Christmas Rerun – 2010 Homeless Hoopmaster

The Beer Report show

Summary: Another fine re-run is here for your enjoyment… This time with our favorite 3rd wheel… The Homeless Hoopmaster.  This guy is a hoot.  Have fun listening to this one.    Just in time for the Holidays!  The Homeless Hoopmaster revisits Pekin Beer Report Studio for a friendly visit that soon turns to trying to find a decent beer from Kentucky.  Sorry Kentucky if you are reading this… But the examples of beer on the show did not serve the state well!  Which is sad, we had high hopes for the BBC brews after having some good special editions beers in years past.  But, then again, with bad beers, come lots of non-beer conversations.  Notably…  CHUD is very upset about current TSA screening processes.  So, if you want some timely conspiracy talk mixed with your beercast…  Tune in! Segue city!!!  The longer is goes…  The more abrupt this interruptions!  Hoops has mad conversation skills! Side note:  Hoops keeps grinding on the table with his beer!  Sorry for the pounding you hear all over the show.  Next time he gets a boom mic!  Groucho, the producer should have caught that while recording…  But Hoops is an energy that is hard to contain! Beers on this show: Pabst Blue Ribbon, Twang Beer Salt, Bluegrass Brewing Company Amber Ale, Alltech Lexington Brewing Company’s Kentucky Ale, Bourbon Kentucky Ale, O’Fallon Wee Heavy, Shorts Huma-Lupa-Licious, Arbor Brewing Sacred Cow IPA, BBC American Pale Ale On the show: Twang! The Pride of Peoria burns to the ground… and Hoops was there to see it! Shakes the Clown What is the value of the salt in beer?   Redneck Corona? Neanderthal children. The “Pitch Bucket” returns!  Stolen from The Twang settles! Check out the new!  Beer and Music reviews from CHUD! Louisville. CHUD:  Music boundaries are gone. Kids cant get away with anything with social networks following them around! CHUD’s TSA rant gets sidetracked. Muffin beer gets dumped! Rapiscan rant gets started again by CHUD.  (Sure to get us on some kind of government list) Tranny man-face beer! Aging a growler Ferris Bueller tangent. Hoops guilt’s CHUD hard about not being invited to the Wedding. Shout outs for having awesome 3 Floyds and O’Fallon Beer at the Wedding. CHUD requests that O’Fallon add Chinook Hops to all 5 Day IPA’s.  As a matter of fact…  He challenges O’Fallon to do a special batch and call it “CHUD Sauce” Contamination of the “Pitch Bucket”!  CHUD informs us on Deer eating birds. Confessions of the Hoopmaster: Pissing on the floor??? Never had a bad Michigan beer!  Groucho will have a Double-wide in the UP! Da Yoopers!?!?  Tirty Point Buck? Confessions of the Hoopmaster:  Worried that CHUD may have soiled his girlfriend. Confessions of the Hoopmaster:  Rooming with co-workers at conferences. Sharper Image. A Bad beer from Michigan???  Sacred Cow is infected???  All bottles foaming and taste terrible! Hoops pallette has been more compromised than this Arbor Brew beer. Donovan McNabb beer?  Holiday Show???  Why now?  LOST DUCK Brewing in Fort Madison IA. Hoops on Facebook? Kentucky blowout beer show??? Drinking the “Pitch”.  Band Ade taste? Merry Christmas, don’t fly, go to Arkansas with Hoops, save the seals! Tirty Point Buck…  Da Yoopers! O’Fallon Wee Heavy bought at Friar Tuck in Peoria IL.  Alltech beers bought at the World Equestrian games in Lexington Kentucky.  Michigan beers bought a little joint between St. Joseph and New Buffalo Michigan in August. Da Yoopers were shamelessly ripped off… But we cut the song down.  Seek them out!  They sing such classics as : “The Bears Still Suck” and “2nd Week of Deercamp”!  Listen here![...]