial Institution’s graduate who started her corporate journey in the financial world at a young age of 22. She’s been handling finances for her family even before she’s finished college, then she proceeded to pursue her career right after graduating as she values time’s essence in life. Since then, Sheila has been effective in managing finances she’s accumulated during her early years in the industry while also playing the role of a family woman in today’s time. In this episode, Sheila talks about wealth accumulation and financial management concerns as she discusses communication’s importance in achieving both your professional and personal life goals. Here, she shares the experiences she’s gone through in terms of managing funds, and mentions hacks that worked for her that you can also apply as you dive into the challenges of life. What you will learn from this episode: - Discover the reason why appropriating funds for both expenses and leisure is important, just that the budget for leisure has a cap - Find out tips on how you can successfully accumulate wealth despite the challenges life is making you face; and - Understand how communication plays a key role on achieving your goals in both business and personal worlds. Valuable Free Resource: Get the Copy of Work Smarter Not Harder Free Article Guide Here:  Ways to Connect with Sheila Ong: Website: Email: Facebook: Instagram: Linkedin: Telephone No: (632) 7216-4434 Ways to Connect with Coach Aiet: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram:

 Why Money Matters? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1736

Did you know that couples fight over money at least once a month even when they are in a happy relationship? Managing couple finances includes learning about each other’s behavior in spending and saving patterns, but it isn’t really as easy as how it sounds like. It isn’t always the reason why couples split, but in most cases, handling money arises as to the root cause. Do you want to know the secret to a lasting relationship? When you’re asked why money matters, what will you say? Do you want to discover ways you can try in order to be able to manage your finances in a way that suits you best? Sharing what you have in the most equal manner is a vital part of the relationship you’re in, and Coach Aiet is here today to help you do that thing. Coach Aiet Dela Torre is a hope influencer and a business consultant who helps grow businesses and protect people’s legacy in strategic ways. Through her podcast called The Secured and Happy Lifestyle, she shares life-tested practices that are guaranteed to give you values and lessons as you thrive towards success. In this episode, Coach Aiet answers the question why money matters as she talks about financial management in couples’ terms. Here, she discusses the essence of communication on having a meaningful relationship with your partner and shares tested and proven tips you can try in order to start your journey towards a financial plan that suits you best. What you will learn from this episode: Recognize the secrets to a lasting relationship in relation to why money matters; Discover how two-way communication with regards to managing finances allows you to have a meaningful relationship with your partner; and Find out why you should identify expenses and monitor bank transactions and how these two are connected to a fulfilled life. Ways to Connect with Coach Aiet: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram:

 Discovering Your Strategic Talent with Ron Magsalin | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2421

Are you having a hard time taming your mind especially when consecutive problems arise? Do you feel like you’re losing who you are and have no idea now on what you want in life? Do you have talents and skills that you want to hone in order to use them as your strengths? Be prepared and have your ears and hearts ready as Coach Aiet brings you Coach Ron’s wonderful story today. Ron Magsalin is a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach, a team synergy coach, and is the founder of Mindful Pockets – an information-sharing page that assists individuals in planning their finances and implementing those plans. He is the resident Strengths Coach of Passionate Creators where transformational development happens through uncovering talents and applying those talents in daily life. In this episode, Coach Ron talks about his story – how he started reaching out to people and helping them become their own better versions. Here, he talks about the importance of knowing who you are and what you want to do in order to live the life that you want, as well as the reason on why he’s doing these development trainings with people who are eager to grow and live a happy lifestyle. What you will learn from this episode: • Know how the practice of mind control sends you towards the life that you want; • Discover what magic knowing yourself brings to your life; • Find out how you can be of help to people as you both grow through a positive mindset. Ways to Connect with Coach Ron: • Facebook: Coach Ron Magsalin at

 Bring Your A-Game to Work With Nikki Tang | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1586

Aging has been one of the heaviest issues an individual faces in life. No one wants to look gray and old. We all crave for a young spirit of body and soul. Do you want to learn how you can look good and feel good while you’re also helping people around you to be the same? Does the idea of a secured and happy lifestyle fire the passion in you, but you’re still lost and have nowhere to go to? Ms. Nikki Tang is a passionate ASEAN Beautypreneur Leader and CEO of Dmark Beauty and DermAsia. She advocates and upholds beauty breakthrough leadership transformation for partners and networks, and is also well-placed to advance the Dermacosmetics and Medical Aesthetics industry and encourage and support dermatologists, doctors, and entrepreneurs to be successful within the domains of clinical practice and business. In this episode, Ms. Nikki Tang joins Coach Aiet as they talk about beauty and life. Here, she shares the story on how and why she took a step towards entering the industry of beauty care here in the Philippines, and mentions how she’s able to grow her sons into fine gentlemen while doing business and helping women towards empowerment. What you will learn from this episode: •    Discover how to look and feel good while helping others do the same; •    Find out how you can take good care of your kids while also progressing with your business; •    Know the secrets towards a secured and happy lifestyle in the eyes of a beautypreneur mom. Ways to Connect with Nikki Tang: •    Website: and •    Facebook: and •    Instagram: and •    Twitter: •    LinkedIn:

