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Becoming Muslim - Unto Islam

Summary: Your first steps to convert and accept Islam and become a Muslim. Listen to interviews with converts to Islam. Listen to why they converted to Islam and how it has changed their lives for the better.

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 How Far Away Are We, Truly, From Islam? Ellen From Australia Becomes Muslim | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2203

Growing up, Ellen described herself as a practicing Catholic in a fully practicing Catholic family. Much later down the line after 10 years in an inter-faith marriage her curiosity was piqued when she began to notice the differences that came as a product of each lifestyle, in particular, regarding the upbringing of children. Around the same time her husband started to draw closer to his own religion, Islam. Determined not to lose her volition, Ellen decided to follow suite Subsequently Ellen found herself questioning the ideals she devoutly knew to be true. She recalls a specific incident in the Catholic church she experienced upon rejoining. The declaration of faith which she had known by heart since a young child - had changed ! Horrified, she set herself upon a learning journey only to be pleasantly surprised each time she challenged her preconceptions about the words of the Quran and the intricacies of Islamic belief. So much so did her new found love and trust for Islam begin to grow. Her husband and her relocated their family to Egypt with the intention of pursuing an Islamic lifestyle and learning Arabic. She is overjoyed to be experiencing connection with God and religion again. Citing this connection and trust as the thing which makes all changes going forward easy, with understanding. Despite her love being overcome with happiness after finding Islam. Her attention has now turned to the fact that Islam has very little representation in the lives of non-Muslims. She has created her own YouTube channel depicting her life's story in detail to provide a relatable, accessible, first hand account of what being a Muslim really is.

 Muslim School Kids Helped Me to Embrace Islam: 5 Reasons To Travel The World | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2258

Sulaiman is from Melbourne. He lived in London 2001-2019 when I returned to Melbourne. He is a teacher, and was a Deputy Headmaster in London Now he is working as an education consultant. With a few other Muslims he started a charity called Nida Trust in London, the aim is to call communities together. They have worked with a lot of Muslim teachers and schools providing professional learning, also running youth programs and many trips to Turkey, South Africa, Qatar and the Netherlands.

 Singing On The Stages Of New York: Experienced Muslim Of 30 Years Explains | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3810

Noor Saadeh is an American convert to Islam. She has been a practicing Muslim for over 30 years. A former concert and opera singer performing in New York City and abroad, as a Muslim Noor turned her talents to writing songs and stories for Muslim children growing up in the West In this episode she talks about: -Music in Islam -Alcohol in Islam -Islam as a merciful religion -Services for new Muslims in the USA -Learning Islam at your own pace -The needs of new converts -Roadblocks for people thinking about converting Links from episode: Noor Saadeh: An American Convert to Islam - Her Story Embrace FB page This is a great series: both in video and text format Visit Noor's websites at:

 Convert And Become The Best Muslim Man You Can: You Must Learn This | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3793

In this episode, host Christen Amer explores the ideas of what it means to be a man in Islamic society with resident expert Nawal Ali. Throughout the episode the ideas of what it means to be masculine are defined and stereotypes challenged. If you are a new revert or even a born Muslim struggling with what it means to be a strong Muslim man, inshallah you will find the advice and wisdom Nawal shares from her years of experience in studying Islam and Public Health beneficial. Your role in creating a just and merciful society is truly pivotal and definitely worth the time and effort in exploring. Jazak Allah Kheiran!

 Common Topics That Reverts And New Muslims May Struggle With: Becoming Muslim The Easy Way | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4704

In this episode Nawal Ali shares some wisdom on battling doubts, learning Arabic, hijab, and polygamy for Muslims who may be struggling with or trying to understand these concepts. Inshallah this will be helpful for all Muslims, but especially geared towards our revert community for whom these concepts may be new or misunderstood.

 How Easy Is It To Become A Muslim? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1376

Like many of us examining religion left Michael feeling no closer to the complete truth or any more spiritually guided from before. Finding himself standing on the cusp of all religion entirely. Michael forged forward through adulthood knowing and believing there is a God. However still unable to practically, mentally and logically resolve the best way to live a life conducive to his belief. From an outsiders perspective Islam may look like a set of strict and infinitely nuanced rules. Mysterious or even exclusive. In spite of this Michael recalls how he dived right in simply after declaring 'There is no God except one God' and has never looked back since. So what is the appeal of Islam to the agnostic? Is it really complicated to become a Muslim?

