Mile 020 - The Power of Music!

Run World Radio & A Mile With Me show

Summary: Music can be a powerful motivational tool for runners. With the advent of small MP3 players (with no moving parts to jog about!) it is now very easy to take our favourite sounds (including podcasts) on the run with us. We make our own playlists of songs we like, or ones that have meaning for us. We can however now utilise the latest scientific research to help us to use music to its maximum effect. On Mile 020, Dr Costas Karageorgis from Brunel University in London explains how through his world leading research we can all select better music for our runs. Dr Karageorgis (above) is one of the world leaders in this area of research and explains how his studies have shown that the correct music can increase exercise output by 15% at the same time as our believed exersion falling by 10%. Dr Karageorgis was also previously an accomplished athlete and has worked with many established and rising sports stars. I discuss all this with Dr Costas, and also tell how (whilst I shelter from the rain during a run) you can link your pace to music. I also talk about some online resources that can help you work out what music will best fit you and check the BPM of your own music library. We discuss what unexpected track Haille Gabrselassie uses to motivate him in training, some other famous uses of music in sport, and even if you dont listen to music during your run how you can still use music BEFORE a run to good effect. We talk about Run to the Beat a recent event in Greenwich London, that linked music and a 1/2 marathon. Dr Costas programmed the live music for this. Music on today's show courtesy of the podsafe music network at is: Summers Day - Amb26 (A Mile with Me theme) Secret of Sound - Polished Chrome The Music - David Usher Reasonings in Dub - Messian Dread Links Check out some of the science and register for next year! - Running to Rhythm. Check out the BPM calculators and links to software downloads for the video showing where I run, the church in the pictures is where I am sheltering in the porch check out Pachelbels Canon sketch by Rob Paravonian ... and other great satirical songs by Rob, at his website and blog my website SteveChopper - on Twitter Chopper - on Dont be shy to email me with any comments on this or other episodes!Download Standard Podcasts