The humble cauliflower

Tales from Terry's Allotment show

Summary: Terry and Richard are back after what seems like an enormously long time Straight away we get all the gory details of Terrys tale of toe-woe and lost shoes which is followed by an in depth discussion of Terrys persistent pursuit of his nemesis the humble cauliflower Richard has brought along a gift for Terrys garden in the form of potash to fertilise the allegedly pea sized gooseberries In explanation for the slightly barren looking nature of his plot Terry explains his philosophy regarding his potatoes which are nestling under the soil at present waiting to spring up as an early crop Keeping his potato growth to early sets means that he never has to deal with the blights that affect main-crop potatoes and thus never has to deal with the deadly spread from plant to plant Richard weighs in with some folk wisdom and his mantra of Ash before the oak in for a soak is proving to be unexpectedly accurate given the recent droughtflood mix The pair go on to discuss the relative merits of broad beans the explosion and then withdrawal of Richards asparagus and finally the profusion of plants that have gone to seed in the odd weather Finally there is just enough time for Richard to escape with a full batch of Terrys red mammoth onions and a pack or two of defender courgette seeds So relax keep out of the wet and pop on this months podcast