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주간 정세동향 show

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[동북아의 문] 공식 팟캐스트. 동북아, 한반도 문제를 포함하여 국내 시사 이슈들을 새로운 관점으로 조명하는 진보적 시사해설 방송.

By 동북아의 문

Political Vindication Radio! show

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Political Vindication Radio is now a member of the CBMedia Network right here on BlogTalkRadio! We're a show that celebrates American history, discusses political theory and teaches Conservative philosophy. Whether it's current events or ancient history, if you care about America, here's the place you can go to talk about the future!

By Shane from So Cal

The Willie Lawson Show show

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Welcome to the Willie Lawson Show! The number one urban conservative show on the internet! The Willie Lawson show offers a common sense community based approach to conservatism. Forget the rest you've found the best.Check me out on your smartphone! Download the STITCHER App and take the Willie Lawson Show and Blogtalkradio with you!!

By Willie Lawson

TWiB! In the Morning | #TWIBnation show

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Your morning dose of awesome from This Week in Blackness. Featuring L. Joy Williams, Imani Gandy and Emily Epstein White #amTWIB #TWIB

By TWiB! Media, LLC

Southern Sense Conservative Talk show

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Conservative & Independent! ~ Southern Sense is Common Sense Conservative Talk Radio. Join our website at, be updated on future shows, find cool items and interact with fellow listeners. Southern Sense Talk Radio is hosted by Annie "The Radio Chick" co-founder and web master of the Beaufort Tea Party. Co-hosting is suave & sophisticated "Cool" Mike, who also co-hosts with GGT183 on the Conservative Prime Time. ©Southern Sense is copy right protected

By Southern Sense Is Conservative

SoCal Connected: In the Studio show

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Studio interviews and guest panels with Val Zavala and Madeleine Brand.


StandingWatch | Audio Podcast show

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Each week we release a new commentary on the news in light of Biblical prophecy.


World Socialist Web Site Daily Podcast show

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This is the daily podcast of the World Socialist Web Site ( The World Socialist Web Site provides detailed daily coverage of international events, incisive social analysis, and a clear political orientation for working people around the world. The World Socialist Web Site is published by the International Committee of the Fourth International, the leadership of the world socialist movement, the Fourth International founded by Leon Trotsky in 1938. The WSWS aims to meet the need, felt widely today, for an intelligent appraisal of the problems of contemporary society. It addresses itself to the masses of people who are dissatisfied with the present state of social life, as well as its cynical and reactionary treatment by the establishment media. Our web site provides a source of political perspective to those troubled by the monstrous level of social inequality, which has produced an ever-widening chasm between the wealthy few and the mass of the world's people. As great events, from financial crises to eruptions of militarism and war, break up the present state of class relations, the WSWS will provide a political orientation for the growing ranks of working people thrown into struggle. We anticipate enormous battles in every country against unemployment, low wages, austerity policies and violations of democratic rights. The World Socialist Web Site insists, however, that the success of these struggles is inseparable from the growth in the influence of a socialist political movement guided by a Marxist world outlook. The standpoint of this web site is one of revolutionary opposition to the capitalist market system. Its aim is the establishment of world socialism. It maintains that the vehicle for this transformation is the international working class, and that in the twenty-first century the fate of working people, and ultimately mankind as a whole, depends upon the success of the socialist revolution. The partisanship of the World Socialist Web Site by no means excludes objectivity or honest debate. We welcome a broad exchange of viewpoints with workers, students and intellectuals who are seeking an alternative to bourgeois politics and capitalist economics. Polemics and debate, the dialectical means by which knowledge and truth are established, are an integral component of the WSWS. Only intellectual integrity and commitment to historical truth are required of those who wish to contribute to the site. All readers are urged to join the International Committee of the Fourth International and one of its affiliated political parties, or inquire about establishing new parties of the International Committee in countries where it does not presently have sections. Contact details for the ICFI can be found on the World Socialist Web Site. Financial donations are also needed to assist in the development and maintenance of the site. In particular we urge our readers to consider a regular monthly contribution. To donate go to the World Socialist Web Site.

By The International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI)

"Ralphie Tonight" With Ralphie Aversa show

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Celebrity interviews and segments from Ralphie Aversa of "Ralphie Tonight."

By Ralphie Aversa