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Summary: Centered on the Sports Card hobby/industry. "Sports Card Nation" every Friday features a great conversation with Hobby dignitaries & hobby current events.Monday-"Hobby Quick Hits" tackles one topic, short & sometimes sweet.

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 Ep.77 w/Jeff Dinsen-Defness45-Producing content in a positive way | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5207

Jeff Dinsen/Defness45 joins us to tell us how he rebounded from a low point to become one of the most positive hobby content creators, where does his energy come from & the hobby's only 24 hour stream?? Insane.Bowman Baseball is out, Mosaic Basketball is too but it will cost your first born child. Wax is insane. Topps 2020 Project continue to rake!--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:

 Ep.76 w/Max Steiner of Sportlots-New features coming | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3932

Max Steiner of Sportlots makes his first ever podcast appearance as we learn about the history of Sportlots, some new features coming soon & what Max collects.No National til DecemberProduct production is kicking back into gear--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:

 Ep.75 w/Rich Mueller/Sports Collectors Daily, Hobby still booming-How & Why? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 6163

Rich Mueller is the founder & editor of the hobby's #1 news site, he brings his prestigious sports & hobby background to the show to discuss current hobby state of the union & how is the hobby still this solid through the pandemic!We discuss Bowman 1st Edition & the content creation explosion. --- Send in a voice message: this podcast:

 Ep.74 w/Rob Bertrand/Go GTS Live, Graded 9 Explosion | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4776

Rob Bertand joins us bringing years of hobby experience & double digit experience in the Social Media aspect alone, he's got good news on the delayed product front & we talk about current hobby events.Cards Graded 9 are exploding in price the last few weeks...Why is that? I tell you my theory to what is probably going on.Rookie Rollercoaster will Scottie Pippen & Barry SandersWhat did the Newman say is back as well.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:

 Ep.73 Randy Lerch/God in the Bullpen | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5585

Randy Lerch pitched 11 seasons in the bigs, addicted to drugs/alcohol almost dying more than once, through faith,family & friends he persevered. Now he helps others, he shares some great BB stories including Pete Rose & Tug McGraw, great conversation! Rookie Rollercoaster:Ja Morant & Connor McDavid. --- Send in a voice message: this podcast:

 Ep.72 w/Artist Blake Jamieson-Topps 2020 Project | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4680

Artist Blake Jamieson joins us to discuss how he made the transition from corporate work to the Art world & how it gives him a competitive advantage, How did he & Topps come together for the 2020 Project-He lets us behind the curtain a little, Rookie Rollercoaster returns with two iconic rookie cards MJ/The Great One, In the "What does the Newman say" segment we talk about balancing podcast/hobby life & not getting consumed by what you do, WIN 5 FREE PSA SUBMISSIONS.Find our guest Blake Jamieson at:blaketheartist.comIG: @athlete.portraitsYoutube: Follow the show at: Website:https://sportscardnation.netFacebook: Check out Mike Sommer's intensive Topps Project 2020 Informative tracker at: --- Send in a voice message: this podcast:

 Ep.71 w/Artist Graig Kreindler | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4963

Spectacular sports Artist Graig Kreindler tells us how he got his start, the process, a little National talk & how it is living in New York City during the pandemic, we introduce a new segment "What does Newman say", Cartamundi shutdown effects & much much more. We lost a very close family friend Mary Provo, this episode is dedicated to her memory.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:

 Ep.70 w/Eric Norton from Fat Packs Podcast, Covid State of the Hobby, Sports in 2020? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4220

My good friend Eric Norton stops by to discuss current hobby happenings, he wonders if sports will even return this year & talks about his new job title.Rookie Rollercoaster returns this week featuring Trout Update RC & Zion Prizm RC.Did I ever tell you when I was on the elevator with Deion Sanders, no? Listen to this episode.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:

 Ep.69 w/Mike-Low End Cards,Grading gap closing, Baseball prospecting taking a hit | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4411

Mike from Low End Cards joins us to discuss the gap closing between SGC & BGS/PSA, Covid19 hurting what hobby sport the most? Is the National going to happen? --- Send in a voice message: this podcast:

 Ep.68 w/Brad Balukjian-The Wax Pack, Covid19 impact | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4622

Professor Brad Balukjian joins us to tell us about his new book & how one 1986 Topps baseball pack set him out on a epic road trip journey, lots of miles, lots of coffee & tracking down the subjects of that pack over 30 years after they appear in it, while it focuses on the "Afterlife of Baseball" it was also a journey of self-discovery.Covid 19's current & potential impact on the sports card hobby & upcoming big events.Get another chance to win 5 free PSA submissions courtesy of Iron Sports Cards.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:

 Ep.67 w/Nigel Eccles-StarStock, CoVid19 Thoughts | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4667

Nigle Eccles is our guest, the former Co-Founder of Fan Duel is now launching a new hobby selling/buying platform called StarStock, he tells us why it could be a game changer, We have to discuss the CoVid19 Virus & the effect on the hobby it may have.Brand new segment "Rookie Rollercoaster" debuts with Luis Robert & Kaapo Kaako the first subjects--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:

 Ep.66 w/Tim Virgilio -Signature for Soldiers | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3907

Tim Virgilio from Signature for Soldiers is back, & what a difference a year makes, SFS is a charity where 100% of the funds go to help homeless & injured veterans.75K raised so far & impacting lives in a positive way, they are the charity of choice for this year's National in Atlantic City. Speaking of the National we have some news there as well.David Ayres rookies & lots of new product on it's way!!!--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:

 Ep.65 w/Paul "Foul Ball" Jones | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2668

"Foul Ball" Paul joins us to tell us what it's like to be the Guinness Record holder for the most baseball cards, 2.8 Million to be exact, being in a movie, getting recognized in public & hanging with Jose Canseco.Tons of new Topps products coming later this year....sort ofAnother bonus chance to win a $50 Break credit from 1 of 1 Card Shop--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:

 Ep.64 w/DR.James Beckett-Sports Card Insights | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3765

We are joined by Hobby Icon & Innovator DR.James Beckett. he brings his vast hobby knowledge & experience, as we talk about the hobby past & current, his podcast "Sports Card Insights", & he answers a few hobby hot button questions.900K Modern Day Non-Autographed card, Jimmy Mahan 1/1 Zion/RJ Dual Auto Update, Don't forget to get in the contest to bring a $50 break credit from 1 of 1 Card Shop!--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:

 Ep.63 w/ Richard Davis-Wade Boggs Super Collector | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3346

Richard Davis, Wade Boggs Super Collector tells us how it all started & how the journey actually allowed him to get to know one of baseball's greatest hitters, My take on 2020 Topps after opening more, we preview the Montgomery 582 2020 Sticker Set, Major League problems, Reese McGuire needs to stay home, Donruss Optic basketball olympics. Get a 2nd entry to win the $50 break credit to 1 of 1 Card Shop.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:


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