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Summary: The Cosmic Weather is hosted by poetic astrologer and author Kelly Lee Phipps and holistic astrologer Benjamin Bernstein. It includes a weekly analysis of the upcoming astrological influences plus a look at current events from an astrological perspective. In addition, they cover an Educational Segment and a look at the Supernova Star of the Week's chart.

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 Cosmic Weather Interview | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

I had a riveting interview with astrologer Eric Meyers about his new book on The Astrology of Awakening. Check it out Here.

 Gemini New Moon * Capricorn Full Moon | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hello everyone! We've got an interesting slate of creative energy being beamed into the cosmos this month starting with this jam packed Trickster New Moon in Gemini (which one was the real New Moon in Gemini?)...leading up to the grand vision of the illuminating Capricorn Full Moon, occurring in the sign of the Wise Elder on July 3rd. The New Moon in Gemini on Jun 19th preceded the entrance of the Sun into Cancer on June 20th...adding the seeding period to the new Summer/Winter polarized season. (yes I said winter...cause in the southern hemisphere they are shivering as we in the north are warm as can be and dying of thirst). Here's the chart of this bold Gemini New Moon: The fist thing to note is that all this is happening as Uranus is closing in on its square to Pluto, which is the turning point in the cycle that brought us the Sixties Generation back in the day. So this is Sixties 2.0 and we are being called to create structures in the world that rhyme with the revolutionary transformations occurring. I'm laying the foundation for a new renaissance age academy here in Boulder, Colorado. What are you up to? Or do you even care? Cause some people might just be experiencing this impactful transit in a more disastrous way...but they are still participating... I talk about it more in the podcast (link below). Here is the chart for the Capricorn Full Moon on July 3rd. Notice the Full Moon is conjunct Pluto? Yeah, big change is on the horizon! Deep, dark, mysterious and gritty change that grips your life until you give in. That kind of full moon illumination that leaves you feeling like a zombie if you don't navigate it's waters right. The key is to ask what you were planeting (misspelling intended) when the New Moon was there back in January. I was gearing up for some Euro travels back then and expressing myself in new ways while exploring London. In any case, it's time to let go, and let things flow. Find out more from this month's podcast: Here's the link!

 Sag Full Moon | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Venus Transit * Jupiter into Gemini * Sagittarius Full Moon The sky is alive and breathing with redolent symbolism this June 4th and onward for two weeks. IN this podcast I discuss the Sag Full Moon shining its enthusiastic vibe of faith through divine inspiration into the depths of one of your Houses. Where are you being asked to be inspired and walk with vision? Also, this potent and rare Venus transit across the face of the Sun asks us to question where we are in our relationships and general fulfillment in life. Look back at your relationship patterns from 2004, 1996 and 1988 and try to comprehend your unique pattern. Ask yourself if the pattern id destructive or constructive. Make adjustments where required and practice forgiveness. Jupiter in Gemini asks us to pick our Muse over the next year, or, in keeping with the Gemini symboizes, pick two Muses and expand your talent with them. Of the Nine Muses, I choose Urania and Epic Poetry! Go to Wikipedia and type Nine Muses for the other options! Here's the link. Enjoy the show!

 Venus Transits the Face of the Sun | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

A fellow Magi named Andrew Smith of Ireland summarizes the influence of the wondrous Venus retrograde conjunction and transit with the Sun in this marvelous audio link. Thank you Andrew for your great thought and comprehensive analysis! Here's the link...

 Gemini Solar Eclipse | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse Despite the world's official position on astrology, it seemed like everyone, including the major news networks,were lifting their eyes heavenward to see the dramatic Solar Eclipse in the Sign of Gemini over the weekend. I happened to be having a class with the Boulder Astrology Guild on Sunday where we had a Round Table Discussion about the impact of this Solar Eclipse in their charts. Hope you enjoy it. Here's the link.

 Cosmic Weather Reborn! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Boulder Astrology Guild * The Seven Traditional Planets * Global Renaissance We had our first authentic gathering of the Boulder Astrology Guild on May 6, 2012. With the Spring always comes renewal, and I've recently rebirthed my core astrology website Divine Inspiration Astrology. I've been so focused working on my magnum opus, The Tao of Astrology, that I took a long sabbatical from recording cosmic weather episodes. But I'm feeling the emergence and gearing up to record for the New Moon in Gemini. I'm committing to a new schedule of productivity where I produces one Cosmic Weather per month covering both the New and Full moons, hoping to tweet updates as crucial transits emerge at my twitter account: TravelingMagi. The Waxing Quarter will be article release time and the Full Moon will bring a video vision. The Waning Quarter will be about releasing a new philosophical Blog over at Traveling Magi blog. You can access all this wonderful creativity through Divine Inspiration Astrology dot com. For this post I'm adding the first get-together/lecture of the Boulder Astrology Guild's 2012 season where we focused on the Seven Traditional Planets among a million other topics! Here's the link! Enjoy...

