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Weekly 3-minute Comedy Fraudcast with comedian Lee Camp and Calise Hawkins. Comedy for those who get it. News for those who don't. Senseless times demand senseless news.

trashcast show

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Trashcast is utterly deviant of all attempts at traditional classification. Trashcast is a maniacal montage of critical and potentially life threatening information for you. Trashcast is like a box of rotten never know which one is filled with maggots. Trashcast is and always will be everything you never knew you never wanted to know.Trashcast is...trash.

Hypno-Fucking Helpless Hypnotized Hotties! Real Orgasms! show

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Hypno Pimp-Daddy uses Hypnotic Trigger Words that he programmed into the minds of his Helpless Hypnotized Hotties to Hypno-Fuck their brains out! ````These girls are not faking their responses to the words HPD is using on them. They have been hypnotized by HPD to respond immediately, like a reflex action unable to resist, when they hear the words he uses. These are real orgasms they are having!

★ PNSexplosion ★ show

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We are GAY! - gayer than the dickens! Gay comedy podcast from Chicago's Gayest neightborhood -- Boystown! We only talk about the important stuff -- like biological functions and Cher!


Punto P y Punto show

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Moda, libros, teatro, eventos LGBTTTTTTT, guía de lugares, diccionario, terminología gay


Free Cents a Minute: Phonesex Operator Podcast show

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Free phonesex podcast. Topics include phonesex employment, how to get a phonesex job, who does phone sex, how phonesex effects the lives of the operators. Co-hosted by a 27 year old ex bible and seminary student as well as a 40 year old mother. This show is a funny, behind the scenes look of doing phone :) Not filthy, just funny.

Sex and Chocolate show

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Reviews of Chocolate, sex talk and reviews of sex products and great music.

Mother Of All Podcasts show

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Our program is a chronicle of our joys and travails as working mothers. It’s all about the age-old problem of juggling career, kids, husband, social life, identity and not to forget the guilt that factors into everything. We would ideally like a life where our husbands do as they are told, our kids are model children and we are always well-groomed, well-dressed and cool as cucumbers. Ain’t happening in a million years! Wake up and smell the stale coffee! On this program we discuss issues from our less than ideal, but nevertheless exciting lives. Enjoy the show and do give us feedback at <a href=""> </a>.

The Voyuer Window show

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The Voyeur Window is an interactive weekly podcast show that explores a wide variety of fetishes, sultry fantasies, and human sexuality at its finest and wildest! Your hosts, Empress Violet and Mistress Jane, have decidedly twisted minds and a delicious sense of humor…making this show an addictive risque’ romp!

Lush Stories - latest Sex Stories show

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Listen to the latest hot audio sex stories from authors at Lush.