Nanowrimo Podcast 2007 show

Nanowrimo Podcast 2007

Summary: A daily? podcast for National Novel Writing Month 2005. All the writers' block, crazy characters and sleep deprivation you can handle.


 Episode 2:7 - NaNoWriMo In My Pants | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

I’m in ur plotz, feeding ur bunnyz. Listen to the madness here. feedback Sforzie & Josh (aka Alcar) commented on my readings if you think I'll screw it up and you don't want me to, send me pronunciation keysif you sent me email about your reading, wait for it - it's coming main course Nan's links – a title generator, a one word writing prompt and a cool collection of language related gamesI’m in ur X, Y-ing ur Z-z reading Michael’s excerpt promo – NanoMonkeys all about plot bunnies s-s-s-something from the forums games: in my pants

 Episode 2:6 - Novellists in Spa-a-a-ce | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

One third of the way in. Listen in as we fill the void. feedback 2 votes for call-in show (sort of) - tell me what you want to do a bunch of people have sent in excerpts or permission to read the excerpts in their profiles – keep it coming!Sarah is stuck in the week 2 doldrums main course 60second pep talk I hit 20K!check out the Second Life group Nanowrimo Nuts - the next meetup is Sat, Nov 11 at 10am PST/SLT readings congratulations Sforzie and Josh on hitting 50K!(you both make me sick) s-s-s-something from the forums creative cussing

 Episode 2:5 - Behold! The Terrible Week Two | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Day One, Week Two. Still no plot. But there is an mp3! feedback I got an email from Nan while I was posting the last showlook at Sforzie's wordcountemail from Michael – it only takes a day to get behind, and a great tip for names: use descriptive placeholder names, like Toughguy or Bighair main course I'm using a modified (10+2)*5 hack (mine's 12+5 X a lot) I'm using an app called flextime as a timer for the above anti-distraction plan you can disable the flash profiles on the nanowrimo site in your own edit profiledo people want to do a call in show? We'd use talkshoe (check it out and let me know) reading Nan’s email promo – Dutch NaNo podcast s-s-s-something from the forums character questions

 Episode 2:4 - Mad Novelling | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Slow going. Listen here. feedback Sarah & Steph left commentsI got email from Robust McManlyPants, my nano stalkee main course my wordcount is okay, but the story is slow goingI have trouble with namesI've been missing out on the local meetups – this is stupid and I need to stop being stupid reading no reading this weeksend me your stuff! (or just let me know if I can read your excerpt) promo - The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy s-s-s-something from the forums random thing generatorsrandom name generator

 Episode 2:3 - And So It Begins | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

And, we're off! Listen. Feedback You've all been super awesome – but I'm supposed to be the encouraging one! Nan writes about using 100 words a day (more on wikipedia) I got encouraging email from Michael and returning listener Baron Leslie sent me a voice mail with the most awesome image in it – listen What's up today the nanowrimo site is slow as molassesyou can now subscribe only to the forums you actually readdon’t forget to upload chunks of your novel in progress so we can all readI’d like to do readings, so send me an audio file of your reading, send me text for me to read or just let me know if you want me to read your excerpt Reading my excerpt Promo Evil Genius Chronicles s-s-s-something from the forums – wordcount badges simple onegraphanother graphthe one on my siteofficial nanowrimo wordcount widgets

 Episode 2:2 - Not So Stoked | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Episode 2 of year 2 - the terrible twos! Here's the mp3. Feedback Sarah left a comment about I Should Be Writing, and mentions Holly Lisle’s podcastthere's an audio message from tomoyanMichael writes that he’s going to cheat & finish something, and he likes my “podcast voice” Steph left an audio comment, and we’re probably going to meet in Real Life Main Course there's a really useful exercise on forums - the one word plot summaryI’m not stoked this year maybe if I heard from all y’all, might help (hint hint) nanowrimo flickr group s-s-s-something from the forums Ladies and gentlemen of nanowrimoPromo - Escape Pod Don't forget to change your clocks back one hour on Saturday night

 Episode 2:1 - Planning | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Episode one of year two - in glorious mp3-o-vision. The Basics the theme music is life in a tube by Bjorn Fogelberg which I found on the excellent Magnatune.comcheck out the chat box, where you can leave short voice messagesor call me @ 206-222-2349or email me at darusha plus nanowrimo at gmail.comor leave a commenttalk to me!!! The Plan no daily show this yearmore interviews and readingsI'd love to get other people doing readings, so call me, email me mp3s, or send me your text & I’ll read it Nano Plans umm... not muchI might try a modified version of the snowflake method s-s-s-something from the forums (inspired by the show with ze frank) google docs the thread about google docs/writely Promo - I Should Be Writing

 Hello, again! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Greetings for another year, writers and would-be novelists. I have decided to once again delve into the insanity that is NaNoWriMo, and I'm going to do the podcast again, too. I had already figured that I would, but today I got an email from someone who had just discovered last year's 'cast and was begging (okay, maybe just asking) me to do it again this year. So, I guess I have no choice. It probably won't be a daily show this year; I just don't think I'll have enough time. But, we shall see. Check back in October for some warm-up thoughts, or better yet, subscribe to the podcast feed using your podcast aggregator of choice. If you're new to podcasting, you can learn all about it here. If you use one of the common podcast services, there are one-click buttons in the sidebar to help you subscribe. Have a listen to a promo (Yeah, it's just a revamped version of last year's - too bad).


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