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BIG Life Devotional | Daily Devotional for Women show

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Devotionals don’t have to be boring … we make them fun, applicable and powerful each and every day. Pamela will get you fired up for life and lather the love of Jesus on you … and make you giggle. Download a new episode of the Big Life Devotional podcast each weekday.

By Pamela Crim | Daily Devotional for Women

Building a Website Pro: Wordpress Training, How to Build a Website, Web Design for Small Business, Entrepreneurs & Individuals show

Building a Website Pro: Wordpress Training, How to Build a Website, Web Design for Small Business, Entrepreneurs & IndividualsJoin Now to Follow

Learn how to make a website with WordPress Tutorials. Build a professional website without the professional price quickly, effectively, and without learning code. <br> Michael Szapkiw, from Building a Website Pro, teaches you how to make your own website with free website design software called WordPress. If you can navigate a Web page and use word processing software, then you can also learn how to build a website with a WordPress tutorial. <br> <br> Whether you’re building your first website or planning to redesign your current one, you’ll discover tutorials and techniques that will guide you step by step to build your own website from scratch and then turn it into a lean, mean, Web machine. No prior Web design knowledge is needed. You will learn best practices, tools, tips, and the latest industry trends giving you actionable takeaways in topics such as Web design, search engine optimization (SEO), email list building, blogging, website marketing, online video/audio, and much more.<br> <br> I’m dedicated to teaching you the skills and the mindset necessary to succeed when creating a website. Take your desire to make your own website and use it to meet your personal and/or business goals and to discover opportunities online today.<br>

By Michael Szapkiw | Insights on: WordPress, Web Design, Starting an Online Business | Niche Website | Online Portfolio | Eportfolio | Passive Income | Internet Marketing |Mobile Marketing |Email Marketing |Online Marketing | SEO &amp; Much more!

Radu Antoniu's Podcast - Conversations with the Audience show

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This podcast exists in order for my audience to interact directly with me and ask for personalized advice. The guests are chosen randomly from the comments on specific posts from my Instagram profile. The guests can ask me anything they want, but preferably questions from fields they know I have at least some experience in.

By Radu Antoniu

Ed Tech Confessions show

Ed Tech ConfessionsJoin Now to Follow

Sometimes we are embarrassed to admit we don't know how to do something. That's what Ed Tech Confessions is all about, asking questions and exploring answers. We’re here to help! See resources for each episode at

By Ann Kozma, Kelly Martin, and Cynthia Nixon

Developing iOS 11 Apps with Swift show

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Tools and APIs required to build applications for the iPhone and iPad platforms using the iOS SDK. User interface design for mobile devices and unique user interactions using multi-touch technologies. Object-oriented design using model-view-controller paradigm, memory management, Swift programming language. Other topics include: object-oriented database API, animation, mobile device power management, multi-threading, networking and performance considerations.

By Paul Hegarty

University of California Audio Podcasts (Audio) show

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UCTV delivers documentaries, faculty lectures, cutting-edge research symposiums and artistic performances from each of the ten UC campuses.


BSO 2018/19 Season - Concert Previews show

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Welcome to Boston Symphony Orchestra's Concert Preview Podcast for music programs being performed by the BSO for the 2018-2019 season. We hope you find these previews and videos, as well as the program notes educational, insightful and entertaining, and as always, if you would like to learn more about the Boston Symphony Orchestra, please visit

By Boston Symphony Orchestra

Little Big Med show

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Host Jason Woods MD is a pediatric emergency medicine physician, interested in high-quality foamed for those taking care of children in all emergent and urgent forms. Episodes are largely interviews with experts on current topics, research, and changes in medical practice.

By Little Big Med

KNOW FEAR with Tony Blauer show

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Join Coach Tony Blauer for uncommon sense talks, rants and interviews that reframe how we can look at life, challenges, personal safety, training, confrontations and personal development all by embracing a counter-intuitive relationship with fear.

By Tony Blauer / Anchor

Don't Forget the Bubbles show

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The DFTB team brings you all the talks from DFTB17. You can watch the full video versions on our website. We hope to see you for DFTB18.

By Don't Forget the Bubbles