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Summary: Life is challenging for Christian singles. How do you balance work and personal life? How do you own your faith? How can you date with a purpose? And prepare for marriage? All while honoring God through it all? Hit up The Boundless Show, a Christian podcast for young adults, for some good, honest conversation. The young adult years are full of possibility and choices that shape who you become. Join host Lisa Anderson to discuss the highs and lows, lean on each other, and trust God in this important season of adulthood.

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 Get Some Rest: Episode 681 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 3068

Prioritizing sleep and rest, plus guarding your post-election mental health, and is dating a fellow business owner a wise idea?  Featured musical artist: Mosaic MSC Roundtable: Why You Need Better Sleep Many young adults pride themselves on doing life with little rest. Stay up late, get another project done, drink lots of caffeine, and just tough it out. But the truth is, we all need sleep and down-time if we’re going to thrive in life. Our guests discuss their own hang-ups around getting good rest, and give tips for proper sleep hygiene, time management, ways to fall asleep and more.     Culture: Staying Sane After the Election Several months after the 2020 U.S. election, residual passion and anger can still be felt around the country. If you’re glued to the news and social media around the clock, you’re bound to feel exhausted and upset. Is it possible to stay informed without letting it all drive you crazy? Psychiatrist Dr. Karl Benzio is back to provide helpful ideas for managing your mental health during this crazy time in our culture.   Check out the Lighthouse Network for more info! Inbox: Dating a Business Partner She co-owns a business with him and thinks he’s a great guy. Now that his latest relationship ended, she’s wondering if it’s time confess she likes him. She’s prayed about it, but would dating each other be bad for business? Human resources expert Jenn Scheck advises how to best approach this.

 Choice Paralysis: Episode 680 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 3314

Choosing in a world of endless options, plus a pandemic self-care checkup, and not obsessing over someone’s unresponsiveness.  Featured musical artist: Danen Kane Roundtable: Too Anxious to Choose Our world is full of options. Whether it’s restaurants to try, subscriptions to purchase, or how to spend a Saturday, just settling on a decision can feel like work. But what about when you’re faced with bigger, life-altering choices: Do I take this relationship to the next level? Is this the  church I should join? Do I make this cross-country move or stay put? As the questions stir in our heads, it’s easy to let anxiety drive our decision-making — or keep us from making any decision at all. Our guests tell how they’ve learned to make wise choices in a sea of endless options, and give practical strategies for not overthinking big decisions.    Culture: Are You Still OK After a Year of COVID? As the weeks and months tick by, our nation and world still face the harsh realities of life in the COVID-19 pandemic. Many have lost jobs and some even lost family members and close friends to the virus. How are you holding up? Counselor Geremy Keeton discusses lessons we can learn from this past year and how we can have hope in these uncertain times. For those longing for normalcy, it’s an opportunity to pause and reflect on the necessary elements of life amid the unexpected.    For a free counseling consultation, visit our counseling page. Inbox: Did He See My Message?  She really likes him and has sent him messages on social media. But even though she knows he’s logged into his accounts, he’s not replied to her. What gives? Lisa Anderson weighs in on the best way to respond to his non-responses.

 Confident or Arrogant?: Episode 679 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 3230

Recognizing confidence versus arrogance, plus week two on embracing adulthood with grace, and should you splurge on stuff while single?  Featured musical artist: Ginny Owens Roundtable: The Right Kind of Confidence We’ve all met someone who just couldn’t tell us enough about his accomplishments. After tolerating his rambling, we searched for the nearest exit, hoping to not run into him again. For most people, especially in dating, arrogance is a gigantic turnoff. But is there a way to be genuinely confident without telling the world how great you are? Our guests discuss how they’ve learned to be confident (and recognize it in others) without crossing the line to being a jerk.    Culture: Adulting for Jesus — Part 2 Let’s face it: Being an adult isn’t easy. We all want to find our life’s calling, but many of us feel like we’re making it up as we go. The good news is, God is here to help us through. Comedian Kristin Weber has learned a lot about embracing the responsibilities of adulthood in today’s world. In part two of our conversation, she discusses taming social media, embracing the Sabbath, dealing with loneliness, and finding contentment in an age of anxiety.  Inbox: To Buy or Not to Buy? He’s single and enjoys decorating his place with higher-end stuff. But should he scrimp now and save his money for marriage and the expenses that will come then? What does wise stewardship and balance look like in his single season? Lisa Anderson weighs in with thoughts on managing your money well as a single adult, and when it’s OK to splurge.

