The Secured and Happy Lifestyle with Coach Aiet show

The Secured and Happy Lifestyle with Coach Aiet

Summary: Coach Aiet De la Torre hosts this fortnightly podcast that's a great jumpstart/ starting point for parents with kids who wants to know more about finance management and securing a happy lifestyle and who wants to learn more about finance and lifestyle. It's equally ideal for parents who's taking their first foray into managing money as it is for those who has the basics down, since it takes simple topics like investments vs savings, succession planning, and lifestyle talks.

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 How to Register Your Life Insurance Business in the Philippines with Coach Aiet | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3189

Being a business person, it’s already a common practice that we make sure we’re responsible to those whom we serve, and one way of embracing that commitment is by building a strong credibility and legitimizing your business. But the question is how do we really register to start a life insurance business here in the Philippines? If you want to know the answer, then join us today as Coach Aiet educates us on the how to’s! Together, let us all move forward and give significance to both our lives and other people’s. Coach Aiet Dela Torre is a hope influencer and a business consultant who helps grow businesses and protect people’s legacy in strategic ways. She is a mother of four and is a part of XDT & Company Inc., which helps insurance companies thrive, starting from registration up to creating legacies. Through her podcast called The Secured and Happy Lifestyle, Coach Aiet shares life-tested practices that are guaranteed to give you values and lessons as you strive towards success. In this episode, Coach Aiet answers questions about the how to’s of registering your life insurance business here in the Philippines as she emphasizes the importance of legitimizing your business and building your credibility around it. What you will learn from this episode: Understand the power a legitimized business holds on your credibility as a business person; Discover the advantages and disadvantages you might encounter as you register as an insurance advisor/business; and Find out the things the things you should take note of and where you should be registered on as you start your journey as a financial advisor Notes / Mentions: XDT & Company Inc.: Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP): Toastmasters International: CEO Insights Asia: Strengths Unlocked: ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs Network: Resolute Life PH: Manulife Philippines: MDRT Foundation: Ways to Connect with Coach Aiet: Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram:

 A Guide To Data Privacy featuring Atty. Joffrey Caguia & Atty. Krishna Caguia | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2528

How do we protect our data privacy as we transition into living our life in a continuously progressing digital world? With our life generally revolving around online activities since the pandemic struck the world, it is indeed relevant and timely that we protect ourselves from all the issues present in today’s cyber environment. People’s crimes get more serious and destructive as they upgrade in line with technological developments. Back then, you could only get your things stolen in physical presence, but nowadays, you can easily lose money just by diving into malicious software pretending to be decent! Join us today as we discuss this concern with the power couple, Attorneys Joffrey and Krishna Caguia. Together, let’s put forward a space that will protect our people, especially the children, for they are the digital natives of our time. In this episode, power couple Caguia lawyers discuss what the Data Privacy Act of 2012 is all about as they educate us through tips on how we can protect ourselves against cybercrime. What you will learn from this episode: Find out what the Data Privacy Act of 2012 is all about and why it’s a must for you to be aware of that; Discover what actions you should do upon becoming a victim of a cybercrime, as well as why it’s safer for you to use passphrases instead of passwords in today’s time; and Learn how you can protect yourselves, especially the kids, from cybercrime now that everything’s running online Resources: National Privacy Commission Data Privacy Act of 2012 (RA 10173) Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 Ways to Connect with Atty. Joffrey Caguia: Website Facebook Ways to Connect with Atty. Krishna Aira Tana-Caguia: Website Facebook LinkedIn Ways to Connect with Coach Aiet: Website Facebook LinkedIn Instagram

  Overcome Your Recurring Failure Patterns with the Founder and CEO of Innovative Impact Ventures Jayson Dela Rosa | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2252