 Spain: About Becoming Muslim, Islamic Mysticism And Islam As The Light | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3129

Mariam converted in 1996. She ia 47 years old She is from Madrid and lives in Granada. She likes reading and travelling, and is passionate about translating. Mariam talks about: -Becoming Muslim -Islamic mysticism and sufism -Islam as the light -Christianity and darkness

 10 Things You Need To Know Before Becoming Muslim And Converting To Islam | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3243

In this episode Kaighla explains how she did not have a good experience of converting to Islam. You will benefit by learning from her mistakes. Did you know that some people have such a bad experience of converting to Islam that they leave the religion all-together? Listen to this episode so you don't become one of them. Learn that not all Muslims are perfect and some have faults. This will help you so you can enter Islam with realistic expectations of what might happen. Avoid these common mistakes and learn Kaighla's theory of converting to Islam in a slow, natural and sustainable way so you can be successful in what will be a lifetime journey after you become Muslim. Kaighla is 33 years old and is from Danville Illinois. She converted to Islam in 2008, that was 12 years ago. She is an author, editor and teacher. Links: The New Muslim's Field Guide Things That Shatter Love The Converts

 Psychological Truth, Inside Out Paradigm, Converting To Islam, Personal Development And Becoming Muslim | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1760

Janine converted in 1995 in Morocco. It has been 25 years since converting. She is 50 years old and from Aotearoa New Zealand. She currently lives in Australia. She is an English and Well-Being teacher. Hobbies and interests are Personal Development Walks in Nature Permaculture. She is passionate about student well-being, dawah, permaculture. She studied Education and Psychology at University which was a lot of theory and finally discovered a Psychological truth in the Inside Out Paradigm. She is a certified mentor at the Back to the Fitrah Academy. Links from episode:

 Was I Researching Islam To Impress A Girl? James From Canada Shares His Journey | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5509

James converted on August 31st 2019. He has been a Muslim for a year now. He is 23 years old and from Ontario, Canada. He lives near Ottawa. James is a barber. He loves animals and has 3 pet snakes. He is passionate about helping the planet, helping people in need, and animal conservation.

 About The Lady Who Found The Becoming Muslim Podcast In A Google Search | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 763

This is a short clip by Calisha Bennett who is a personal development coach who helps Muslims to become better believers. We interviewed Calisha in episode #2 of this podcast series. She explains how someone listened to the episode and then contacted her. That lady wants her daughter to grow up as a Muslim. She would also like to become Muslim. Listen as Calisha shares some useful points about Islam. Calisha's episodes: 11 Reasons Why Its Better To Convert To Islam - Personal Development Coach Shares Her Secrets How To Use A Personal Development Coach To Convert To Islam - The Safe And Easy Way To Become Muslim

 Veteran Convert of 25 Years: Kathryn is an Emotional and Spiritual Resilience Coach Helping Women in Their First Years of Islam | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3925

Here is a method that is helping women to convert to Islam. Join us today as we talk to Kathryn. Kathryn is a veteran convert of 25 years. She is an Emotional and Spiritual Resilience Coach and founder of an academy that help's people learn about Islam. Today you will learn 5 reasons why you should use Kathryn's academy in your first years of Islam so you can benefit from her 25 years experience of converting to Islam. Kathryn is 51 years old. -She converted in 1995, that's 25 years ago. -She lives in Australia and is passionate about ending oppression. In this episode Kathryn talks about: -Marriage -Divorce -Abuse -Mistake to avoid when converting to Islam -And much more Kathryn mentions: Keith Moore (Science): Her website and academy: Free weekly support group: Author of Step Up - Embrace The Leader Within: From the website: -The truth of our psychology ... the human experience! -Discover you inate emotional and spiritual resilience -The truth is that your innate emotional resilience is already there within you. It never left you, but the layers of life experiences have buried it out of sight.

 A New Beginning Through the Eyes of the End: A Powerful Near Fatal Experience Leaves Tracy Feeling Compelled to Realise Islam | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2724

Listen as Tracy details how after a sudden accident she learned to live her life all over again as recovery took on a whole new meaning. A hard-working mother raised in the US with hardly any prior exposure to Islam finds that she has become Muslim overnight without any external intervention after a chilling brush with death. Tracy shares how her earlier experiences in life, particularly pertaining to a strict religious upbringing. This left her battling to escape a mold she felt she didn't fit as she questioned the essence of their beliefs. Have you ever felt as though there is more to life than meets the eye or perhaps find our explanations of existence paper-thin? After years of seeking the bigger picture Tracy was able to find her missing puzzle piece from where she least expected. Learn how she is making sense of it all in fitting them together. Today's host is Crystal Joseph.

 Latino Peru: Consecrated Christian to Devoted Muslim (Convert To Islam Story) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3990

In today's episode we talk to Silvia from Peru in Latin America. She converted to Islam in 2019 and has been a Muslim for one year now. About Silvia: -She was a Protestant Christian -She is 44 years old -She works in finance and is a manager -She loves building and renovating homes and travel -She would love to be able to feed the poor, to have a company for transportation of food and distribution in developing countries -She would like to generate income for the needy and to help others Today's host is Gina Marie DeBarthe.

 Convert From The Philippines: 18 Year Old Girl Explains How She Did It (Becoming Muslim Story) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3149

If you are young and from the Philippines, this story of how Ayesha converted to Islam will help you to become a Muslim. This is the single most important thing you need to know about becoming Muslim in the Philippines. Ayesha is 18 years old and has been a Muslim for one month. Ayesha was raised as a Catholic Christian and later converted to Protestant Christianity. She was truly seeking God and answers to religion. Ayesha talks about: Praying in Islam Hijab Seeking knowledge Her parents not agreeing with her conversion And much much more Today's host is April Brownlee.


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