 Having Fun at Work: Episode 678 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 2939

Learning to enjoy your job, plus how to embrace adulthood with grace, and does her long-distance friendship have dating potential?  Featured musical artist: James Peden Roundtable: On-the-Job Joy Your job is how you pay the bills, save for retirement and perform meaningful work. But work is a whole lot better if you enjoy doing it. The truth is, your job doesn’t have to be a daily grind. Our guests share their best strategies for making work fun — including taking breaks, prioritizing relationships over the next project, and finding a balance between staying sane and productive each and every day.     Culture: Adulting for Jesus — Part 1 Let’s face it: Being an adult isn’t easy. We all want to find our life’s calling, but many of us feel like we’re making it up as we go. The good news is, God is here to help us through. Comedian Kristin Weber has learned a lot about embracing the responsibilities of adulthood in today’s world. In part one of our conversation, she discusses trusting God with your future, honoring Him with your work, and the value of persevering through hardship.  Inbox: Long-Distance Potential She really enjoys being friends with him, and would love to date him — but they live in different states. With so many miles in between them, would dating be a smart decision? Counselor Jenny Coffey weighs in with some helpful tips she learned from her own dating journey.

 Keep Growing: Episode 677 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 3365

Staying focused on personal growth, plus why and when spiritual doubts can be OK, and how to avoid “missionary dating.”  Featured musical artist: Ellie Holcomb Roundtable: Personal Growth Goals Now that we’re a few weeks into January, you might feel like giving up on your New Year's resolutions. All the early optimism starts fading into discouragement and you wonder, “Am I going to stay stuck again this year?” Our guests discuss how they stay focused on personal growth in multiple areas, and what keeps them motivated to reach important goals. If you want to be wiser, stronger, and get things done in 2021, this conversation will encourage you to keep growing.     Culture: The Benefits of Doubt Whether you’ve been a Christian a long time or you’re a new believer, we all face the unsettling tension of doubt. Scripture shows us that even many heroes of the faith struggled to trust God. But doubt doesn’t have to derail us from our faith. In fact, it can lead to new opportunities to know God deeper. CRU’s Shelby Abbott has worked with students for many years, and wrestles with trusting God in his battle with chronic pain. His wise words and personal reflections will give you hope when doubt stares you down. Inbox: Beware of “Missionary Dating” She’s around a lot of guys, but they’re not mature or serious Christians. Is it OK to still go on dates with them, or is that unwise? Counselor Jenny Coffey weighs in.

 Compassion Without Compromise: Episode 676 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 3077

Caring without compromising your values, plus (kinda) natural ways to share your faith, and should you date someone who’s not your type?      Featured musical artist: Liz Vice Roundtable: Care, But Don’t Cave Your friend doesn’t share the same values as you. You want to be nice, but when he or she does something you don’t agree with, how should you respond? Should you tell them exactly what you think of their bad behavior? Brush it off? Wait and see? Our guests discuss what it looks like to be respectful toward people we disagree with, and how to love others without stonewalling, enabling, or compromising your faith.    Guests: Sara Bess Kemeny, Austin Johnson, Glenn Stanton Culture: The Long Game of Sharing the Gospel Let’s face it: Sharing your faith with others is hard. We all know someone we’d love to see come to Christ, but the question remains: How do I talk with him or her about spiritual things? Randy Newman is a firm believer that evangelism looks more like a gradual process than just one conversation. Before becoming a Christian in college, he spent years interacting with believers and learning from them. Whether you find sharing the gospel scary or not, this conversation will encourage you.  Inbox: Dating Outside Your Type Is dating someone who’s not your type a valuable exercise or a waste of time? Is there a way to broaden who you find attractive? Lisa Anderson weighs in.