 Start Them Young: Raising Successful Entrepreneurs | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 650

Do you want your child to be an entrepreneur someday? Although professional discussions don’t really mention entrepreneurship a lot, helping your children into having an entrepreneurial mindset will bring them and the world wonders. Are you aware that even as a kid, your child can already be an entrepreneur? Listen to this episode as Coach Aiet gifts you with a treat today. Coach Aiet Victuelles Dela Torre is a hope influencer and a business consultant who helps grow businesses and protect people’s legacy in strategic ways. Through her podcast called The Secured and Happy Lifestyle, she shares life-tested practices that are guaranteed to give you values and lessons as you thrive towards success. In this episode, Coach Aiet guides you on teaching your kids the essence and how to’s of being young entrepreneurs. Here, she talks about the importance of knowing things your children are passionate about, involving them in simple decision-making processes, and cultivating that professional mindset towards an entrepreneurial mind without hindering your child from growing in his/her own pace. What you will learn from this episode: •    Discover the importance of teaching your children the idea of entrepreneurship; •    Know the essence of knowing your child’s skills and strengths; •    Find out how you can raise an entrepreneurial-minded child through steps provided by Coach Aiet. Ways to Connect with Coach Aiet: •    Website: •    Facebook: •    Company Website:

 How to Raise Your Child To Be independent with Leah De Leon, CLAPS | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2034

Are you having a hard time doing parenting and working at the same time? Are you afraid that your child will grow in the wrong manner if you let them be, so you’re always there, telling them everything that needs to be done? Have you always wanted to live a secure and happy lifestyle, but you feel like you’re stuck with nowhere to go and no idea what to do? Business, family life, and a secure and happy lifestyle are things that are all connected in the manner that they all bring you success only if you know how to deal with them. Be guided and learn from today’s episode as Coach Aiet and today’s guest walk with you towards your dream life. Leah De Leon works in Center for Learning And Progressive Schooling (CLAPS) – an institution that handles CLAPS Training Center where students of all ages are provided with comprehensive academic services and resources to improve academic independence. She first became a Physical Therapy student in college, but after spending time in Pediatrics, she has decided to take up Special Education and earn a Master’s degree in Family Life and Child Development, believing that these will lead her closer to the dream of having her own school. In this episode, Teacher Leah talks about business, family life, and the how to’s of both sides. Here, she shares personal stories that built who she is today, and mentions ways on how you can do the same thing as long as you’re not afraid to try. What you will learn from this episode: Find out what it takes to be able to balance work and parenting; Knowing the importance of hard work and resourcefulness; Find out how you can let your child learn without having the need to mold them. Resources: Science STEM Camp Ways to Connect with Teacher Leah: • Facebook page:

 Welcome to The Secured and Happy Lifestyle with Coach Aiet | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 250

Hey hey hey! Is Legacy planning a BIG WORD, and it seems hard and scary. This is the Secured and Happy lifestyle Podcast, this is where success stories of families and business are shared. On each episode, we will talk about in family business challenges and how these challenges are solved! Legacy planning is not hard, all it takes is conscientious and strategic planning to gain a solid understanding of what's required to prepare well, to have seamless execution.. We will keep it practical and real. The Secure and Happy Lifestyle is a channel where you can tune in between coffee breaks in the morning, during your weekend -wine down. We will be featuring low key individuals with family businesses, (and their kids too) as they share their journey on how they've been able to sustain their businesses over time, how they leverage on experiences to have breakthroughs that translated in business profit or cost savings. We will dive deep into the behind the scenes to get what it takes to be at the top of your game. I am your host, your new business bestie, Coach Aiet. I went from being an employee for more than a decade before diving into the dynamic world of managing a family business. I went from managing multi sites and multi racial team earning 6-digits a month serving clients on and offshore leading projects that helped them save costs. From being employed in a multinational company I owe my skills and development to them. The agile mindset and kaizen concepts I learned then I now apply as best practices in my organization as an employer. I advocate strategic planning that I use for our client’s concerns, By  incorporating the discipline of Quality management and six sigma principles as part of the solution. Seems complex yea? But here’s the thing, I am the person who you can enjoy talking to, and converse even in the wee hours of the night as I can digest complex things and keep it simple. Now, I want to hear from you. And since this is your podcast, Our listeners at The Secured and Happy Lifestyle will have a chance to join on this show for some **biz bits! We would love you to share your success story on building family legacies so others can learn from you as well. Aside from that, we can talk offline too, I also reserve time on my calendar every single week to join you on call to learn more about what's going on in your career/ biz life. I will look forward to having you on the show also, so tune in, I will be releasing episodes fortnightly and I hope it’s ok to ask you to share this with loved ones, Follow me on social media as COACH AIET in: Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook and Subscribe to this podcast, to make sure you don't miss out on anything. **The fact is growing and sustaining a business doesn't have to be complicated. All you have to do is be part of a good circle and tune in each week to plan ahead and strategize to keep it simple in order to live a SECURED and have a HAPPY LIFESTYLE.


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