Cosmic Weather 145 The Week in Astrology show

Summary: Taurus New Moon * Mars conjunct Jupiter * Elemental Wave Chronicles Under the last Full Moon I was caught up in the swell of divine inspiration as I published my first astrology written work since 1997! In my new book, Elemental Wave Chronicles-The Jupiter-Saturn Cycle, a grand vision of the historical Elemental Epochs and Waves of history are laid out in detail. Enjoy as I go back to working on my magnum opus astrological masterpiece in the Tao of Astrology. This time has been huge. With the NFL Draft, a Royal Wedding and the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden all in one Balsamic Phase weekend, times are not boring that's for sure! Obama proved to his skeptics once again that his leadership and discernment are high and capable of giving tough orders to take out America's worst nightmarish enemies. As a Leo with Aquarius Rising and a Gemini Moon, I for one am proud to have voted for him and supported his presidency. In the weeks ahead, we have some big shifts with all those warrior planets in Aries heading into Taurus. Things will settle down into the natural productivity of Spring. With Mars conjunct Jupiter right now, it is time to get motivated to reach for the heights, to be inspired. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr. "I have been to the mountain top!" What is your personal mountain top this month as things emerge from Aries and flow into Taurus. Where is this New Moon falling in your chart? For me it's in my 5th House of creativity, so every year during this period I am faced with the question, "Am I having fun yet? Am I truly enjoying my life?" If not, then why not...time to plant new planet seeds so that by November, when the full moon in Taurus comes, I'll be totally fulfilled in my creativity! Woo hoo! Here's the link! Enjoy!