 How Well Do You Know Lisa?: Episode 675 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 3214

Friends and family answer questions about host Lisa Anderson, plus Justin Camp on men  finding God, and is she too ambitious for her boyfriend?      Featured musical artist: About a Mile Roundtable: Lisa Anderson Quiz Lisa Anderson has hosted “The Boundless Show” since it began in 2008. In more than 12 years, she’s shared a lot of personal information. (She would say, sometimes too much information.) But do you know her favorite movie? Or what would make her turn down a date? Or what jobs she held before working at Boundless? Tune it to see if her team member James, her sister Sara, and her friend Julianna know the answers. And of course Lisa will offer random but witty commentary on all of their guesses.  Culture: Men and God: To Infinity and Beyond! What do real-life American astronauts have to do with a man’s search for God? Justin Camp has some ideas. He uses the stories of these extraordinary men, plus a few more ordinary journeys (including his own) to give men the motivation to draw near to God, get unstuck from whatever’s holding them back, and start living with fresh eyes. A life well-lived is an adventure, Justin says, especially with God at its center. This one’s for the guys, but ladies, you’re welcome to listen too.    Inbox: Too Ambitious for Her Boyfriend? They’ve been dating for a year and a half, but she can’t imagine marrying him. She has a high-paying job and speaks four languages; he’s job-hopping and living with his parents. She helped him buy his car and is starting to resent how much he needs her. What’s next? Lisa Anderson weighs in with some helpful thoughts.

 Goals for 2021… Should We Have Them?: Episode 674 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 2995

Setting goals for the new year after a chaotic 2020, plus being a peacemaker in relationships, and will COVID affect a girl’s dating future?      Featured musical artist: Jonathan Cain Roundtable: To Set or Not Set Goals? It’s time to set resolutions for the upcoming year: lose a few pounds, stop eating the sugary foods, reign in bad spending habits, etc. But with all the chaos of 2020, many of us just want to catch our breath. With the pandemic still going on and the lingering effects of an election still felt, is it wise to even set goals in 2021? Our guests share their thoughts about the pros and cons of setting goals and how to keep a healthy perspective amidst the craziness.     Culture: Finding Peace in Relationships In a world filled with conflict, is it possible to find peace with our family and friends? As Chrsitians, having peace with others starts with us making good choices. Pastor Brian Noble has learned that finding stability takes a lot of effort and humility. Through sharing his own story of coming from a broken home, he’ll offer encouragement and give some helpful ideas for finding peace in your day-to-day relationships.    Inbox: COVID and her Dating Future She’s thankful to have recovered from a serious case of COVID, but is worried about the long-term effects. Will a guy still accept her, even after she tells him about the disease she had? Counselor Glenn Lutjens provides some help and encouragement.

 Guys, Don’t Be a Creep: Episode 673 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 3169

Women on how men can be creepy in dating, plus practicing transparency in marriage, and processing post-election hostility.      Featured musical artist: Love and the Outcome Roundtable: Creepy Male Daters We’ve all heard a creepy dating story, or even lived through one (or 10). When you’re nervous about going on a date or you desperately want to impress your crush, is it possible to not come across as creepy in the process? In Part 2 of our “Don’t Be a Creep” roundtable series, the ladies share their biggest turn-offs about men who give a creepy vibe — and then, bonus — they share a few mistakes they’ve made themselves.  Culture: When Marriage Gets Real It’s easy to dream about the joy of your wedding day. But what can possibly prepare you for confessing something embarrassing to your future spouse? Deep down, we all want to be loved for who we really are, not just when we look our best. Ryan and Selena Frederick have walked through the ups and downs of married life, and have discovered how God’s grace shines brightest through our deepest insecurities. Their advice will encourage you for days when you fall short in your future marriage.    Inbox: Losing Friends After the Election He’s noticing that in the wake of the last election, some of his friends are determined to sever ties with others who voted differently than they did. Amid all the back and forth noise on social media, what is the Christian response? Media expert Paul Batura weighs in with a helpful perspective.

 Ladies, Don’t Be a Creep: Episode 672 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 3313

Men on how women can be creepy in dating, plus tips for making money in a gig economy, and when you feel less gifted than other people.    Featured musical artist: Audio Adrenaline Roundtable: Creepy Female Daters We’ve all heard a creepy dating story, or even lived through one (or 10). When you’re nervous about going on a date or you desperately want to impress your crush, is it possible to not come across as creepy in the process? In Part 1 of our “Don’t Be a Creep” roundtable series, the guys share their biggest turn-offs about women who give a creepy vibe — and then, bonus — they share a few mistakes they’ve made themselves.  Culture: Time to Get a Gig? Many young adults today are facing a financial crisis: student loans, credit card debt, bills we can’t pay. We all know about spending less to reach our goals, but what about earning more? Is it possible to make more money, even in the midst of a pandemic and struggling economy? Art Rainer is a financial coach who works with individuals to improve their financial standing. For some, finding a side hustle is the answer. Think that’s too hard, or not for you? Maybe, maybe not. Art will share his best tips and practical examples to show that working a gig (or even another part-time job) may be where it’s at right now.  Inbox: Not as Gifted as Others? He’s working as a store-stocker and doesn’t feel as gifted as those in white collar professions. He’s heard many sermons on how God gifts and calls educated and professional people, but what about him? Do his gifts matter? Does he have a calling to live out, or just a job to do? Our friend Roger Ingolia weighs in.

 Singled Out at Christmas?: Episode 671 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 3240

Feeling especially single during the holidays, plus the future of Christian marriage, and when the guy you like ignores you.   Featured musical artist: Stu Garrard Roundtable: Holiday Struggles for Singles You’re anticipating the big question from your family members: “Are you dating someone yet?” Or perhaps you’re ramping up to be the third wheel yet again at holiday gatherings. Or maybe COVID and travel drama has gotten you disinvited from Christmas altogether. It’s easy to feel left out during the holidays — and this year, especially so. How can you prepare? Is there a way to not feel so alone? Our guests discuss the struggles of being single this time of year, and how relying on God’s strength and Christian community can sustain you.  Culture: Where is Marriage Headed? Many young adults, including Christians, are marrying later in life — or simply choosing to remain single. Some say it’s due to financial struggles, others blame career demands, and still others cite fear of picking the wrong person. Dr. Mark Regnerus is an expert in marriage and dating trends, and is here to share the findings on the future of Christian marriage from his latest research and interviews with young adults from around the world. He’ll also give some recommendations for finding a spouse in today’s cultural climate.  Inbox: Introverted or Uninterested? She met a guy at her church and really likes him, but he seems to only want to spend time with his guy friends. He doesn’t make any effort to communicate with her. How can she talk with him without being over the top? Our friend Josh Zeichik weighs in.

 Matt Hammitt of Sanctus Real: Episode 670 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 3214

Tips for simplifying your holidays, plus a rock star balances family and career, and when your fiancé has an extensive sexual past.   Featured musical artist: David Dunn Roundtable: A Simple Holiday Season Another present to buy. Another party to attend. Another dessert to bake. Will the frenetic pace of the Christmas season ever slow down? The good news is, there’s a way to enjoy the holidays without rushing or overcommitting yourself into a frenzy. Our guests tell how they’ve learned to navigate the busyness of the season, and they provide ideas for embracing the idea that sometimes “less is more.”  Culture: When Family and Career Get in a Fight When Matt and Sarah Hammitt first met, things seemed so promising. But as his band Sanctus Real took off and started touring full-time, Matt’s marriage to Sarah hit some hard times. After Matt wrote the hit song “Lead Me” about being a present husband and father, his time spent on the road only increased. In this honest conversation, the Hammitts tell how they had to make some tough decisions to evaluate their issues, save their marriage, and prioritize family over career.  Inbox: Fiancé With a Sexual Past Before her fiancé became a Christian, he was very promiscuous. He seems repentant, but she’s concerned that maybe his past will come back to haunt them in marriage. What’s the best thing to do moving forward? Counselor Wendy Brown weighs in.

