18 Year Old Girl Explains How She Converted. Truly Seeking God And Answers To Religion (Philippines)

Becoming Muslim - Unto Islam show

Summary: About Us: https://untoislam.com Podcast: https://untoislam.com/podcast Submit A Question: https://untoislam.com/questions Sign-Up Free Courses: https://untoislam.com/free-course Sponsor|Donate|Support|Help Us: https://untoislam.com/donate Hosted by April Brownlee. If you are young and from the Philippines, this story of how Ayesha converted to Islam will help you to become a Muslim. This is the single most important thing you need to know about becoming Muslim in the Philippines. Ayesha is 18 years old and has been a Muslim for one month. Ayesha was raised as a Catholic Christian and later converted to Protestant Christianity. She was truly seeking God and answers to religion. Ayesha talks about: Praying in Islam Hijab Seeking knowledge Her parents not agreeing with her conversion And much much more