How can you win against your recurring failure patterns as you thrive to succeed in the entrepreneurial world? They say that music is everywhere; that at some point, it’s somewhere in the daily routine of a person. With that being said, did you know that music can also be incorporated with how entrepreneurs succeed over crossroads? Like when two people meet in a disco, they dance as they complement the movement of each other. In musicians’ jamming sessions, they listen to one another and produce a masterpiece for the world. In music, we learn to listen. In music, we learn that there are patterns. Sit back and enjoy today’s treat as we talk about the importance of learning how to manage priorities both in life and at work with Jason Dela Rosa, a serial entrepreneur. Jason Dela Rosa has 20+ years of experience as a serial entrepreneur, start-up mentor, investor, and venture builder. He is the Founder and CEO of Innovative Impact Ventures, Inc. (Innoventures Group), a venture and accelerator group incubating 34 different industries at present. Jason is also the Founder of Ark of Dreams and Bounce Back PH. In this episode, Jason talks about Innoventures’ partnerships and involvements since it came into fruition last year. Here, he shares how he gets everything done at its best point despite having lots on his plate with all the ventures they’re into inside the group. What you will learn from this episode: Discover why it’s your priorities that you should manage and not your time; Understand the importance of prioritizing practices that bring value before proceeding to tasks that bring results; and Find out what ‘jamming’ is in both the music and entrepreneurial side of life Notes / Mentions: Innovative Impact Ventures, Inc. (Innoventures Group): Bounce Back PH Official: Jason Dela Rosa’s FB page: Passionate Creators: Ark of Dreams: CEO Insights Asia: Ways to Connect with Jason Dela Rosa: LinkedIn: Facebook:; Ways to Connect with Coach Aiet: Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram:

 How Can Businesses Adapt Through Live Streaming featuring Brien Ordiales | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2875

Businesses need to adapt to the current situation of constant change by bridging the physical and digital worlds in order to survive and thrive. In order to do this, businesses need to look for channels wherein they can put their business on the map. One that is on-demand these days is live streaming and it surely is making waves because it can create an atmosphere of real time branding engagement with the audience who can be converted as raving fans and clients. As part of the Business Series of the Secure and Happy Lifestyle Podcast, Coach Aiet invited Brien Ordiales, the founder of Cloud Studio to provide an in-depth perspective on the value that live streaming offers to the branding of organizations, the community, business and individuals. Stay tuned until the end to get a good grasp of the benefits of live streaming. Highlights of the conversation: The benefits of live streaming for businesses. What led Brien to start this business of live streaming? More on the artistically inclined Brien. Is it hard to start a live streaming business? How is live streaming different from blogging? What is hybrid live streaming all about? What happens when people outsource using Cloud Studio? Brien shares what Cloud Studio is all about. Samples of the works of Cloud Studio. Why outsourcing to Cloud Studio is cost-saving? Resources: ABC Academy - Connect to Brien Ordianes: Website - Where to Connect with Coach Aiet: Website - Website - Facebook -

 Marketing and Personal Branding is a Profit Center featuring Ian Dilla and Lad Gutierrez | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2400

Graphic design and content make up the two major components of business marketing and branding. Part of the different visual branding is a company logo.  Logos is a big representation of a business and as such, there has to be a mindful conceptualization when creating one. On the other hand, content marketing has to do a lot with how compelling creative content should be. It is important that what your clients and readers read in your branding and marketing campaign should ultimately reflect your values. This is a very informative interview of Coach Aiet with the co-founders of Passion Creators, Ian DIlla and Lad Guttierez. Ian is the lead strategist, lead writer, and writing coach, while Lad is the graphic designer and the coach for visual branding. Highlights of today’s show… How Covid change Coach Aiet’s perspective on the digital media platform? What made Ian go in the direction of graphic design? (...How do you conceptualize the design of a logo?) How can you marry graphical interpretation to writing? What is the Passion Creators team's approach to helping clients when it comes to writing? How important is the script? Who are the personalities that Ian and Lad look up to or follow when it comes to motivation, inspiration or on the creative side? Is it a good strategy to leave the reader's imagination open to the ending of your writing? The importance of community building especially for creative people. Why did Lad venture into podcasting and come up with Creative Incubator? What is the difference between a ghostwriter and a copywriter? Resources: Book mentioned by Lad Gutierrez - Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative by Austin Kleon Where to Connect with Ian Dilla and Lad Gutierrez: Facebook Page - Passion Creators Community - PC Masterclass Scholarship Application Application Period: March 5-11, 2022 Announcement of Scholars: March 12, 6PM. Apply here: PC Mastercamp 7 April 5,7 & 9 Where to Connect with Coach Aiet: Website - Facebook -