 Cosmic Weather 151 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Scorpio New Moon * Jupiter Trine Pluto * The Sky is Falling... Well the Sky isn't falling, but it is experiencing a lot of turbulence from the astral realms, where the archetypes abide. Sorry I've been so absent of late, I've been readjusting to the arid climate and high altitude for the past three months processing two my throat was sore and I could barely talk. That really sucks when your profession depends on your ability to communicate with the voice and make it inspiring. So after getting behind on lots of charts, I have just three more to go! With the New Moon in Scorpio the sign of rebirth, we are being asked to CHANGE and RE-EMPOWER our deepest dreams and visions, especially in the house that hosts the New Moon. We've also got an incredible T-square between Neptune, Mars and Venus with Venus/Mercury. The Apex of the configuration is the Venus/Mercury Athena mythic signature over in Scorpio...should be a fascinating halloween! Eric Meyers joins me in another scintillating conversation on the celestial influences of the heavenly configurations! Enjoy the show!

 Cosmic Weather 150 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Virgo New Moon * Grand Earth Trine Kite to Chiron in Pisces As earthquakes shake the world and massive hurricanes pound the shores, the heavens speak in riddles, displaying the archetypal qualities of time! Venus is Trine Jupiter, Love is in creative expression with the urge for exploration..and a new season is upon us! Mercury has gone direct and we are in the flow of major productivity again! Pluto is working its way into the Grand Trine from Capricorn continuing its demise of the way things have been done around here. We live our lives. We try to fit in with our peers and enjoy the times. Are you creating your bliss in functional form that others can partake of? Each moment is full to the brim with love and passion and dirt ready to bear seeds forth. The power of fertility is all around and yet our cultured minds keep us locked into the future and the past. We have a hard time just being. Please BE! Enjoy the show. Here's the Link.

 Cosmic Weather 147 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

New Moon in Gemini * Jupiter enters Lush Taurus * Mercury into Gemini After enduring a near death accident where I got hit by a car on my bike, I'm happy to still be on the planet and delivering the Cosmic Weather to you today! Hopefully the darkness of this last two weeks has treated you kinder than it has me. But I endure with a happy spirit with chin held high. Lots going on this week, with Jupiter moving into Taurus....things are stabilizing...time to get down to a great stint of work. Enjoy the next two weeks! Here's the link!

 Cosmic Weather 146 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Full Moon in Scorpio * Sun Enters Gemini * Mercury/Venus/Mars in Taurus This week we have the mysterious Scorpio Full Moon again, asking us if we are FULL-filled in what we initiated under the Scorpio New Moon 6 months ago. How is the House that hosts the FullMoon at 27 Scorpio feeling? Are you happy there? Also, I had the great honor of being interviewed by Benjamin Bernstein, my former Cosmic Weather Podcast co-host. Benjamin has come a long way in pursuing his career as an astrologer and we had a great interview about my new book, "Elemental Wave Chronicles" and the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle. Check it out at The Week in Astrology. Enjoy today show too! Heres the link!

 Cosmic Weather 145 | File Type: application/pdf | Duration: Unknown

Taurus New Moon * Mars conjunct Jupiter * Elemental Wave Chronicles Under the last Full Moon I was caught up in the swell of divine inspiration as I published my first astrology written work since 1997! In my new book, Elemental Wave Chronicles-The Jupiter-Saturn Cycle, a grand vision of the historical Elemental Epochs and Waves of history are laid out in detail. Enjoy as I go back to working on my magnum opus astrological masterpiece in the Tao of Astrology. This time has been huge. With the NFL Draft, a Royal Wedding and the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden all in one Balsamic Phase weekend, times are not boring that's for sure! Obama proved to his skeptics once again that his leadership and discernment are high and capable of giving tough orders to take out America's worst nightmarish enemies. As a Leo with Aquarius Rising and a Gemini Moon, I for one am proud to have voted for him and supported his presidency. In the weeks ahead, we have some big shifts with all those warrior planets in Aries heading into Taurus. Things will settle down into the natural productivity of Spring. With Mars conjunct Jupiter right now, it is time to get motivated to reach for the heights, to be inspired. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr. "I have been to the mountain top!" What is your personal mountain top this month as things emerge from Aries and flow into Taurus. Where is this New Moon falling in your chart? For me it's in my 5th House of creativity, so every year during this period I am faced with the question, "Am I having fun yet? Am I truly enjoying my life?" If not, then why not...time to plant new planet seeds so that by November, when the full moon in Taurus comes, I'll be totally fulfilled in my creativity! Woo hoo! Here's the link! Enjoy!

 Cosmic Weather 144 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Aries New Moon * Jupiter Oppose Saturn * Neptune enters Pisces There's so much going on in the heavens these days it's difficult to even sit in a chair without your head spinning! With epoch-shifting generation tides happening all three outer planets are in new Signs: Pluto had already gone into Capricorn, Uranus shocked the world with it's Uranus Ingresses several times, and now today Neptune enters Pisces, sign of the divine imagination. People wondered what happened to the podcast last month? Well, I was in Santa Cruz caught up in visions and writing about history. I really could not stop to do a podcast amidst the tide of energy that was coming in, and I'm not talking about the earthquake/tsunami warning! People are dying and the ages are shifting as the Earth revolts against our puny excuses for civilizations. Until we make inner peace, outer chaos will be the result. So take a deep breath and ask yourself what you are living for? What are you breathing and consuming resources for? What are you loving in your life right now? These questions will lead you to an awakening of purpose. Purpose is a strategy game between your consciousness and the universe, but affected by the tides of cultural conformity. What are you conforming to? Do you want to conform to it? If so, then are you enjoying it or are you in complaint mode. All complaints can be dealt with in the inner plane of the soul...the divine has a mysterious power of being able to reconcile oppositions and tensions and can deal with all your frustrations. You got a problem? Take it to divine being for resolution. Then see what happens in the so-called real world. I say so-called, because after swimming in historical tides for over a month my perspective has shifted in a huge way. That's what happens when you solve history! Here's the link: Enoy!

