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Exactly What The Moment Called For show

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Exactly What The Moment Called For is a short, powerful, deep and calming podcast to ease you into a powerful state and remember something you once forgot. Explore the inner workings of the Heart and Mind, appreciating Exactly What The Moment Called For. This podcast has been created using 432 Hz and isochronic tones to enhance your experience. Each episode, Lane takes you on an audio journey within, to deeply move and unlock a hidden gift within yourself. Each episode, a new topic to dive into and explore in a focused, yet flowing way. Open your Heart and Mind, as Lane Creates Space to allow you to visualize, meditate, contemplate and energetically receive Exactly What The Moment Called For. For best results, listen to each episode several times to fully experience the depth and wisdom. Repeat listens offer you greater insights and expanded perspectives to these beautiful and powerful topics. Exactly What The Moment Called For is brought to you by the book, Unleash Your Humble Alpha. Authors Lane Belone and Steven Kuhn dissect how to take ownership of your life and reach your full potential. Learn more about the book at: or grab your copy by searching "Unleash Your Humble Alpha" on Amazon, iTunes or Audible. Exactly What The Moment Called For is also brought to you by the Humble Alpha Paradigm Upgrade Advisory Program. For leaders, business owners and those creating an impact in the world. Learn more about this powerful program at: At the end of the day, Exactly What The Moment Called For is intended to be of service to you and your journey. Please share any topics or feedback! Many blessings! Lane P.S. Using 432 Hz and isochronic tones allows you to feel more in harmony with nature and receive even more profound insights. Research both of these to learn more.

By Lane Belone

The Extension 720 Podcast from 720 WGN show

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Extension 720 with Milt Rosenberg on WGN Radio 720 in Chicago


Reimagine Schools show

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Hosted by Dr. Greg Goins, the Reimagine Schools Podcast features many of the nation's top educators, authors and innovators in K-12 education with an emphasis on leadership development, scaling innovation and transforming our public school system. Guest have included some of the world's most prolific thought leaders on education, including Ted Dintersmith, Ted Fujimoto, Ian Jukes, Alfie Kohn, Grant Lichtman, Marc Prensky and Dr. Tony Wagner. The Reimagine Schools Podcast is a proud member of the Education Podcast Network (EPN). Be sure to join the conversation with #ReimagineSchools. Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By Dr. Greg Goins - Education Podcast Network

Resilience in Leadership show

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Are you an aspiring or a seasoned leader who wants to take your leadership to the next level? Hi! We are Ian and Anda and we're thrilled to bring you the Resilience in Leadership podcast! This show is your ultimate guide to thrive despite challenging times. Every month, we talk to Filipino leaders who lead great workplaces and businesses, engage their employees, and achieve great results through resilience. Be inspired by leaders across the country and elevate your leadership! We’re also going to share our learnings and strategies as you join us on this journey.

By Ian Santos and Anda Goseco

Career Insights - The Psychology Behind Work [formerly The Project Box] show

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Career Insights is dedicated to the psychology behind work. From how to profile team-members at work to the best ways to influence without authority, Industrial Psychologist, Bernardo Tirado, shares tips, how to's, and one-on-one interviews on having a successful career. By the way, whether you work in a corporation or in retail, it doesn't matter - we all work with people. Please subscribe and let Bernardo know what you think of each episode. If there is a topic you would like covered, feel free to reach out directly to or send a message via Twitter @ProfessorTirado. Just in case you are a visual learner, you can find these episodes on YouTube under Welbeck Advisors

By Bernardo Tirado: Project Management, Six Sigma Blackbelt, Industrial Psychologist

狗熊有话说 show

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独立知识型脱口秀,更有观点地看世界! 播客官网 联系邮箱

By 大狗熊

Redirections: Life and Career Shifts show

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Redirections is dedicated to helping Filipino millennials who are currently stuck in a career they don’t love and are now wanting to pursue and monetize their true passion in life. Weekly episodes are either about RJ's own redirection story or his value-rich conversations with people who changed careers and defied the odds. You'll discover how they were able to make life-changing decisions, even when they were also afraid at the start. These genuine stories bring you impactful lessons that inspire, guide, and support you on your journey as you thrive.

By RJ Acantilado

LevelUpDaily  show

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D’Andre Evans, Founder of Level Up Daily is an entrepreneur, public speaker, author and web designer. He shares his experiences and wisdom, all while interviewing from some of the most successful people around the world — renowned leaders, in business, entertainment, health, sports and literature — to inspire and motivate those who seek to become better within their careers and in life.

By D’Andre Evans

Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer show

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Pinoy freelancer and agency owner Niel Reichl shares his no holds barred, sakitan ng feelings discussion and no BS in-your-face realizations about what’s stopping you to become a Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer. Getting premium deals as a freelancer is not about persuasion or closing techniques. It’s really about articulating the pain point of the client even if they do not openly tell you what it is. This will hurt people who have high self-esteem but low deliverables. But this will definitely help those with skills and brains position themselves and start to charge their worth. Subscribe and learn how you can attract and audition clients who you want to work with, and position yourself to be financially indestructible. Lezzzgo!!!

By Niel Reichl

American Patchwork &amp; Quilting Podcast show

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Welcome to the American Patchwork &amp; Quilting podcast, a podcast aimed at making your quilting life more fun and creative, while connecting with quilters just like you. Join the staff of the magazines you love for a great episode filled with tips and tricks. Enjoy! Visit to see our complete podcast archives!

By American Patchwork &amp; Quilting