 Thank God for 2020: Episode 669 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 3356

What we’re grateful for even in a difficult year, plus biblical dating advice from The Porch, and how important is spiritual fervor?   Featured musical artist: Austin Stone Worship  Roundtable: Giving Thanks for All the Hard Stuff Channeling Alexander from the popular children’s book, many of us describe 2020 as the “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad” year. We’ve faced grief, loss, delays and disappointments in everything from jobs, health, our social lives, the political landscape and more. To say that 2020 has been tumultuous is an understatement. With so much uncertainty and hardship, why should we be grateful? And how do we actually do it? Our guests talk about the struggles they’ve faced this year, but also how they’ve learned to trust God and stay thankful through them all.    If you going through a difficult time right now, check out our Counseling service. Culture: Dating Priorities for Christians In our tech-saturated world, hiding your secrets can be easy during the early stages of dating. But over time, your true character (and your date’s) will come out. How do you steer clear of fake game-playing and choose wisely in conversations and connections? Pastor David Marvin, leader of Watermark Church’s The Porch — one of the largest young adult gatherings in the U.S. — joins us to discuss a recent series on dating they did called Matchmaker. He’ll give practical and biblical advice for dating and relating in today’s culture.  Inbox: Is He Spiritual Enough? She met him online and thinks he’s a great guy. He seems to like talking about politics and cars, but when it comes to spiritual topics, something seems off. Is that a problem, or is she too quick to judge? Pastor Mark Bates weighs in.

 Healthy for the Holidays: Episode 668 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 2965

Staying fit and well during Thanksgiving and Christmas, plus the latest online dating tips (and traps), and is it OK to have a crush on a coworker? Featured musical artist: Nathan Tasker Roundtable: A Healthy Holiday Season Many struggle with gaining weight during the holidays. With so many sugary and fatty foods on the table, is it even possible to go through Thanksgiving and Christmas without putting on a few extra pounds? Plus, with COVID still looming and flu season sneaking in, focusing on our health is becoming more of a chore. Our guests discuss what motivates them to eat right, exercise, get enough sleep and generally take care of themselves during this hectic season. With a little bit of mindfulness and consistency, they assure us it’s possible to get through the holidays healthy and fit.   Culture: A Better Way to Date Online Online dating is a fun yet sometimes scary adventure. Putting yourself out there could lead to crazy dates — or finding the love of your life. Margot Starbuck is knee deep in online dating sites right now, and has lived to tell about it. She shares her best tips and tactics, but also cautions against the most common pitfalls of finding love online. Listen in for an immensely practical update on dating digitally in today’s world.  Inbox: Coworker Crush She really likes her coworker, but doesn’t know if he’s a Christian. He’s also a supervisor at the office, so is it inappropriate to crush on him and hope for something more? Lisa Anderson weighs in.

 Far-Away Friends: Episode 667 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 3420

Maintaining a long-distance friendship, plus marriage advice from 1 Corinthians 13, and when COVID-19 triggers anxiety and OCD.  Featured musical artist: Vertical Church Roundtable: Long-Distance Friendships You used to be great friends. But life happened, one of you moved away, and now you’ve drifted apart. You miss spending time together and interacting face-to-face. Is it possible to stay close friends with someone even across cities, states or continents? Our guests share the strategies and struggles of long-distance friendships. Listen in for helpful ways to balance local friends and far-away friends, plus tips on being a good friend in general.    Culture: Preparing for a Great Marriage It’s easy to daydream about your wedding day, but how often do you think intentionally about life-long commitment? Well, what better way to get ready for a strong marriage than to hear from someone who’s lived it? Bob Lepine, pastor and co-host of “FamilyLife Today,” talks from 1 Corinthians 13 about the ups and downs in marriage, what he says most in premarital counseling, and what it means to truly love your spouse.  Inbox: COVID-19, Anxiety and OCD With all the chaos in our world today, our listener is struggling to deal with her anxiety and OCD, especially regarding her fear of getting COVID. She’s reading her Bible, but still feels out of control. What can she do to calm her soul? Pastor Mark Bates weighs in with encouragement and insight.


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