Episode 12: Vagina Now Being Served

NY Comedy Bling show

Summary: We're back on time! Enhanced podcast for all you mofos. Holla! LISTEN NOW: NY NEWS: • Central Park Coyote — Run Hal Run! • NY Air is Worst Evarrrrr • NY Pay Toilets = Lil Crack Houses • Subwaypalooza • Parole Officer Ratings! • NYU Best School in Bizarro World YOU GOT BLINGED: • $3 Million Big Pussy Lawsuit = Vagina Being Served • Zagat Shopping Survey • Snakes on Plane coverage! • Cruise must hate furniture • Pitt Bruised = Kinky Angelina? • Slutty Hilton bangs 2 dudes BIG FINISH: Charlie Sheen gets intelligent and explains 9/11 conspiracy. HAHAHA! Plus, THE BLINGLIST. Email us to get a shoutout: nycomedybling@gmail.com SUBSCRIBE NOW: