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My Favorite Quotes show

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Mankind passes on wisdom and learning from person to person, and generation to generation through its unique ability to communicate concepts in verbal and written form. Although we may be separated by thousands of miles, or thousands of years, we can still share our learning and experience. Quotes are a wonderful way to do this. They can inspire us, give us a chuckle, or just assure us that we are not the first person to encounter a particular problem.

Neanderthal Marketing Radio Show show

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A “Boulder” Way to Market Your Business````Quick! What’s the first word that comes to your mind when you think of marketing your business? What? You mean “fun” wasn’t the first thing you thought of?````Heck, it’s not even in the top ten, is it?````Marketing your business doesn’t have to be a two-ton boulder blocking your path to success.````You’ve come to the right place for ways to ROCK your business without reinventing the wheel — let’s grab a chisel and whack that boulder down into a set of wheels that will crush anything between you and your goals.````Tackle the tough stuff facing every business owner on the Neanderthal Marketing Radio Show. Come with me once a week and we’ll hack through the tangle of merchant accounts, networking best practices, or new social media venues while breaking it all down into actionable tasks and tips. You’ll get about thirty minutes of business marketing know-how as well as occasional URL’s and tip sheets to start using what you’ve learned on the spot.````I want to help you take your business to the top of the food chain and I won’t bore you to death on the way there. Join me each week for tips, tools and resources to rock your business without reinventing the wheel!

Vaporizer reviews: Openly and honest show

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Vaporizerblog is all about the best vaporizers available on the market. Our vapesquad is testing all possible vaporizers, like the volcano vaporizer, de verdamper vaporizer, iolite vaporizer, arizer extreme q vaporizer, Vapir vaporizer, etc. This team takes a closer look at what is available and what you need. But more importantly; how does it do its job. At the same time we provide our customers with high quality reports that are vaporizer related.

ICT for Development show

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Podcasting Information Communication and Technology ideas and solutions to development practitioners.

RadioShack 'Do Stuff' Podcast show

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This podcast is produced by RadioShack. The series is titled 'Do Stuff' and each segment is designed to help people 'do more' with their technology.

Claritas Podcasts - Adding Intelligence to Information show

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Marketing perspectives provided by Claritas clients, partners and industry experts. Claritas has provided companies with the most accurate and reliable marketing research demographic data, marketing software and market segmentation services to make the smartest business decisions. Discover how Claritas can help you increase profitability, select the best site locations and market more efficiently and effectively by targeting your most profitable customers.

Financial Fortress Radio started 4-4-10 with Richard Jordan and Patrick Dougher show

Financial Fortress Radio started 4-4-10 with Richard Jordan and Patrick DougherJoin Now to Follow

This show is about the way the Wealthy invest and prepare for Wealth transfer in their family

Tax Talk 4-11-10 with Jeff Pickering CPA Rex Hogue and Patrick Dougher show

Tax Talk 4-11-10 with Jeff Pickering CPA Rex Hogue and Patrick DougherJoin Now to Follow

Talking about Happy Tax Freedom day, happened on April 9th

mathgrad show

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The mathgrad podcast will discuss everyday mathematics in a way that even the worst mathphobe can understand. Think of it as everyday math for everyday people. This won't be your boring high school algebra class, I promise.