Mile-024-In Pursuit of Drambuie

Run World Radio & A Mile With Me show

Summary: Phil Moneypenny from and I have lovingly recreated the video for "Take on Me" by "Aha" to aim to win ourselves a place in the famous "Drambuie Pursuit" event and we need your help! We need your votes for our video at and vote 5 stars for our team's video based upon the above song. Our team is called "Living the Dram". The top 10 teams go to the event and we would love to be able to bring you the experience of that weekend on and the A Mile with Me Podcast. The more of you vote for us the better our chances of getting in to the event! Our team and video should be at the site shortly so check back if its not there when you read this! On mile 24 we also hear from Ciemon running across Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England and I also mention Krister from "Running the Narrow Path" podcast. This week I was on ForestFM for an hour discussing running, the podcast and people I've interviewed whilst they played my favourite tracks. Also I talk about the great interviews conducted by Adam at Music courtesy of the Podsafe music network at is Amb26 - Summers Day Colie Brice - A planetary Lapse of Reason DJ Nexus - Only in my Dreams Itunes: amilewithmeDownload Standard Podcasts