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It's the STORY Stupid show

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Discussions on Writing and Wordtrip book club discussions.

Write Now show

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Set the stage for strong, solid prose with a daily, three-minute dose of writing inspiration. Close your eyes, listen, and then get cranking.

HP Dork Radio show

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welcome to the madness

By HP Dork Radio

jgboufis's Podcast show

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An introduction to the Write On Hoosiers podcast.

By John G. Boufis

nachtLESE show

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Nachtlese, eine neue Rubrik von Nachtfunk, will das, was Lyrik, Prosa und Musik gemeinsam ist, verbinden: Sprache und Rhythmus. Das Ergebnis sind Lesungen, begleitet durch atmosphärische Klänge, vorgetragen von Georg Schneider und Dieter Schwan.

By Dieter Schwan & Georg Schneider

Nina Kimberly The Merciless show

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She's on a mission to kill the man who loves her... Why? Because he's an idiot. Nina Kimberly The Merciless is a humorous fantasy audio-book available via podcast.

By Christiana Ellis

The Many Roads to Japan/Autumn Shadows in August show

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An hallucinogenic mid-life crisis/adventure, and homage to Malcolm Lowry and Hermann Hesse

By Robert W. Norris

Overflowing Pensieves show

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Overflowing Pensieves is a Harry Potter podcast made by Harry Potter fans for Harry Potter fans. All the latest talk, theories and often times news are found on this podcast.

By Overflowing Pensieves

The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy show

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You've got the contract signed, the edits are done, and your book is about to hit the what do you do? The answer can be found in this podcast from "the new guy's" perspective.

Sarah's Short Stories show

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Sarah F. reads some of her own short stories and will even include user submitted feedback at the end.