Tales from Terry's Allotment show

Summary: Terry Walton and Richard Fishbourne return for another fabulous podcast with an arrary of features being discussed all in preparation for the new growing season Join them first peering into Terry039s airing cupboard an ideal place for propagating seedlings especially during the winter months It allows the compost to remain warm evenly around the seedling helping it to have the best start possible Terry says that the seed determines the end size of the vegetable - generally the larger the seed the larger the vegetable Do you agree Down on the allotment Terry first has to deal with business - with it being a working allotment he helps to provide other growers supplies from compost to seedlings already growing Terry and Richard provide invaluable information on the array of vegetables which can be grown from beetroot to shallots Last but not least join us in voting Terry for the next Eurovision song content - we think it039s a winner