 Business Loans - Should You Take Them Out or Not featuring Louie Salapare of MCF Financials | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1631

How do we plan our operating expenses after completing the process of registration and marketing the business? Lending has long been powerful in helping businesses bounce back to the competitive market. More often than not, people apply for loans to have extra capital to finance the business. For some, it might be a burden. For others, borrowing money can be their biggest push towards success. Listen to this episode as we share why lending is actually good for your business, especially when you're in a level where you've already calculated the risks present in the market. Louie Salapare is the President of Aurelio Salapare Lending Inc. alongside operating MCF Financials since 2010. Through this, he's helped a lot of people in terms of personal and business cash loans. Louie served multinational companies for more than five years as part of the support team/workforce management. In this episode, Louie and Coach Aiet discuss how lending or possible borrowing of money helps a business, especially a start-up, in thriving towards success. What you will learn from this episode: Discover the benefits of lending in managing and financing your business; Understand why you should save and invest first before building a business; and Find out tips and learn through personal stories with regards to how lending – with calculated risks – can help you and your business reach great heights of success "You really have to plan and follow 'Yung gusto mo. You may not be in the full-time position na mag-manage ng business, but that's okay. You have to be patient and trust the process." – Louie Salapare Connect with Louie Salapare: Facebook: Instagram: Facebook page: Ways to Connect with Coach Aiet: Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram:

 Ensuring Continuous Development Inside the Business Featuring Coach Ron Magsalin | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2245

How do you ensure continuous development inside the business? With everything that’s been happening around us as this pandemic keeps going, we cannot deny that most of us went or are going through a series of being lost and even doubting our own selves. Am I doing the right thing? Why doesn’t this feel exciting and empowering for me? How can I contribute value in a way that will also pave the way for my growth as a person and as an employee? Well, let me tell you. Knowing one’s strengths and actually having the platform to practice in order to bring out the best from one’s within are the main ingredients towards a life we’ve always dreamt to live! Join us today as our talk circles around better employee engagement with one of our favorite guests, Coach Ron Magsalin. Coach Ron Magsalin is a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach, a team synergy coach, the CEO of Strengths, and is the founder of Mindful Pockets – an information-sharing page that assists individuals in planning their finances and implementing those plans. He is the resident Strengths Coach of Passionate Creators where transformational development happens through uncovering talents and applying those talents in daily life. In this episode, Coach Ron and Coach Aiet talk about the importance of knowing one’s strengths and being able to grow along with the company with the unique and innate values that we all have. What you will learn from this episode: Discover how you can improve employee engagement and ensure that the employees are loyal to the business; Find out tips on how to deal with business originators and go with the process of business succession with your kids; and Understand why care is a huge thing in moving towards the betterment of both the business and its people Ways to Connect with Coach Ron: Facebook: Ways to Connect with Coach Aiet: Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram:

 Take Action & Keep Clever Featuring Riza Kantirakis | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1984

