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Christian Songs And Blessings show

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Christian Songs And Blessings Audioblog/ Podcast features great worship songs and hymns sung by contemporary artists and also a selected blessing from the Bible expounded by Bible Teacher Dr. Johnson Cherian MD,PhD.

Raise Your Hand Say Yes with Tiffany Han show

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Raise Your Hand Say Yes with Tiffany Han focuses on telling the truth about a life of chasing your dreams - tangles and all. Tiffany is a certified life coach who’s on a mission to help smart, capable women raise their hands and say yes to all those things they want to do, be, and say without compromising their standards...or their sanity! With a penchant for keeping it real, Tiffany's work focuses on how we all can stop overperforming for the sake of the life that somebody else dictates for us and instead start saying yes to ourselves. For more information and show notes, visit

By Tiffany Han, Life Coach & Speaker

Big Wig Nation with Darrin Bentley show

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Find your purpose and unleash the awesomeness within you! Big Wig Nation is the show for wantrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for inspiration, ideas and actionable advice you could immediately put to work in your life AND your business. Learn from the people who have done what you're trying to do as each POWER PACKED episode delivers a TON of inspiration, ideas and strategies for you to take action on starting today! If you are ready to 10X your life, look no further.

By Darrin Bentley

English Teaching in Japan show

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Sharing ideas and experieces about Teaching English in Japan.

By Chaz

Der BOBSONBOB Podcast show

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Heizungsbau Alltag Arbeit Hobby Blog Teich Angeln Berufsleben Tagebuch sebstständig Kunden Mac Schlagzeug Gitarre Band Gesang

By bobsonbob

Pedro Esteves show

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Portuguese, weekly broadcast radio show, alternative music

By Pedro Esteves

C.C. Chapman show

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New England Writer, Photographer, Teacher and Consultant

By C.C. Chapman

Rome Review show

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Rome Review: English Tongues in the Eternal City. Join Charlie Q and company for discussions on life in Rome from inside the walls of the Eternal City.

By Charlie Q

Between the Slides show

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"Between the Slides" is the moment students and instructors share to have real talk, not just focus on slide content. It is the moment project sponsors, teammates and project managers pause to have productive conversations and make decisions. Selfishly, this podcast started as a way for me to share my all-hazards incident management experience and to continue teaching from the comfort of my home. Thank you for choosing this program. **COMING SOON** - The 'People, Process, Progress' podcast that will spotlight people coming together to work a process together and how doing so can lead to progress for us all. Godspeed to you all on your personal and professional journeys, Kevin Kevin Pannell, PMP, PSC3, NREMT Creator and Host, Between the Slides podcast Facebook: Between the Slides Twitter & Instagram: pannellkg Website: www.betweentheslidescom

By Kevin Pannell

Alpha Zen Underground Radio show

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A Weekly meditation on Life Using Popular Culture.