Sag Full Moon The Week in Astrology show

Summary: Venus Transit * Jupiter into Gemini * Sagittarius Full Moon The sky is alive and breathing with redolent symbolism this June 4th and onward for two weeks. IN this podcast I discuss the Sag Full Moon shining its enthusiastic vibe of faith through divine inspiration into the depths of one of your Houses. Where are you being asked to be inspired and walk with vision? Also, this potent and rare Venus transit across the face of the Sun asks us to question where we are in our relationships and general fulfillment in life. Look back at your relationship patterns from 2004, 1996 and 1988 and try to comprehend your unique pattern. Ask yourself if the pattern id destructive or constructive. Make adjustments where required and practice forgiveness. Jupiter in Gemini asks us to pick our Muse over the next year, or, in keeping with the Gemini symboizes, pick two Muses and expand your talent with them. Of the Nine Muses, I choose Urania and Epic Poetry! Go to Wikipedia and type Nine Muses for the other options! Here's the link. Enjoy the show!