Episode 65 – Blue Arrow Records

The CLEcast show

Summary: <p>Dan &amp; Brian sit down with Pete Gulyas and Sarah Isenhart of <a href="http://www.bluearrowrecords.com/">Blue Arrow Records</a>, an independent record label and record store. We talk about what it’s like to open a store… reluctantly, allegedly distribute music, and sandbagging right before a quiz. Check out their shop!  Also special thanks to <a href="https://jonathanrichman.bandcamp.com/releases">Jonahthan Richman</a> and<a href="https://badluckjonathan1.bandcamp.com/releases"> Bad Luck Jonathan</a> for letting us use their music in the show.  Tracks included were: Wait, Wait by Jonathan Richman, Bonehead by Bad Luck Jonathan, and People are Disgusting by Jonathan Richman. Buy their stuff!</p> <p>Also, Blue Arrow Records is a founding partner of <a href="http://www.bluearrowrecords.com/waterloo-cat-project/">The Waterloo Cat Project</a>. Help them spay or neuter the cats in the neighborhood.</p>