Episode 11: Stupid Chocolate Salty Balls

NY Comedy Bling show

Summary: All our podcasts will be released only on .m4a format from now on (we used to use .mp3). We decided to switch to take advantage of the enhanced podcast features. *This episode is late because our hosts are a bunch of bitches. Just kidding. Sort of.* LISTEN NOW: NY NEWS: • Black Power Kiddie • Subway Thug busted by Mom • Camera Phones = Hated by Flashers • Cellphone Manners Survey's Shocking Results! YOU GOT BLINGED: • K-Fed is on allowance • Chef from South Park Resigns • Colin Farrell's sex tape = Millions for Playboy Slut • Jessica Simpson to cool for Bush BIG FINISH: Three 6 Mafia = Whips out their Oscar to get into Clubs Plus, THE BLINGLIST. Email us to get a shoutout: nycomedybling@gmail.com SUBSCRIBE NOW: