PTR Radio (Probably Totally Random) show

PTR Radio (Probably Totally Random)

Summary: Announcing PTR Radio, a podcast and live show combination. Aired on mondays from 9-11 eastern and podcasted as well we discover what happens when 4 guys share similar view and the same brain. Topics range from life experiences, programming, annoyances, music,movies and everything in between. Check out the episodes already completed and get a idea of our show, who knows you may think like us! wouldn't that be scary.... Four years previous broadcasting experience and now exploring the podcasting world, sure to entertain and stimulate.

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 PTR Radio - The guys stand in for mike on TAC (Classic) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This happens to be one of the first things that kicked off what is now the modern PTR Radio show. It's the episode of "The Apeman Cometh" that PTR's crew took over for Mike when he had other obligations.

 PTR Radio - Happy 2013 New Year | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This is our 2013 happy new year show.  Lots of things talked about and Shaggy has a cold so this writeup is brief because i don't remember much that went on.

 PTR Radio - Why are you fat? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In this episode we wish all our listeners a very happy 2012 holidays and talk about the things we are ready to see go away in this year. We also play a great game of guess the christmas movie and wonder why Barbra Whawha doesn't get fired for asking Chris Christie why he's fat.

 PTR Radio - 42 animals in the zoo | File Type: binary/octet-stream | Duration: Unknown

In this episode we discuss the horrible last show and why it isn't posted on the podcast feed. There are just so many topics covered, including our big announcement about the availability of the show on the go. Oh and Mike does a crazy Gangnam style dance in a cod-piece. Contributing musical elements: Epic Rap Battles of History - Batman v.s. Sherlock Holmes (permission given by author) PTR Radio - PTR Radio opening (self created) 747 - Bloody Cat (podsafe music) Epic Rap Battles of History - Santa v.s. Moses (permission given by author) The Female Orgasm Law (permission given) Psy - Gangnam Style

 PTR Radio - Apeman Neighborhood Commander | File Type: binary/octet-stream | Duration: Unknown

In this episode we review the effect Sandy has had on the East coast, how we would handle it and talk about how Shaggy is DJing all wrong.  It's a great show with a real easy flow.  Also Mr and Mrs Apeman call in and report on the power problem and we get a call from Matt our prize winner.  Check out our Facebook and YouTube channel for more info about the show, all of which is linked from our ptrradio website.

 PTR Radio - Helpful Halloween Tips | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In this episode we ask the question, is PTR offensive or Indecent? We also look at Halloween costumes which should never be sexy and we say should never be made. Nate and Mike enjoy a spirited game of whose job makes the world a worse place and we answer the find out why Colin isn't at the show tonight. That, plus much more on this pre-Halloween episode of PTR Radio . If you like it make sure to check out all the info about the show on our website www.PTR Remember to like, subscribe and comment on our videos and friend us on facebook as well. Contributing musical elements: PTR Radio - PTR Radio opening (self-created) Rob Tognoni - Dirty Occupation (Permission given for catalog) Safety Cone, cones PSA (permission given) ERB - Frank Sinatra v.s. Freddie Mercury (permission given) The Gentlemens' Rant - Halloween (permission given) Rob Tognoni - My Acid Is Kickin' In, Studio Edition (permission given for catalog)

 PTR Radio - Hitler on the moon | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In this episode we talk about our big upcoming guest Myq Kaplan. We also discuss our prize pack winner and some of the items in his package, the presidential debate, best devils in film, hulks sex tape (no not the big green one), and finally we park on a movie mike is looking forward to seeing that we all agree might as well be called "Hitler on the moon". All that and more, remember to like subscribe and comment on our video's. One word of advice though "sup" does not a comment make. Contributing musical elements: PTR Radio - PTR Radio openning (self created) Schmoyoho - 2012 Presidential debate autotune (Permission given, well... not denied) Heart and Stroke Foundation - The Undeading (PSA, global permission) ViralNewsMediaNow - Douchebag Gets Tasered by Court Security (Fair Use, news reporting/commentary) Myq Kaplan - Myq takes the mic (Fair Use, Promo for upcoming appearance) Myq Kaplan - Jews and Sea Creatures (Fair Use, Promo for upcoming appearance) Zar Athustra - PSA, Never buy a used condom (PSA, global permission) Robertta Petterson - Comedian Jay Mohr Takes Over the Weather Forecast on Tennessee Mornings (Fair Use, commentary) Springtime for Hitler (Fair Use, Parody) Kim Evans - Funkmaster (Permission given) *Possibly more but it's hard to keep track on a night like this