As entrepreneurs, that time of having felt the need to grow our business into something more will always be present as we naturally work for progress. Some craves for personal development. Others aim to take people with them, hand-in-hand as they walk the path towards success. “How can I make things work for other people?” “How can I be of help, both to myself and to others?” Achieving your own goals while helping people reach theirs could be the most fulfilling milestone for something you’ve just started in order to be productive in the first place. Join us towards growth as we interview Riza Kantirakis today. Take action, and for all time, keep it clever. Riza Kantirakis or Riza Kay, as most people call her, founded Keeping Clever (KC) in November 2019 to help rising entrepreneurs find everything they need to build their own brands. Having KC’s pillars – Branding, Storytelling, & Personal Presentation/Presentation Excellence – as their guide, Riza and her clients have been keeping it clever in elevating businesses for two years now. In this episode, Riza talks about doing business while helping people achieve their own success as she shares with us the things she does in KC, her being her clients’ bridge towards highly beneficial resources for their business. What you will learn from this episode: Understand how vital branding, storytelling, and personal presentation are in doing a business; Discover online communities you can be part of when trying to look for ideas and people you want to make connections with; and Find out how you can make your own brand bloom while helping others do the same through tips and stories from an experienced woman herself. “Just keep looking forward and just keep driving towards it. If you’re thinking about it and you’re feeling like you’re stuck, then you probably are. You just need to get over that wall and actually start looking towards it. Start talking to other people. Learn what you can. Look at your own experiences and what skills you have.” – Riza Kay Ways to Connect with Riza Kay: Website: Instagram: Instagram: Facebook page: YouTube: Ways to Connect with Coach Aiet: Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram:

 Doing The Business Right The First Time with Prof Xy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1995

Have you registered your business with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) already? It is undoubtedly noticeable that a lot of businesses – be that small scale or not – have been appearing even in the midst of this pandemic. Filipinos being the resilient people that we are, we keep on finding ways to keep going even when we face overwhelming amounts of difficulties each day. Unfortunately, as much as we help grow businesses, it is saddening to discover that most people still think of not registering their business during its early days. Join us today and learn why you should have your business registered even as a start up with Coach Aiet and Prof. Xy! Coach Aiet Dela Torre is a hope influencer and a business consultant who helps grow businesses and protect people’s legacy in strategic ways. She is a mother of four and she’s been with Resolute Life PH for five years. Through her podcast called The Secured and Happy Lifestyle, Coach Aiet shares life-tested practices that are guaranteed to give you values and lessons as you strive towards success. Prof. Xylexferene L. Dela Torre is the Chairman/CEO of the XDT Group of Companies. Together with his people, Prof. Xy aims to become the preferred business solutions partner of MSMEs by providing services in taxation, accounting, and business advisory on real estate, insurance, and investments, guided by the principles of quality, value, and integrity. This episode is the pilot episode of Coach Aiet’s coffee chats series. Here, she and her husband, Prof. Xy Dela Torre, empower people in doing business right the first time, specifically focusing on the importance of registering your business even as a start up. What you will learn from this episode: Understand why it’s a good move to register your business even as a start-up; Discover the benefits you can enjoy in relation to law depending on your tax and business type; and Find out tips and insights with regards to choosing the right tax type and registration for your business. Ways to Connect with Prof. Xy: Facebook Instagram Twitter Email: Phone: +63 905 205 1572 (Globe) and +63 968 451 2120 (Smart) Telephone: 7 901 1684 Ways to Connect with Coach Aiet: Website Facebook LinkedIn Instagram

 Wicked Business Journey Featuring Shereene Ko | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1688

We always go back to our young selves whenever it’s sweets that we’re talking about. Be that a celebration of one’s birth or simply just because we feel like we’re craving for one, cakes and cookies have been a must in one’s life.  However, as much as we love eating sweets that make us happy – no doubt, we should also remember that our health is something we need to consider whenever we put something into our mouth. Today, let us dive into the world of cakes and dietetics as we explore the world of Sheerene, a young entrepreneur who’s on her way to reach her dreams while securing a life that she aims to sustain. Sheerene Ko is a 4th year BS in Nutrition and Dietetics student in University of Santo Tomas (UST) and is currently planning to take her Master’s degree in Australia for Clinical Dietetics. Through her business, Wicked Pantry, Sheerene brings people their daily “doughs” of happiness as they are well-known for selling customized cakes that aren’t just eye-pleasing but also satisfy the customers’ craving for just right yet addictive cakes.   In this episode, Sheerene shares her journey as she starts her business called Wicked Pantry and talks about the importance of giving back especially to our family. What you will learn from this episode: - Learn about the vital role time management plays in one’s life, especially in doing business; - Understand why challenges are unavoidable once you enter the entrepreneurial world of food industry; and - Find out how merging your hobbies and choice of career can lead you to great heights as you start your own business. Ways to Connect with Sheerene Ko: Facebook Instagram Ways to Connect with Coach Aiet: Website Facebook LinkedIn Instagram

