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Weather With Cliff Mass

Summary: University of Washington Professor of Atmospheric Sciences and renowned Seattle weather prognosticator/personality Cliff Mass has joined KNKX’s roster of commentators. "Weather with Cliff Mass", our five-minute feature hosted by KNKX's environment reporter Bellamy Pailthorp, airs every Friday at 9 a.m. following "BirdNote", and repeats twice on Friday afternoons during All Things Considered.


 Lots Of Precipitation And Possible Return of Lowland Snow This Weekend | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 328

Generally speaking, after the end of February, weather in the Pacific Northwest starts to feel spring-like, as temperatures rise and the likelihood of major storms drops off considerably. But KNKX weather expert Cliff Mass says this weekend doesn’t really fit that pattern. “It’s going to be wet; it’s going to be cool and it looks like what we’ve seen the rest of the winter – it’s really startling,” said Mass, who teaches atmospheric sciences at the University of Washington.

 More Cold And Showery Weather This Weekend; Snow Possible On Sunday | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 330

Saturday should provide a respite from the bout of rain and snow showers that have been hanging around Western Washington this week. Best to get out and enjoy it if you can, says knkx weather expert Cliff Mass. On Sunday, the threat of snow showers returns, although temperatures will stay warm enough to keep much of the white stuff from sticking. Get Outdoors On Saturday “The best day is going to be Saturday, no doubt about it,” said Mass, explaining that a small ridge of high pressure is set to

 A Mild And Only Partly Rainy Weekend Ahead As Northwest’s Wet Weather Heads For California | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 332

The plume of moisture that was aimed at Western Washington earlier this week, bringing huge amounts of rain to the Northwest, is now over California. That means a relatively mild President’s Day here, while the Golden State is getting doused. “All the weather’s going to California,” said knkx weather expert Cliff Mass.

 Wind And Rain, But The Sun Will Return To Western Washington | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 335

It's a cloudy, rainy Friday with lots of wind expected. But the weather system should clear by the start of the week and bring warmer temperatures and sunshine. "Some places will get winds gusting to 30 to 40 miles per hour, maybe even a few higher gusts," knkx weather expert Cliff Mass said. "It's the breeziest it's been for a while. So keep that in mind if you're around trees or you're worried about your power going out." Mass says Saturday will be a transition day with temperatures getting

 As Wet Weather Returns To The Pacific Northwest, Is There Big Snow On The Way? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 305

A burst of snow hit the Puget Sound region Thursday night, mixing with rain overnight in areas from Olympia to Bothell to Bellingham. An even bigger snow event could hit the region on Monday, but knkx weather expert Cliff Mass says it’s too soon to say whether that will in fact take place. Mass says the air above the region has been cold enough for snow. So when a band of precipitation came up from the south Thursday night, it quickly morphed into the white stuff of winter. “We had a burst of

 Back To Northwest Normal: Showery And Mild Around Puget Sound This Weekend | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 333

Relatively mild temperatures and typical damp, showery weather will continue this weekend, providing more relief from the cold spell that lasted through last weekend. And next week will be drier while remaining warm, says knkx weather expert Cliff Mass.

  Cold Blue Skies Again This Weekend, But Rain Returning To Western Washington On Monday | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 302

Clear skies and cold temps have been dominating the weather in Washington lately, and that pattern is expected to continue for the next couple of days. “They go together; that’s the bargain, the meteorological deal,” says knkx weather expert Cliff Mass. “These really cold days and cold nights tend to be clear,” he says of the Northwest winter. The lack of clouds let most of the warmth created by the sun radiate out to space, especially at night. Around the Puget Sound region that’s been allowing

 Northwest Dry Spell Coming To An End With Warmer Temps And Possible Snow On Saturday | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 407

The cold, dry air that’s been pouring into the Northwest and keeping temps well below freezing is coming to an end this weekend. But before the Arctic air completes its exit and things warm up all the way, there’s a possibility of snow in many areas, says knkx weather expert Cliff Mass. “We have to get through a bit of cold for the next day or two,” said Mass, a professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Washington. Very Cold Friday Morning He says Friday dawned with extremely low

 Brace For Possible Snow On New Year’s Eve, Then A Major Cold Wave In Washington | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 324

With partly sunny skies and temperatures expected to get into the low 40s on Friday in western Washington, knkx weather expert Cliff Mass says enjoy it while you can. “Wow – that’s going to seem warm in a few days,” he said of Friday’s temps. A major and sustained cold spell is expected to start over the weekend, with a good chance of snow showers in many parts of the region on New Year’s Eve.

 Slight Chance Of True White Christmas; Watch Out For Slippery Travel Conditions | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 290

A white Christmas is a rarity in the greater Seattle area, but it’s not out of the question this year. A mix of snow and rain is expected in most places around the Puget Sound region. That could make for some treacherous driving conditions, says Ted Buehner with the Seattle office of the National Weather Service. Snow Possible Friday Buehner says a Pacific weather system is easing inland on Friday, bringing rain to the lowlands and snow up in the mountains. The some cooler air behind it will

 Cold Snap Ending With Possible Lowland Snow On Sunday, But It Won’t Last | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 246

With high temperatures predicted to remain below freezing in many places around the Puget Sound region on Friday, this weekend is starting with some of the coldest weather people here have seen in quite a while, says knkx weather expert Cliff Mass. “This is the coldest air that we’ve had over our region probably in the last three years,” said Mass, who is a professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Washington. He expects places near the water will get into the low 30s, just above

 A Wet Weekend Ahead And Possibly More Snow On Monday | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 289

The winter weather system that covered the Puget Sound region in several inches of snow overnight transitioned to rain as expected on Friday morning. More rain is in the forecast for the weekend, but then another tricky forecast is ahead for Monday, with the possibility of snow once again, says knkx weather expert Cliff Mass. Wet Weekend Mass expects Friday's snow will melt by mid-day, especially on the roadways. And he says rain is in the cards for most of the weekend. “Right now, warm air is

 Get Ready: A Cold Weekend Could Lead To Snow In Puget Sound Lowlands | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 292

It’s time to get out your winter hats and gloves. The coldest temperatures of the year so far are in the forecast this weekend, says knkx weather expert Cliff Mass. There’s also a good chance of lowland snow hitting the Puget Sound region starting Sunday night. “We have a lot of certainty that we will have a very cold period, at least compared to anything we’ve had in the last year,” Mass said. “But the big question is snow.” Mountain Snow Already Here Mass says there’s already been a tremendous

 What’s All The Excitement About Weather Radar? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 261

You hear about it every day on the TV news: “The radar” that delivers images of inclement weather systems as they approach. But what does it really show? It’s a question about which knkx weather expert Cliff Mass gets tons of email. Clearly many people find this technology fascinating and its capabilities exciting. And the professor himself is not immune.

 Dry Friday, Warm Rainy Weekend Ahead In Western Washington | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 313

Thursday’s weather offered a brief respite from the long spell of above-normal temperatures that have prevailed in Western Washington lately, but it won’t last. Expect another warmup and plenty of rain this weekend, says knkx weather expert Cliff Mass. “It is amazing to note that yesterday was the first normal day we’ve had all fall,” Mass said of Thursday’s weather. “And I mean normal, getting a typical high and typical low. It hasn’t been like that. We’ve been way, way warm. It finally dropped


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