 Cosmic Weather 143 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Leo Full Moon * Sun Mercury Mars Enter Pisces * Jupiter square Pluto Are you having fun yet? That's the crux of an illuminating Full Moon in the sign of the Magical Child, the clown of the zodiac! At this moment, our creativity rises to the surface to ask if we are being creative based on what we started 6 months ago when the New Moon was in Leo in August. I was riding my bike through Canada then getting ready to head south over the Cascades into Seattle to meet my kid and it was in my 8th House of change. How is is influencing you? This is the time that the SUn and its noble courtiers Mercury and Venus enter the Sign of Pisces, a symbol of unity consciousness. But this year Mars, the First Knight is entering Pisces with the Sun as Venus lags back in serious Capricorn. Also, with Jupiter square Pluto, time to challenge your faith to go deeper. How can you express faith and deepened your belief systems based on your ability to doubt and then find truth despite your doubt. That gives you more faith than everything! Look for an article soon about the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction traversing into the Air signs...what a deep breath of fresh air! Here's a Valentine Poem I wrote on Valentine's day, in case you don't have time to listen to the show: Valentine Blossoms In the distance, the almond orchard is blossoming and the wind and rain buffet against the window on this day devoted to love.. What is love that my heart should long for another? What is this vessel lost on a dark sea, longing to debark upon the shores of love... Who are we that we allow imagery, and calendars and history generate, twist, and drive our desire? but the exchange of passion, and chocolate, and flowers goes on... A wise man once told me that love had nothing to do with another, but rather, everything to do with how well you treat yourself and allow your authentic being to shine forth... The love we seek has always been waiting at the inner oasis. When we discover its treasure, every interaction is fulfilling... every smile, and touch and gaze delicious... I’ve tasted enough of love to recognize its maze of mischief, but we enjoy endangering ourselves with illusions... I sigh deeply, signing divorce papers again this week - another dead-end in the maze of love - There’s no room left in this pierced heart for love devoid of eternity... flashing imagery and brilliant hopes are no match for the utter welcome of divine love from this day forth... The trees swaying in the orchard know how to live...growing there, centered in themselves, rooted in their cycles - budding, flowering, bearing their fruit and then withering...without a speck or remorse... I could never be bound to the sole cause of anyone’s happiness again, chocolate and cherries turn to dust in my mouth... the currency of “spending” time and “paying” attention has cost my dreams dearly The Emperor was wrong to outlaw marriage for young warriors... praise be to Valentine for his silent rebellion of the heart and the note scrawled from prison to his beloved Before they took his head, he made a friend and healed the daughter’s blindness and the Emperor lost his throne within the year... If only we could befriend our own hearts and mend our vision, then maybe the empire of our fears would be overthrown at last? Here's the link.

 Cosmic Weather 142 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

New Moon in Aquarius * Sun, Moon, Mars Conjunction TRINE Saturn It's going to be an exciting week in the heavens, plus it's my birthday on Feb 5th, and I'll be turning 40! The BIG 4-0! Woo hoo! They say, "Life begins at Forty." We'll see how it goes, this next decade of trading possessions for experiences. The Mars conjunction to the New Moon in the sign of invention and authenticity is asking for use to take the road less traveled once again in the House or field of life experience that hosts the lunation. What new beginning can you make in the themes related to the House that hosts the New Moon, so that by the Full Moon in Aquarius in August, you are fulfilled. The Green Bay Packers (Venusian Cheeseheads are facing off with the Pittsburg Steelers (Mars) for the Superbowl. With Venus and Saturn in Mutual Reception I think the heavens favor the Packers. At the same time Egypt is in revolt as their leader faces his government's Saturn Return. We'll see what happens! I hope the Egyptian people can find a new path forward into a greater good. Enjoy the zaniness! Here's the link!

 Cosmic Weather 141 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Cancer Full Moon * Jupiter Sextile Sun * Sun and Mar in Aquarius As I post this Cosmic Weather, I've just heard some news that Robert Blaschke, a great and master astrologer has passed from this earth. Robert appeared in my first film Return of the Magi and brought great wisdom to people through astrology. He will be missed dearly by the astrological community. Interesting how during this episode I was discussing the preponderance of Septiles during the next two week period, the 54 degree angle that symbolizes angelic intervention. It will be a period to be remembered. Enjoy the Cosmic Weather as this one is devoted to the memory of Robert Blaschke! Kelly Here's the link!


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