 Starting a Business in the Age of Digital Pandemic featuring Kyla Yao and Jenica Wynne Tan of Klēo Activewear | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2585

This pandemic has indeed brought a strong sense of boredom and emptiness to us that at some point, we’ve already seen ourselves countless times on the verge of breaking down. Some people spend time doing work to be productive and have something to eat afterwards. Others focus on self growth through going to gyms and working out. How have you been coping to survive this hard time? Have you ever planned on starting a business but you’re now hindered by numerous roadblocks? Do you think launching a business in this pandemic isn’t something that’s possible for you to thrive on? Are you afraid to risk starting now because there’s just so much uncertainty in the world and the market at this time? Well, guess what? You are capable of achieving whatever it is that you want in life! With grit, persistence, and a warm group of support, anything that seems impossible can actually be doable. Sometimes, life’s greatest twists even come at crossroads. Join us as we conversate with Kyla and Jenica, the young entrepreneurs of Klēo Activewear. Founded by best friends Kyla Yao and Jenica Wynne Tan, Klēo Activewear encourages women to stand out and be confident by offering stylish and comfortable multipurpose fitness apparel women can wear anytime, anywhere. They are both in their Senior year of taking up Business Management at Ateneo de Manila University. Kyla’s specialization is International Business while Jenica’s is Marketing. In this episode, best friends Kyla and Jenica talk about their business – Klēo Activewear – as they share their journey’s ups and downs since their launch and up to this present time. Here, they tackle how smooth the flow can be as long as you and your partner/workmate do things to complement each other. They also give tips and insights for aspiring entrepreneurs who are planning to enter the market now that we’re in the middle of a pandemic. What you will learn from this episode: •       Find out what Klēo Activewear is all about and how they help women achieve confidence in the clothes they wear; •       Understand why grit is a vital component of your success both in business and in life; and •       Discover the reason why it’s important for you to start focusing on the now instead of having your mind worry about what’s already done and what’s about to come. Ways to Connect with Klēo Activewear:  Email: Instagram: Facebook: Klēo Activewear Lazada: Klēo Activewear Ways to Connect with Coach Aiet: Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram:

 Organizing Family Business Affairs - Conversations with Coach Ron Magsalin | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2985

Are you one of those business persons who find it hard to do business succession as it feels like you’re letting a huge part of your life go along with the knowledge and time you’ve invested in it? Or are you that entrepreneur parent who sees no connection with your kids and your business just yet? We are not getting any younger. The time will come that we’ll need someone to help us out and later on manage what we’ve started. Start this day with small steps towards effective business succession planning. The earlier you do it, the more beneficial it becomes! Join us as we talk about organizing family business affairs today.   What you will learn from this episode: Understand the importance of organizing your family business’ affairs as early as possible; Know what meritocracy is and how it plays its role in helping you determine your successor; and Discover steps you can follow in order to effectively plan and execute your family business transition.   Ways to Connect with Coach Ron: Facebook: Ways to Connect with Coach Aiet: Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram:

