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Arriba folklorico music and dance of Mexico show

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An entertaining perspective of folklorico music and dance of Mexico, from the preColumbian era to the modern day, with live interviews with current musicians, dancers, performers in the world of Mexican folklore, as well as updates on events of performances and workshops for Mexican music, dance and folklore.

By F Castaneda

Dani 3Palacios Podcast show

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Audios aterradores, investigaciones, recorridos en búsqueda de fantasmas, y un viaje por el mundo de lo inexplicable como es lo paranormal. Acompáñame y trata de soportar este viaje tan perturbador pero a la vez de mucho aprendizaje y lleno de terror. Bienvenido a mi podcast soy Dani 3Palacios "El Tripas" ¿Quién? En el camino encontrarás Bonus que te hablaran sobre mi.


Heavy Metal 101 show

Heavy Metal 101Join Now to Follow

Eric, an expert, and John, a novice, explore the history and repertoire of heavy metal. Visit us online at: Contact us at: Theme Music: Valhalla by Alexander Nakarada ( Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

By Eric Schwartz

Champs Out Last show

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Two Friends chatting with no logic or end point about the crazy world of professional wrestling. Reviewing Old WWE PPV's/Network specials one story arc at a time.

By Champs Out Last

The Pysa Noël Show #PNS  show

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Welcome to The Pysa Noël Show (#PNS), a talk show based in L.A., CA, where most of the guests reside. Pysa is a former professional dancer turned talk show creator whom, throughout her journey, has met fascinating people with incredible stories. PNS Season 1 stories include each guest's LA lifestyle &/or journey through the LA Entertainment Industry, while Season 2 will venture out a bit more. Season 2's theme is "Overcoming the odds & pursuing passion." PNS’s purpose is to inspire, teach, & motivate listeners as the guests openly & authentically share their experiences, highs & lows, lessons, & tips. Last but not least, on The Pysa Noël Show, we will always "find that laugh," which means that each episode will have at least a sprinkle of humor! Let's elevate & laugh, “y’all!” *Talk Show *LA, CA *Candid *Fun

By Pysa Noël

Cre8tuitive TM show

Cre8tuitive TMJoin Now to Follow

Cre8tuitive TM is an outlet for insightful and healing conversations on Poetry, Music, and Life. This is a place where we disarm ourselves with the truth. Come, have a seat, take some deep breaths, and just listen. May you feel the sigh of relief that comes with having found resonate souls who have already, or, are just about to embark on a fulfilling journey. Let's Heal!

By K.B.


NAZM EK KOSHISHJoin Now to Follow

Nazm, Ek Koshish is a podcast dedicated to poetry. We will take you on a literary journey where you can enjoy Hindi and Urdu- both classical and contemporary--as well as English poems spanning the centuries. Join Fb Group ( Flash ) for all the latest updates.

By Amit Wadhwa

Tulips: A Radio Drama About Domestic Abuse & Men show

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Imagine you can hear a couple fighting - but you can’t see who’s raising their fists. How do you decide who’s in danger - is it the woman…or is it the man? The first full-length drama in 30 years to explore whether men can be victims of domestic abuse, “Tulips” is inspired by many true stories – including two celebrity court cases (those of Johnny Depp and Caroline Flack). This is a professionally-recorded full-cast adaptation of the stage play that was toured across the South East of England in 2019.

By Michael Beakhouse

Very British Futures show

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A critical look back at some British television's most interesting science fiction series. From cult favourites like "The Tripods" to obscurities such as "The Uninvited". Each episode, host Gareth Preston is joined by special guests to discuss a show, celebrating its achievements and appraising the mistakes. Follow us on Twitter @futuresvery Visit for more details and reviews Visit for books related to the podcast and its contributors Best of Season One - a Spotify playlist

By Gareth Preston

The Kris Kourtis Podcast  show

The Kris Kourtis Podcast Join Now to Follow

Kris Kourtis is a talk show host and a spiritual teacher. He has authored over 12 self Help books. And has helped countless people. (The Official Show) Kris Kourtis Network

By Kris Kourtis