Rewatchability is a Podcast. show

Rewatchability is a Podcast.

Summary: Every week we re-watch a movie or TV show we haven't seen in a number of years, and try to decide once and for all: is it rewatchable?

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 414- JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:01:41

Tune that guitar, this week we crank it to 11 to rock out with JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS! Starring Rachel Leigh Cook, Rosario Dawson and Tara Reid, it's the classic story of three young girls who just want to rock the world and how they get manipulated by the corporate pop music machine into selling junk. Also starring Alan Cumming, Parker Posey and Gabriel Mann, this movie surprised us with its humor and subversiveness, but how does it hold up now?

 413- CATCH ME IF YOU CAN with Anne T Donahue | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:01:57

Run, don't walk because this week we're chasing down CATCH ME IF YOU CAN! Directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Hanks and Leo DiCaprio, CMIYC tells the somewhat true story of con man Frank Abegnale as he forges checks and lies his way through the American Dream. Also starring Christopher Walken and Amy Adams, Catch Me If You can mixes the thrills of a classic crime caper with the feeling of never being good enough for your dad to be proud of you.

 412- AIRHEADS | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:01:57

Throw up the horns, this week we get heavy with AIRHEADS!  I'm talking Brendan Fraser on lead, Steve Buscemi humping the low-end and Adam "Enter Sandman" Sandler pounding the skins like a madman, this movie rocks more than any uncut gem! It's the story of three struggling rockers who will do anything to be heard, including holding an entire radio station hostage. This movie rocked us to our very cores when we were younger, but how does it hold up now?

 411- ARGO with Sina Rahmani | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:07:42

As the Oscars draw near and we prepare to bestow statuettes upon the movies that deserve them most, we look back to ARGO, the 2012 Academy Award Winner for Best Picture. Directed (and starring!!!) Ben Affleck. Also featuring Victor Garber, Bryan Cranston, John Goodman, Alan Arkin and every other recognizable person Ben Affleck could call in for a favor, Argo tells the very real story about how, during the revolution, six diplomats were ferried out of the country by pretending they were Canadian filmmakers.

 410- STAR TREK FIRST CONTACT | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:02:13

Ensign! Chart a course for STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT! In anticipation of PICARD, the new Star Trek series revisiting the Next Generation world, we slingshot around the sun to re-experience what some would say is the best TNG movie. Directed by frickin' Riker (Jonathan Frakes) and starring Patrick Stewart and the rest of the crew (except Wesley Crusher), our tricorders show readings of extreme action with peripheral awe and wonder. But has the time space continuum tarnished the hull of this mighty ship? 

 409- MY COUSIN VINNY | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 55:37

Lawyer up, 'cause court is in session with MY COUSIN VINNY! Starring Oscar Winner Joe Pesci, Oscar winner Marisa Tomei and non-Oscar winner Ralph Maccio, it's the story of a couple of city slickers who get more than they bargained for when roll into the South to defend two innocent kids accused of murder! Also starring Lane Smith and Fred Gwynne, this movie was found guilty of being hilarious. But how will hold up under appeals?

 408- BRICK | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57:26

New year same game. Prick your ears up at this morsel. BRICK. High school noir, ya dig? Rian Johnson's big debut and everyone was there for the ball. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Emilie de Ravin. Lukas Haas. Names. Faces. Clues. You with me? Then let's dance. A lot of folks have it out for Johnson for mucking up their space stories. But word is his "Knives Out' is a sharp number. The question is, does "Brick" stack up as evidence of his filmmaking mastery?

 407- THE TRUMAN SHOW | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:07:56

Merry Christmas! Thank you all for listening and watching with us all year! We hope that you have an amazing holiday filled with fun, friends and family and we look forward to rewatching more of our favorite and used-to-be-favorite movies in 2020! In lieu of another Christmas movie, this week we talk about THE TRUMAN SHOW! It's the movie where Jim Carrey thinks everyone's watching him, and this time it's true!

 406- THE HOLIDAY with Katie Connell | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:05:30

Christmas is just a short week away and gear us up we spend some time with THE HOLIDAY! Written slash directed by Nancy Meyers and starring Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and let's not forget (because he sure did) Jack Black, The Holiday is a delightful romp which follows two heartbroken women, an American and a Brit, who exchange houses and find love where they least expect it. Film writer/ programmer Katie Connell joins the festivities this week.

 405- MIRACLE ON 34th STREET | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:05:45

Get your X-Mas list together because we're going to see Santa! Yes, this week we're talking about MIRACLE ON 34th STREET, the 1994 update of of the 1947 holiday classic! Starring 'lil Mara Wilson, Richard Attenborough, Elizabeth Perkins and dreamy Dylan McDermott! It's the story of a little girl who refuses to believe in Santa unless she gets exactly what she wants for Christmas. If only we'd known how easy that would work. Miracle helped us find the true spirit of Christmas, but how does it hold up now?

 404- THE FAMILY MAN | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:07:20

Ring the bells, the holidays are here! And in the holiday spirit we present to you THE FAMILY MAN starring Nicholas Cage, Tea Leoni and Don Cheadle. It's the story of a rich, lonely, possibly psychotic man who gets a glimpse of what his life would have been like if he'd have a family. Sounds heartwarming right? Wrong. So wrong. This movie made us promise ourselves to value family over money and material possessions, but how does it hold up now?

 403- CLUELESS with Grace Smith | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:08:16

Oh my God! We are totally buggin' because this week we're talking about CLUELESS! Starring Alicia Silverstone, Brittany Murphy, Paul Rudd and, of course, Dan Hedaya, this movie changed the landscape of teenagedom in totally epic ways. Fashion, lingo, it's like Amy Heckerling possessed the brain of the modern teen (in 1995) and, like, you know, whatever. Also, like, this week Grace Smith is rollin' with the homies, which is totally Bogdanovic!

 402- OCTOBER SKY | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:06:21

(10...9...8...) Hold onto your socks, this week we launch into OCTOBER SKY, the 1999 drama directed by Joe Johnston starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Laura Dern! (7...6...) Based on the true story Homer Hickam, a boy from a poor coal-mining town who used his love of rocketry to escape his destiny in the mines and eventually work for NASA! (5...4...3...) Also starring Chris Cooper and Chris Owen, (2...1...)this movie inspired us when we were younger, but how does it still BLAST OFF today?

 401- BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:03:02

No time for lo mein, this week we're getting into BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA! Starring Kurt Russell, Dennis Dun and Kim Cattrall, Big Trouble in Little China is the tale of a brawny, loudmouth white dude who stumbles into the world of Chinese street gangs and ancient magic. A huge box office flop when it was released, John Carpenter's attempt at a martial arts film has since become a cult favorite.

 400- ET THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:15:07

It's our 400 episode! And if that ain't enough to phone home about, we're talking about one of the biggest movies of all time, E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL! Directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Henry Thomas, Drew Barrymore and 80 pounds of rubber, this movie touched the hearts of a generation with its story of interstellar friendship. We talk about the horror origins of E.T., the plagiarism accusations by Satyajit Ray against Spielberg and of course the Reece's Piece's connection!


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