 Winning Mindset | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1378

What is it that you truly want to achieve and receive in life? What are the things that spark joy and fulfillment within you? How detailed are you in terms of envisioning whatever it is that you dream of? How committed are you in spending time and effort to actually make those dreams come true? We all dream to become the better version of ourselves as we continue to live life on this earth, and it is only through envisioning and doing something about those goals that we can successfully manifest it! You’re doing great. You’re on your way there. Recognize yourself. You can and you will. Coach Aiet Dela Torre is a hope influencer and a business consultant who helps grow businesses and protect people’s legacy in strategic ways. She is a mother of four and she’s been with Resolute Life PH for five years. Through her podcast, The Secured and Happy Lifestyle, Coach Aiet shares life-tested practices that are guaranteed to give you values and lessons as you strive towards success. In this episode, the focus is on Coach Aiet and Kidpreneurship’s second project – Winning Mindset. Here, Coach Aiet shares best practices people can apply in their life in terms of envisioning the vision and knowing how to achieve what it is that we truly want in life. What you will learn from this episode: Know what a vision board is and discover why yours isn’t working; Understand the importance of being detailed in envisioning your vision and the reason why you should do it right; Find out how you can create your own vision board along with tips on how you can actually achieve what’s there even in the middle of this pandemic. Ways to Connect with Coach Aiet: Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram:

 Bringing Siargao to you (and in 7 different ways, too): Happy, Young, Lit Sophia Apacible of TreSwim, Entrepreneur | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1740

Starting up a business in the middle of this pandemic almost sounds so impossible for many, but the truth is with passion, nothing can ever stop it from reaching heights and dreams. Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who has been wanting to launch a product but is terribly afraid of failing at this time? It is true that it wouldn't be easy. It’s also true that there would be ups and downs. It is as well true that launching in the midst of this pandemic is a terrifying move. But if not now, then when? It will take time, but it’s definitely possible! Go grab your things and join us in this episode as we talk with Sophia, a lady who was just dreaming but is now living the life of her dreams. Sophia Apacible is a very passionate person about fashion and the beach. This led her to be one of the three founders of Tré Swim, a bikini line business inspired by the tropical vibe of beaches here in the Philippines. Launched with two of her life-long friends, Tré narrates their travels, adventures, and memories through sophisticated designs combined with a summer feel which are meant to exude seaside daydreams. In this episode, Sophia talks about the beauty of enjoying life at the beach while sharing her journey with Tré Swim. Here, she mentions the journey she’s been sharing with her friends, and how it went well even in the midst of a pandemic. What you will learn from this episode: Understand how powerful passion can be in terms of starting up a business; Learn from a circle of friends’ story on how friendship can lead to managing a successful business; and Find out more about Tré Swim and how they sell not only bikinis but also the experience associated to it. Ways to Connect with Sophia Apacible / Tré Swim: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Ways to Connect with Coach Aiet: Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram:

 Generous Hearts: The Story of an Entrepreneurial Family featuring the Sytat Siblings | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2823

How well have you been doing your part in terms of raising your child into becoming a person of both value and compassion? They say that as a parent, you should have three (3) Es – let your children explore, educate them, then let them get experience out there. Even at a young age, they can already do wonders in this world! Communicate. Bond. You and your kids will get to experience life in a completely different angle once you receive what’s in store for you alongside the values the family has instilled in you. Be disciplined and motivated as you go along your journey with The Secured and Happy Lifestyle’s episode today with the Sytat siblings! The Sytat siblings are true symbols of model-like youth in today’s time. Linnea, Lex, Linnel, and Lance manage their own business altogether called Yummy2Tummy – something they’ve already founded even when they’re still at a very young age. They have been helping small businesses in ways they can do to help aside from being active in social media with all the advocacy they have in life. In this episode, the Sytat siblings talk about their start up business Yummy2Tummy as they share how it has brought them closer to one another during the past year. Here, their advocacy are mentioned alongside the learnings they got from their parents that shaped them into the successful persons they are today. What you will learn from this episode: Understand the importance of creating a stronger bond with your family; Discover valuable insights from young entrepreneurs’ perspectives and experiences; and Realize the impact sharing brings to the people and their life in general. Ways to Connect with Sytat siblings: Facebook: Instagram: Ways to Connect with Coach Aiet: Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram:


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