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We drive to work and then arrive.

A Year in Japan show

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Joseph Tame is a British Japanese Studies student currently on his year abroad at Rikkyo University, Tokyo. Over the course of the year he will be exploring many aspects of life in Japan, and offering his take on this crazy theme park through the regular audio podcast, A Year in Japan. Further information can be found on his website,, which is a part of the network.

By Joseph Tame

Korean - SurvivalPhrases show

Korean - SurvivalPhrasesJoin Now to Follow is an innovative and fun way of learning the Korean language and culture at your own convenience and pace. Our language training system consists of free podcast audio lessons, accompanying PDF guides, and a vibrant user community. Stop by today to learn more!


Reisecast show

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travel reports from around the world in german language - Reiseberichte aus der ganzen Welt in deutscher Sprache - Taiwan Soundseeings

By Sven & Marco

Contiki Holidays show

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At Contiki Holidays, we're a bit obsessed, Travel! For us traveling is a mantra. Whether it’s the friends you make or the awesome destinations we take you to, we deliver an experience that lasts a lifetime. And now... we invite you to sample that experience through the Contiki podcast. The Contiki Cast - is a new way for us to express the ultimate experience in Contiki travel. Basically, whenever we find something cool or annoying or just plain funny, we'll drop it in our Contiki Cast. From up-to-the-minute information on the hippest clubs in London to extraordinary shopping experiences that are off the beaten track - we'll combine our expertise in travel with the street-smart knowledge of our tour managers to deliver the inside scoop on traveling the world's ultimate destinations. The many voices you will hear on our podcast will be as varied as the personalities you'll meet on a Contiki trip - so sit back and imagine yourself walking the streets of London looking for a pub or gazing up at the Eiffel tower in Paris. How fun is that?

Sprechen Sie Deutsch ? show

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"Sprechen Sie Deutsch?" is a podcast that I will be making for five months while I am away... in Germany! I will highlight cultures, interesting facts, daily exploits, and places of note that we visit. Towards the end, I and my family will tour for a month throughout the country, and I will be updating as much as possible about that.

By Andrew Fleming

Inside Singapore show

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Inside Singapore is a show that will bring you the flavors of living in Singapore ? the food, the culture, the sights, people and the way we speak. If you?re not Singaporean, hopefully, the sounds of Singapore will have you visit, study or work with us one day? or if you?re a Singaporean, we hope you?ll experience this tropical island in a way you never had before.

By Kenneth & Helen

Planet01.TV show

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Planet:01 The world culture leisure lifestyle. Correspondants showing you of thier peice of the action, from around the world. World culture, music, film, parties, everything. Coming to you from London, Amsterdam, Sydney, Belgrade- why not become a correspondant?


What's up in Taiwan show

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A weekly podcast, letting you know the ups and downs of Taiwan through fellow travelers, learn about this wonderful island from their experiences.

By Kuangchong Yu

Nachtzug nach Hamburg show

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English version below Ich bin oft auf Reisen und freue mich immer, wenn ich wieder auf dem Weg zurück nach Hamburg bin. Während dieser Zeit gehen einem natürlich viele Dinge durch den Kopf. Mal inspiriert durch eine Nachricht im Radio, ein anderes Mal durch einen Handyanruf. Natürlich lasse ich auch das zuvor erlebte Revue passieren. Es gibt täglich eine neue Sendung, auch, wenn ich am entsprechenden Tag "nur" in Hamburg war. Meine Themen reichen von meiner privaten Sicht auf verschiedene Themen wie Leben, Gesellschaft, Kultur und Wissenschaft. Das ist natürlich nur eine Auswahl, ich bin genau so gespannt wie Ihr, in welche Richtung sich dieser Cast entwickelt. I travel very often to several cities and countries. When I return to Hamburg, I mostly sit on board of a nighttrain or plane, sometimes in my car. So I have a lot of time to think about themes like my life, society, art, cultur und science. My thoughts about these things I'll tell you daily around midnight (MET).

By Reiko Schmidt