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Double Your Dental Production Tomorrow | The Team Training Institute | Professional Dental Consultants show

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Our team is comprised of extremely talented and successful dental professionals who are all still working in the trenches in dentistry. We are incredibly unique in that we approach every aspect of the practice: hygiene, administration, clinical and even the doctor. We offer programs of all shapes and sizes, from online courses or in-office sessions, to private seminars and coaching programs.

By The Team Training Institute | Dr. John Meis | Wendy Briggs

Eternal Leadership show

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There comes a point in life where one desires to live a life of significance. The Eternal Leadership podcast brings you expert thought leaders on life, business, relationships and faith to provide clarity and solutions to the complex issues leaders face every day!

By John Ramstead

The Small Nonprofit show

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You are going to change the world. We can help. Running a small nonprofit is not for the faint of heart. With limited resources and fueled by a combination of caffeine and passion, small charity leaders are unsung heroes. The Small Nonprofit podcast, by The Good Partnership, gives you down-to-earth, practical and actionable expert guidance on how to run a small nonprofit. From leadership and law to fundraising and finance, we’ve got you covered. Forget comparing your organization to the big shops, we’re creating a community of nonprofit leaders who are going to change the world, one small nonprofit at a time.

By The Good Partnership

The Solopreneur Hour Podcast with Michael O'Neal  show

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Nominated as "BEST NEW SHOW" at the 2013 Stitcher Awards, The Solopreneur Hour features a wide range of the best and brightest Solopreneurs, including internet and network marketers, musicians, fitness gurus, actors, serial innovators, comedians, and more. As part of its launch, featured “co-hosts” have included: John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, Derek Halpern, Amy Porterfield, Adam Carolla & More. These individuals are true iconoclasts—they’ve ‘zagged’ while their peers have been content to ‘zig.’ In that way, they find themselves ‘unemployable’ in traditional jobs.

By Nominated As "Best New Show 2013" by Stitcher Radio - lively conversations, candid insights, & bold advice for "Proudly Unemployable" people

Creating Disney Magic show

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Lee Cockerell shares his wisdom and experience from his time as the Executive Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World. Lee discusses how you can apply lessons in leadership, management, and customer service to create magic in your organization.

By Lee Cockerell

The Ryan Frank Podcast show

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Welcome to The Ryan Frank Podcast. I'm a pastor, publisher, and entrepreneur. Find all of my social links at or text me at (765) 441-4598!

By Ryan Frank

Rhee Gold's DanceLife show

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Rhee Gold is passionate about dance education and the business of teaching dance. He is a pioneer in the field, launching the first business (and motivational) seminar for dance teachers in the mid-90s and is now the director of the DanceLife Teacher Conference and the DanceLife Retreat Center attracting hundreds of teachers and studio owners from around the world. Gold’s mission is to inspire dance people to appreciate the gift that dance offers all who experience it. He encourages teachers to be unique, make their own mark on the field and to have the confidence to follow the path that best suits their goals for success. His entrepreneurial and leadership skills have had a long-lasting impact on the dance community, he is the author of the Complete Guide to Teaching Dance, served as the publisher of Dance Studio Life magazine for 14 years and has served as the President of Dance Masters of America, the United Dance Merchants of America, the founding co-chair of UNITY and is now the Director of the International Dance Entrepreneurs Association, also known as I.D.E.A. When given the chance to “talk dance,” Rhee is all about it and that’s what this podcast is all about. We’ll crisscross everything about teaching dance from business to classroom success and we’ll definitely hit on the heart and soul of what being a dance teacher is all about.

By Rhee Gold in association with Morgan Media

Visual Editors show

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Robb Montgomery's weekly Podcast from the forums. Interviews, News, Podsafe Music, Hot Threads, Crits and more.


Deep Listening - Impact beyond words - Oscar Trimboli show

Deep Listening - Impact beyond words - Oscar TrimboliJoin Now to Follow

The world is a noisy place where you fight to be heard every day. Despite the fact that we have been taught at home and at school how to speak, none of us have had any training in how to listen. Multiple academic studies have shown that between 50% and 55% of your working day is spent listening, yet only 2% of people have been trained in how to listen. We feel frustrated,isolated and confused because we aren't heard. As a speaker, it takes absolutely no training to notice when someone isn't listening - they're distracted, they interrupt or drift away as you talk. Yet the opposite is also true, without any training in how to listen we struggle to stay connected with the speaker and the discussion. This results in unproductive workplaces where people fight to be heard and need to repeat themselves constantly, send emails to confirm what they said and then have follow-up meetings to ensure what was said was actually heard by those in the meeting. It's a downward spiral that drains energy from every conversation and reduces the productivity of organisations. This podcast is about creating practical tips and techniques to improve your daily listening.

By Oscar Trimboli

PODCAST | Kendrick Shope show

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Kendrick Shope — famed author, media personality, host, sales expert, and creator of Authentic Selling -- is here to tell you how to reach more customers, boost your sales, and increase revenue without sacrificing integrity. Men and women are biologically different; when a man goes in to sell, he goes in for the kill, aggressively pitching and selling his product. A woman on the other hand, wants to connect with her client and develop a lasting relationship. Generally speaking, women and men don’t have nor should they use the same selling methods as each other. Kendrick is here to teach female entrepreneurs how to stop selling like a man and start making a profit they feel good about in her podcast “Sell Like a Woman.”

By Kendrick Shope