About The Lady Who Wants Her Daughter To Grow Up As A Muslim (Australia)

Becoming Muslim - Unto Islam show

Summary: About Us: https://untoislam.com Podcast: https://untoislam.com/podcast Submit A Question: https://untoislam.com/questions Sign-Up Free Courses: https://untoislam.com/free-course Sponsor|Donate|Support|Help Us: https://untoislam.com/donate Hosted by Adee Simon Macdowell. This is a short clip by Calisha Bennett who is a personal development coach who helps Muslims to become better believers. We interviewed Calisha in episode #2 of this podcast series. She explains how someone listened to the episode and then contacted her. That lady wants her daughter to grow up as a Muslim. She would also like to become Muslim. Listen as Calisha shares some useful points about Islam. Calisha's episodes: 11 Reasons Why Its Better To Convert To Islam - Personal Development Coach Shares Her Secrets https://untoislam.com/podcast/becoming-muslim-using-a-personal-development-coach How To Use A Personal Development Coach To Convert To Islam - The Safe And Easy Way To Become Muslim https://untoislam.com/podcast/calisha-developing-diamonds