 PTR Radio - Aporkalips Sow | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In this episode we start off talking about the upcoming world wide bacon shortage, but when a guest calls in early we quickly get into super interview mode and talk with Dan of We find out the inner workings of a successful app developer, how the system works and exactly what's next for this amazing innovator.During the second hour of the show we get into a myriad of short topics including, Amish hate crime, the iPhone 5, princess Kate and much more. It's another star spangled episode with insights and laughs abound so make sure to like, comment and share this video both here and on Facebook. Remember we need you to help our show grow!Contributing musical elements:The Gentlemen's Rant - Banned iPhone 5 Promo (Permission given)Kevin MacLeod - Funkorama (Creative Commons)The Gentlemen's Rant - Hotels (Permission given)Mike the Apeman - Flinging poo (self created)Kevin MacLeod - Fork and Spoon (Creative Commons)

 PTR Radio - Evil Genius In Trainning | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In this episode we cover copyright communists, Mike the birdman, the only murderer you'll ever root for, apple v.s. samsung and the case of 30 trucks of nickels, all that and much more.Thanks to everyone who is watching or listening to the show. Please let us know what topics you would like discussed in the comments below. We are trying to grow our fan base here on youtube so subscribe to our channel and tell your friends about us. Check out our website www.PTR for more ways to listen and interact with the show.Here is a list of supporting material for this show:- Gentlemen's Rant: Weddings (permission given)- PTR: Our Openning (ptr original)- Jonathan Dimmel: You've Got It (creative commons)- PSY: Gangnam Style (fair use, commentary)- Gentlemen's Rant: Stereotypes (permission given)- Mike The Apeman: Effin Black (ptr original, parody)- Kevin MacLeod: Welcome to the show (creative commons)

 PTR Radio - Hitler Dew | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In this episode mike is off for a hockey game so the guys delve into a miriad of different topics including a great contest mountain dew did for naming their new flavor of dew.  Many other topics also discussed, make sure to help spread the word about us on facebook, youtube, my space, semiphore flag, and everywhere else.

 PTR Radio - Conjoined Chaos | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In this live episode the boys have all the streams, recorders and everything else on.  Including the bus which will drive them all to hell for not only the honey boo boo child remarks, but also for the non-stop ponderings of life as a conjoined twin.  Thats right we go all freak show on the latest creation from TLC, where the hell did the learning go?  All this and more along with an announcement that Addy and Gabe are to be broadcasting on the PTR wirewaves starting tomorrow night.

 PTR Radio - Bacon Blizzard | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This episodes starts with and hits the high note with Mike the Apemans call for DQ to start the bacon revolution with the bacon Blizzard.

 PTR Radio - Shaggy's Mangina and Apeman's Batch | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In this episode we talk about how shaggy has grown a mangina and how apeman is working on a special batch just for his visitors along with his deck envy. This plus much more.

 PTR Radio - Fifty Shades of Pissed | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

We do without Nate this episode but feature stories about Mars, Fifty shades of Grey, our failure at the death game, snooki, and much more.

 PTR Radio - Best of hosted by shaggy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

I decided to upload this to the podcast feed because I think people will like the best of episodes, plus this one has a nice mix of new and old stuff so I'm more proud of it then i have been of past ones. Let us know on facebook what you think and if you want to keep getting these best-of's in your feed reader!


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