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Tourcaster - Los Angeles - Rock and Walk L.A. Freeview show

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Do you know how Brian Wilson got the desired sound for Good Vibrations? Do you know where Elton John premiered in the US? Do you know where Jim Morrison’s secret motel room is? Do you know where Axl Rose threw steaks to unsuspecting, yet hungry fans? Answers to these questions and more, when you download the complete Rock & Walk L.A. tour.


Tourcaster - San Francisco City Guide show

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Standing on a hilly peninsula in northern California, San Francisco defies the conventional model of most major cities. For one thing, it's not a big city at all, at least not in terms of size. About 800,000 people reside in only 49 square miles, sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay. Contributing to the unique feel of the city are her breathtaking hills, which rise up to dizzying heights and reward you with stunning views of the city and the water below. If the hills and the bay are the face of San Francisco, then its heartbeat is the vast diversity, both ethnic and cultural, that enriches the feel and flavor of the city. Listen to this audio guide to get an overview of the city and helpful tips for when you get to visit the "city by the bay".


Tourcaster - San Diego City Guide show

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Nestled between coastal foothills and a gently curving bay, San Diego is the perfect blend of big city sophistication and Old World charm. Unlike California's other major cities, Los Angeles and San Francisco, the pace of San Diego is easygoing and laid back. Surprising, really, when you consider that it is the second-largest city in the state and seventh-largest in the country! But then, it's hard to hustle and bustle when you're living in on the coast with perfect weather year-round. San Diego is made up of several communities, and each of these has its own flavor and style. The downtown area is very metropolitan, while Old Town is influenced by its Spanish and Mexican heritage. Coastal areas like the Embarcadero are made up of boardwalks and beaches. Escondido and other inland communities are more rural, peppered with ranches and vineyards. Listen to this audio guide to learn about the pertinent information to help you get around this beautiful city.


Tourcaster - Detroit Skyscraper Audio Tour show

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Walk through Downtown Detroit, learning of the transformation this area and some of the skyscrapers have made. Sit in Campus Maritus Park listening to the history of the automotive industry, the creation of the People Mover, and about one of the most successful festivals bringing 1.7 million young people to Detroit, yearly.This is track one of a multi-track tour, to download the entire tour, visit

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Video guide to Galveston Island, Texas from & Company.

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Galveston Island Video Podcast, from the official website of Galveston, Texas tourism,

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Tourcaster - Detroit City Guide show

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Known for both its industry and its music, Detroit is seen today as a city that is revitalizing its older image. Detroit takes its name from the French word for "the strait", meaning the narrow river that separates the city from its Canadian neighbor across the way, Windsor, Ontario. Detroit has earned the reputation of a town with a strong work ethic. The "Motor City" still produces about a quarter of the nation's automobiles, is a major steel producer and remains one of the busiest ports on the Great Lakes. The city spreads out inland, with the downtown area being just one section among a number of diverse suburbs. In Detroit, you'll find a lively cultural scene flourishing in a town that looks toward the future while remembering its past, and this guide can help you get around the like a seasoned traveler.


Tourcaster - U.S. - Boston City Guide show

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Nestled on the spot where the Charles River flows into the Massachusetts Bay, Boston is a city of contradictions. One popular image of Boston is the home of tough, hard-working Irish-Americans, a no-nonsense town that takes pride in its heritage and its harsh winters. The other side of Boston is pure upper-crust: Harvard University, the Kennedys and old money. It's exactly this mix of wealth and work, of the contemporary and the historical, that makes up the unique flavor of Boston. Whether browsing the trendy shops on Newbury Street or following the birth of the nation along the Freedom Trail, your discoveries in this one-of-a-kind city will have you agreeing with the author who once called Boston "the hub of the solar system", and this guide can help you get around the city like a local.


San Luis Obispo Local Travel Secrets show

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Your podcast for local travel secrets of San Luis Obispo and the Central Coast of California.

Tourcaster - Los Angeles City Guide show

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Fun in the sun: that's what comes to most people's minds when they think of Los Angeles. But L.A. is much more than just the beaches. Over 10 million people live in the metro area, spread out over hundreds of square miles stretching inland from the coast. L.A. is widely recognized as the entertainment capital of the world, but not everyone out here is a hopeful actor. The city's climate, upbeat pace and tolerance has drawn people from all over the globe to give the city an amazing diversity. Once you've gotten to know the "City of Angels", I'm sure you'll find that it's much more than just beaches, freeways and starlets. Reference this audio guide for important information to help make your visit to Los Angeles, a smooth one.