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Fr. Z's Blog show

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Once named: What Does The Prayer Really Say? - Commentary on Catholic issues & slavishly accurate liturgical translations - by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf o{]:¬)

By Fr John Zuhlsdorf

Merge Podcast show

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no show description found

By Phil Vander Ploeg

God Complex Radio show

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A weekly Progressive Christian pocast from co-hosts Carol Howard Merritt ( and Bruce Reyes-Chow (

By God Complex Radio

Urban Teen Radio show

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Urban Teen Radio is an audio version of Urban Teen Magazine featuring the magazine's entertainment section of Urban Teen Magazine with interviews of up coming indie and established music artists. The interview usually last 20-30 minutes with a promotion of the artist latest single.

By Urban Teen Magazine

Mafraj Radio show

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This podcast covers contemporary political, social, and cultural affairs in Yemen and the Yemeni diaspora from a range of sources and perspectives. Our aim is to make Yemen accessible to casual listeners who don’t necessarily have a background in Yemen or Middle East studies, while still providing a level of depth and context you can’t get from mainstream media coverage of Yemen. In Yemeni Arabic, the word “mafraj” refers to a characteristic feature of highland Yemeni architecture, which is renowned for its unique beauty. A mafraj is a room, preferably with windows on all sides, on the very top of multi-story house. The mafraj is where Yemenis gather in the afternoons and evenings with family and friends to discuss the events of the day and the gossip of the nation. Like a good mafraj, this podcast aims to be a site for discussion, debate, and edification, and a vantage point from which we look at events in Yemen from different angles.

By The Yemen Peace Project

Girlfriendology show

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Girlfriendology is the online community for women based on inspiration, appreciation and celebration of female friendship. Girlfriends make us healthier, happier, less stressed, live longer and even feel more beautiful. Girlfriendology is the place to be inspired and share in this amazing community! Visit for more information on our inspiring blogs, podcasts and videos, as well as shopping, reviews contests and more.

By Girlfriendology

Feminine Soul Radio show

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Join marketing and life coach, Vanessa Halloum, and other experts as they share their best kept secrets for building your profitable business without losing your sanity along the way. Tune in each week and learn practical tools to nourish your body, mind and soul while growing your business. Get your complimentary copy of the latest issue of the Feminine Soul magazine at

By Feminine Soul Radio

The Baub Show show

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Focusing on the people and the news stories of those who “behave” instead of the traditional media that pays primary attention to those who “misbehave”, host Bob Merrick welcomes human interest stories and varying artists and personalities from pop culture. The show likes to look back on career highs, accomplishments as well as career inspirations, motivation, self-betterment, empowerment and of course the future. With an informal and conversational format, the show has often been described as,

By UBN Radio

Radio Vaticana - Clips-ITA show

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La voce del Papa e della Chiesa in dialogo con il mondo


New Books in Critical Theory show

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Discussions with critical theorists about their new books

By New Books Network