ESPN: The B.S. Report with Bill Simmons show

ESPN: The B.S. Report with Bill Simmons

Summary: Grantland's Bill Simmons discusses sports and pop culture with celebrities and media personalities.


 B.S. Report - Brian Windhorst: 3/31/15 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 47:23

ESPN's Brian Windhorst calls in to talk about how Kevin Love fits on the Cavaliers, LeBron and David Blatt's relationship, and Cleveland's odds going into the playoffs.

 B.S. Report - Alex Morgan & Abby Wambach: 3/27/15 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 40:43

Bill visits Abby Wambach and Alex Morgan as they train for the World Cup to discuss the evolution of women's soccer, how playing many sports at a young age helped them excel in soccer, and what you can do to help them bring the World Cup home.

 B.S. Report - Serge Ibaka: 3/24/15 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 33:25

Serge Ibaka sits down with Bill Simmons to discuss the documentary about his life, 'Son of the Congo'; his difficult path to the NBA; and what Russell Westbrook is really like.

 B.S. Report - Hulk Hogan: 3/23/15 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 45:50

Legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan stops by the studio to talk about the evolution of the sport, the time he spent in Japan, and tearing his biceps lifting Andre the Giant.

 B.S. Report - Wesley Morris: 3/19/15 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 49:58

Wesley Morris and Bill Simmons do a deep dive on the work of Margot Robbie and a deeper dive into the fashion of sports media personalities.

 B.S. Report - Zach Lowe: 2/6/15 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 1:08:02

Grantland's Zach Lowe and Bill Simmons comment on Adam Silver's openness to changing the playoff structure, Andrew Wiggins in Minnesota, and the most likely NBA trades.

 B.S. Report - Cousin Sal and Bill's Dad: 2/2/15 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 1:18:40

Bill calls Cousin Sal and his dad to break down the Patriots' win, the Super Bowl prop bets, and what this means for Brady and Belichick.

 B.S. Report - Cousin Sal and Aaron Schatz: 1/28/15 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 1:14:48

Bill and Cousin Sal look at Super Bowl props before Football Outsiders's Aaron Schatz discusses the advanced-metric angles.

 B.S. Report - JackO and Zach Lowe: 1/27/15 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 1:25:24

Bill calls his buddy JackO for his take on Deflategate, and then Grantland's Zach Lowe joins the show to discuss his NBA All-Star picks.

 B.S. Report - Al Michaels: 1/26/15 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 1:21:43

Al Michaels sits down with Bill to discuss his new book, 'You Can't Make This Up,' calling play-by-play for the Miracle on Ice, and the time he acted on 'Hawaii Five-0.'

 B.S. Report - Bill's Dad and J-Bug: 1/23/15 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 1:08:45

Bill Simmons calls up his dad and his buddy J-Bug to discuss the Belichick and Brady press conferences, how depressed they are about Deflategate, and more.

 B.S. Report - Bill Burr: 1/21/15 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 1:11:34

Bill Burr joins Bill Simmons to talk about coming up in the Boston comedy scene, his journey from 'Breaking Bad' superfan to cast member, the Patriots' chances in the Super Bowl, and much more.

 B.S. Report - The Grantland Basketball Hour (Ep. 4): 1/20/15 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 45:39

On 'The Grantland Basketball Hour,' Bill and Jalen decide which teams broke out and which teams broke down.

 B.S. Report - Cousin Sal: 1/19/15 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 53:31

Cousin Sal and Bill discuss the conference championship games, the line for the Super Bowl, and Oscar odds.

 B.S. Report - Lena Dunham: 1/14/15 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 1:10:47

Lena Dunham on the backlash to her book, her unique upbringing, and the new season of 'Girls.'


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